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By Interactive Intelligence

In the Business World… Processes are what make organizations tick. Some processes are horizontal (apply to all-types of organizations) and some are vertical (industry‐specific) in nature. In most cases, how well an organization implements and executes its key business processes play a huge role... Read more »

By Insurance Data Processing (IDP)

Struggling with data management issues? Maybe even having to suspend or terminate projects where you have been trying to get disparate data aggregated for multiple uses across your enterprise. You are not alone. With COMPASS, you can get on track with pre-defined and usable solutions... Read more »

By WLT Software

WLT Software's CompClaims for Windows System tracks and pays workers' compensation claims. It is used by third party administrators, corporations, associations, government entities, multiple employer trusts, and insurance companies to process partially insured or fully insured workers'... Read more »

By Growth Technical Marketing LLC

Knowing your business includes knowing your competition well. Often times, rigorous, detailed competitive research can take a backseat to day-to-day firefighting. Growth Technical Marketing can help to: • Marketing strategies to win • Develop competitive knowledge by research • Identify... Read more »

By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

Nastel AutoPilot with its Complex Event Processing engine and its unique policies for defining "business normal" and "business abnormal" can help you. AutoPilot automatically: Alerts Support when your applications move from "business normal" to "business abnormal Proactively monitors... Read more »

By Blackburn Group Inc.

Blackburn Group, Inc. offers compliance and quality assurance support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk business. Our RiskPro products and services include: Risk Reviews and Solutions including Sarbanes... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC's EarlyResolution® Compliance can help users proactively manage, track and audit compliance with CFPB regulations. Available either as part of the EarlyResolution default management suite or as a standalone solution, EarlyResolution Compliance leverages CSC’s architecture and includes... Read more »

By SalesFocus Solutions

With the MARS Compliance solution your firm can rest assured that you have the tools to properly oversee fund and prospectus compliance as well as to identify situations where potentially improper trading may be occurring. MARS provides comprehensive tools for fund and prospectus... Read more »

By SecureAuth

ComplianceCourier, Courion's access certification, verification and policy compliance software, automates the access certification and compliance process. ComplianceCourier is the industry’s first access certification product that enables authorized business managers to review and certify the... Read more »

By Insuresoft

Your rules, your way. Your business was built to help your clients with their exclusive needs in mind and Composer was built with those needs in mind. With an intuitive design, you can quickly and easily configure Diamond to rapidly deploy changes and updates to the policy administration... Read more »


CompVision is a workers’ comp-focused policy administration solution that offers integrated quote, rate, policy issuance, premium accounting and policy administration. It supports all insurers with features such as: 50-state rating & policy issuance; loss sensitive & custom rating plans;... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

ConceptOne™ is a fully integrated Enterprise Management Solution for MGA's, Program Administrators, Wholesale Brokers and Specialty Carriers designed for the demand of today’s business environment. Also providing complete consulting and implementation services, Epic-Premier, provides a solution... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

The ConceptOne™ Claims Management solution from Epic-Premier is designed to simplify and increase the accuracy and efficiency of the claims process with integrated management tools. The key features and capabilities of the claims solution include: Process, track and review claims... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

ConceptOne™ Document Management from Epic-Premier simplifies the need to create, collect, store, annotate, route, distribute, index and retrieve documents with seamless connectivity of the document with the associated business process or entity. Capabilities include: Allows fully paperless... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

Epic-Premier’s ConceptOne™ for Policy Administration simplifies contract procedures and provides accurate and efficient handling with features such as: policy activity tracking and management; statistical analysis; efficient access to policy & procedure history; out-of-sequence endorsements;... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

ConceptOne™ from Epic-Premier lets wholesale brokers easily track multiple quote options and quickly create multiple quotes with a “Quote Cloning” option. Key features of this insurance software solution include: market & quote submission wizards; request & respond with multiple options per... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

ConceptOne™ Underwriting Process Control from Epic-Premier simplifies the entry, review and audit of data and procedures, increasing the speed and accuracy of the underwriting process. It also enables easy monitoring and analyzing of underwriting procedures and a “Quick Entry” screen offers an... Read more »

