White Papers for Insurance Technology and Administration Software

  • 4 Essential Tips for Ensuring Policy & Procedure ComplianceBy

    Although specific regulatory and certification requirements may differ, all industries share the pain of creating and managing policies and procedures required for regulatory compliance. No one WE know has ever said “Hooray, it’s time to review this year’s compliance policies and...
  • NEW COMPUTING TRENDS: Laying the Foundation for the Core Systems of TomorrowBy

    Our world is in the midst of a massive digital transformation that is having a significant impact on people, technology, and industries across the spectrum. Insurance is not exempt, and the implications for the insurance industry are vast.
  • The Age of Agile SolutionsBy

    In conjunction with WatersTechnology, Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a leading provider of financial services technology and a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, published a white paper, The Age of Agile Solutions, based on a survey of senior-level professionals from global banks, asset managers, hedge...
  • RMA/AFS 2017 Data Quality Survey ResultsBy

    Report on the ninth annual RMA/AFS Survey on the State of Enterprise Data to Support Credit Risk Management
  • Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies with an Automated Policy Administration PlatformBy

    Economic uncertainty, the current regulatory environment, and increased competition present Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers of all sizes with the same fundamental challenges. To stay competitive—and profitable—you’ve got to attract the right risks while effectively managing your...
  • Complex Conversion to New ECM System A Success for Edfinancial ServicesBy

    20 Years of Loan Data; 40 Million Documents; Lessons Learned
  • Industry's first DOL ready Annuity Maintenance Platform (AMP)By

    Annuity maintenance Platform (AMP) allows carriers to do in-force transactions – both Financial and Non-Financial. These include Withdrawals, Fund Transfers, Dollar Cost Averaging, Asset Re-balancing and changes in Name, Contact Details etc. With the recent DOL changes, AMP is continuing to grow...
  • Deploying an Enterprise Platform for a new Division of a Major CarrierBy

    A leading global insurance company’s newly formed Accident and Health (A&H) Division needed help with designing and deploying a fully automated , rules based, real-time A&H Enterprise system for new products. The client required a single, web-based, product agnostic, platform that would operate...
  • Venture Insurance Programs Success StoryBy

    COMPANY CLOSE-UP Venture Insurance Programs is a full-service program administrator providing specialty coverage for Golf Clubs, Social Clubs, City Clubs, Resorts, Boutique Hotels, 4/5 Star Franchise Hotels, Hunting & Fishing Lodges, Plantations, and Golf or Hotel Management Companies. The...
  • SMA Perspective on Underwriting for LTIBy

    This SMA Perspective is a summary of SMA’s ongoing research on underwriting and the modernization of legacy environments.
  • Disruption in the Employee Benefits Market: An Opportunity for Enterprise Transformation?By

    FINEOS believes insurers have an opportunity to leverage major market changes and stresses to take a pragmatic approach to process and technology change in the back office, enabling better customer service levels, more flexible product options and ultimately better brand presence with...
  • Caching Data in a Distributed SystemBy

    Cached data is data that is proactively stored in working memory. This is usually done to speed up processing of individual system requests. An example of this data may be a list of states in the USA, a list of web pages in the application, or a list of valid account status code.
  • Achieving the Ultimate 360° Insurance Experience: Gaining New Vision & New Value in the Digital EraBy

    Improving the customer experience is vitally important to building business in a modern, digital world. This white paper from analyst firm Strategy Meets Action (SMA) presents the firm's research and recommendations on achieving the Ultimate 360⁰ Insurance Experience for staff and customers, and...
  • Electronic Document Management: Capture the BenefitsBy

    Today, it’s hardly a secret that EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) deliver significant monetary savings and numerous other advantages over the use and maintenance of hard copy records. Consequently, you can bet that any company or firm looking to expand profitability and viability...
  • Socializing Dashboards – How to go Beyond Clicks & AnalyticsBy

    Analyzing data is no longer the only use for a dashboard. From motivation to accountability to LCDs in the lobby, this whitepaper discusses the different ways organizations can utilize dashboards, allowing them to communicate and engage a wider audience.
  • Leveraging Social Media across the Insurance LifecycleBy

    Social media adoption rates have increased exponentially over the past few years. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter now boast millions of active users who exchange information and feedback about all kinds of products and services, including insurance. In the drive to attract new customers...
  • Predictive Analytics in UnderwritingBy

    Virtually every aspect of the insurance business can benefit from an improved ability to predict the future. Whether actuaries desire to create more accurate pricing models, underwriters hope to make better underwriting decisions, marketing wants to improve campaign results or claims needs to...
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of P&C Policy AdministrationBy

    We know how to do P&C policy administration right – but we also know what can go wrong. These are the seven deadly sins of P&C policy admin.
  • BPO Puts Back-Office Operations Up FrontBy

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provides a flexible, strategic way to do business. At its most basic, it’s simply hiring another company to handle certain aspects and processes of your business. Today, organizations outsource human resources administration, call center services, accounting,...
  • One Policy System or Two?By

    Guidelines for choosing between combined or separate policy systems for P&C commercial and personal lines
  • Mobile Technology for Insurance - Survey ResultsBy

    There is no doubt we live in a mobile age, but where does the insurance industry stand with regard to real‐life business application of the technology? How does the industry want to use it in the future?
  • Running Multiple Versions and Taking Advantage of WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5By

    How to best utilize the benefits of both versions and how to get them to work together with previous versions. Get a better understanding of how to get them to all get along. Learn the key highlights of multiple version support for WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5 in detail. Review the meaning of...
  • Technology IndependenceBy

    Technology, you can’t live without it, but how do you keep up with it without breaking the bank? It’s the age old issue that companies continue to face; only today technology is evolving at an ever faster pace....So the question remains, how do you develop your life insurance sales applications...
  • Opportunity Cost of Retaining Legacy SystemsBy

    Opportunity Cost -- The "cost" of selecting one alternative is the benefit foregone from the next best alternative. While the insurance industry was a leader in adopting technology in the early days of software, it has fallen behind in maintaining the lead. The percentage of companies still...
  • How XML Helps Improve Supplier EfficiencyBy

    XML helps improve supplier efficiency by enabling electronic document exchanges with customers, providing a technology friendly interface with suppliers’ in-house systems, and increasing reliability.