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By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)


AULTview changes the landscape of Document Management by reducing overall costs, removing operational costs, and eliminating IT overhead. No capital expenditures for system implementation or hardware which means instant ROI and more money to your bottom line. IT departments are spared the burden... Read more »

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By Ajira Software LLC

Ajira AI’s IntelliSPEAK™ API is a cloud-based video and text messaging service. It uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) by default while eliminating metadata leakage. Group video chat, text messaging and document exchange are securely enabled without requiring the use of phone numbers. In a world... Read more »

By Accenture

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. They expect brands to inspire and meet their expectations. It’s not enough for your digital channels to provide speed and automation. Customers expect a human-centric experience. Across the policy lifecycle, there’s growing opportunity to... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

Provides insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs a robust, comprehensive billing and accounting capability. Policy lifecycle transactions generate billing transactions, ensuring that policy and billing never get out of step. BillingExpert represents a significant advance in technology allowing for... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

Provides insurance carriers, TPAs and Self-Insureds a very robust and complete claims management capability. FROI/FNOL drive automatic claim creation. Claims lifecycle transactions are maintained/viewed in an innovative, floating dashboard providing one click access to all claim detail... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

Vikaran PolicyExpert® is a policy administration module from Vikaran that provides insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs with support for all 50 states. With no programming required, users can manage their policy administration lifecycle easily with dashboards and other features such as summary and... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

Vikaran PolicyExpert® is the underwriting module of Vikaran InsuranceExpert®. It provides insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs with a robust and comprehensive underwriting engine that is highly configurable and supports algorithms for all the states. New products may be rolled out very quickly as... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

Provides insurance carriers and MGAs a one-stop agency quoting portal. The platform’s capability to provide a quick price indication without completing an ACORD form offers a substantial efficiency and productivity gain. It is 100% iPad compatible and offers advanced mobility... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

The Vikaran ReinsuranceExpert® module integrates seamlessly with our PolicyExpert and ClaimsExpert modules for fast and accurate calculations of ceded premiums and losses. It provides a robust capability to generate cession statements and bordereaux reporting. While ReinsuranceExpert is... Read more »

By Inmotion GIT

VisualTIME is an integrated insurance administration system designed for the organizations that demand the functionality, flexibility, and reliability necessary to face the technological challenges of today and to adapt quickly to industry changes that tomorrow will bring. Read more »

By Computer Workware Inc.

VITAL Objects™ is a multi-tiered, component based software product designed to administer traditional as well as flex benefit programs for group plan sponsors and individuals. VITAL Objects™ performs the following benefit and benefit-related processes: Enrolment/re-enrolment/ member... Read more »

By VUE Software

VUE Wrap-Up™ is an advanced, web-based solution for streamlining and automating the management of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP). VUE Wrap-Up allows CIP administrators to leverage automation, reliability and mobility without the... Read more »