By Quadrant Information Services

Connections, by Quadrant, is the greatest opportunity to tap into the underserved after-hours marketplace! From 5 PM, the after-hours working class is compelled to find help from the centralized service centers and direct writers! The fact is that selling an additional $70,000,000 in premium... Read more »

By Blue Cod Technologies

Whether responding to a catastrophic event or providing coverage for variable staffing needs, Constant Coverage provides P&C Insurance clients with instant access to the Call Center & Operational resources to meet their ever changing business demands. Blue Cod's Constant Coverage provides... Read more »

By Accenture

Accenture Management Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, Accenture delivers insights and puts them into action. Read more »

By Iron Mountain

Organizations today face unprecedented information management challenges. Records retention and privacy regulations are multiplying faster than companies can keep up with them. The ubiquitous and prolific use of email has dramatically increased the potential for evidence that can be used against... Read more »

By EagleEye Analytics

EagleEye's Analytics team includes Consulting and Data Services which provides a unique combination of extensive Property & Casualty data and analytics experience. Our Consulting Team consists of highly experienced and credentialed professionals. They hold advanced degrees in mathematics,... Read more »

By LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.

LIDP specializes and serves the insurance industry in many capacities. Actuarial Support and Product Development: LIDP product specialists work with your staff to help you implement new, innovative products. Testing Assistance: LIDP provides low cost solutions for testing new products, new... Read more »

By Interactive Intelligence

Unified business communications for the contact center A communications platform should make your contact center a service powerhouse. But power requires flexibility — and innovation — for the multi-channel agility you need to respond to customer demands. Customer Interaction Center (CIC)... Read more »

By Melissa

Contact Zone brings a whole new dimension of data quality to cleanse, consolidate and enrich your contact data. It's a desktop data quality solution with robuts ETL capabilities that simplies data integration - no programming is needed! Easily perform address verification, change-of-address... Read more »

By Jeremiah Associates LLC

Our writers collaborate with your staff to produce job aids, reference materials and user guides that are clear, concise and useful. Read more »

By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

Content Platform Services, Document Imaging, Document Management and Data Capture Solutions

Content Platform Services, Managed Capture as a Service, Case Management, Workflow, Document imaging, document management and data capture solutions from Integrated Document Technologies (IDT) include: CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE for easily and efficiently capturing documents for organizations of any... Read more »

Product Website

By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

Content/Document Management Solutions

With integrated case management, business process management, document imaging management and document scanning solutions from IDT, users can streamline the capture, processing, and distribution of all business information - including documents, records, e-mail, Web content, images, reports, and... Read more »

Product Website

By Valen Analytics

With nearly 10 years of history building predictive models for property & casualty carriers, we have both the data and the experience to unlock actionable insights that will lower loss ratios. Valen’s contributory data is standardized and anonymized so users can access sophisticated tools that... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC’s global ConversionEdge services and tools help insurers move large blocks of business to new systems. Consolidating their business on a modern platform can help companies support acquisitions, develop innovative products, improve service to customers and distribution channels, and transform... Read more »


COREFIN Insurance & Broker is an industry out-of-the-box solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables insurers and insurance brokers to manage their whole business and gain a 360-degree view of the customer. COREFIN combines the flexibility and the scalability of the platform in a... Read more »

By DocuSign

CoSign® standard digital signatures enable organizations to securely and compliantly automate their signature-dependent processes. CoSign can be used to easily add a digital signature to any major document type including Word, Excel®, PDF, PDF/A, InfoPath®, and others. CoSign signatures provide... Read more »

By SecureAuth

Companies are continually striving to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, while enhancing security, and demonstrating compliance with proliferating industry policies and federal regulations. The cost of doing business, especially on-premise, is skyrocketing with upfront capital... Read more »

By ISO, a unit of Verisk Analytics

Coverage VerifierSM — a new service from ISO's A-PLUSTM unit — provides personal auto and homeowners insurers with the policy-level information they need to make better risk-selection and pricing decisions. The system reveals much more than just the basic facts about existing and previous... Read more »


The Credit Decision Platform supports banks and financial service providers streamlining their loan origination processes and increases operational efficiency in the credit decision making process in retail banking. The credit decision engine helps to precisely analyze credit risk, automate... Read more »

By Robert E. Nolan Company

Measurable benefits are difficult to find in many CRM initiatives. The Nolan approach to CRM is different: we deliver measurable business results. With an emphasis on customers and service process integration, Nolan can help you focus your operations to serve customers on their terms. Our... Read more »

By iPipeline

Most CRM systems are complicated. There is often a heavy learning curve, and it’s just one more program that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. Distributors, meet iPipeline’s CRM. An insurance-specific CRM built on a widely-used enterprise platform, Microsoft Dynamics, equipped to manage... Read more »

By MarketNet Services , LLC

incommand integrates with most popularCRM packages available today. But what if your dealers don’t have or use CRM software? Don’t worry. incommand has a web-based CRM Lite feature which lets dealers see and manage leads quickly and easily. The platform also offers a number of features to track... Read more »

By InfoGrow Corp

CRM2Emails is a smart and simple way to maintain customer loyalty as a strategy to generate new sales leads through intelligent E-Marketing campaigns. With CRM2Email you will: • Easily stay in touch with customers to maintain their loyalty • Quickly alert your Reps when a customer or... Read more »

By CRC Wholesale Group

As the nation’s largest insurance wholesaler, and one of the most respected brokers in the P&C marketplace, Crump Insurance Services has the strength in relationships with our carrier partners giving us the foundation to develop unique and innovative products not available through other... Read more »

By Applied Systems

CSR24 is the premier 24/7 Customer Service solution designed for the insurance industry. Branded to your agency CSR24 improves your customer relationships by allowing customers to access their insurance information where and when they need it. They can view policy information, obtain insurance... Read more »

By Valen Analytics

Leveraging the InsureRight Platform and our contributory database, we regularly partner with property and casualty carriers to custom-develop predictive models. We’d be pleased to consult with you to discuss your needs in additional areas than what we currently offer as industry standard... Read more »


Customer Bill Pay is a fully automated, easy-to-use, secured, online system that helps you manage your cash flow and collect payments more effectively. The online Customer Bill Pay portal allows your clients to manage their statements and invoices online. Your clients can make a partial payment,... Read more »

By Interactive Intelligence

A communications platform should make your contact center a service powerhouse. But power requires flexibility — and innovation — for the multi-channel agility you need to respond to customer demands. Customer Interaction Center (CIC) gives your contact center a single IP communications... Read more »

By Pegasystems

Pegasystems' industry-leading SmartBPM suite gives organizations the power to align customer service processes directly to business objectives. Insurers deliver a comprehensive CRM experience with the Customer Process Manager (CPM). Its intent-driven service experience dynamically matches the... Read more »

By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

Customer retention continues to be at the front line for most businesses today. Buyers are presented with an endless stream of products and channels through which they can buy. As a result, it is easier than ever for a customer to churn. Most businesses struggle to increase customer loyalty... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC's customer relationship management (CRM) solutions combines business consulting and technology to help businesses identify and manage customer segments, foster customer-satisfying behavior and implement customer-centric strategies, supporting processes and tools. CSC's CRM consulting... Read more »

By Seibels

All our talent is experienced and sourced within the insurance industry, meaning your customers get friendly, knowledgeable support. -Talent sourced within the insurance industry -Onshore, multi-lingual support -Call volume, overflow, tracking & recording – reported in alignment with client... Read more »

By DXC Technology

Customer Service Accelerator® is a Web 2.0 application that integrates multiple administration systems and channels providing superior customer service and lower operating costs. Customer Service Accelerator employs a single servicing platform that integrates with BPM, extends existing CRM... Read more »

By EIS Group

CustomerCore is a customer engagement system designed specifically for insurers. The CustomerCore solution includes capabilities for customer account management and analytics, marketing and sales support, customer service, as well as support for omnichannel interactions via CustomerCore DXP—a... Read more »