White Papers by OneShield Software

  • Don’t Replace Legacy with Legacy

    For many insurers, the need to transform their technology is critical to remain competitive because their legacy core system, just can’t keep up. Check out this ePaper for insights and steps to take to get your transformation underway.
  • Achieving Technological Self-Sufficiency

    Self-sufficiency is critical for an insurer to gain that sought-after control. For many insurers today, the barriers to self-sufficiency are legacy technology systems and dependencies on 3rd party maintainers to be able to be agile and responsive to the insurers business and regulatory...
  • Rethink, Retool & Reimagine

    Creating an engaging customer experience (CX) in the digital marketplace is increasingly a top priority for insurers. With insurance frequently seen as a commodity by consumers, the capability to connect with customers in the digital world is now key to future growth. From technology and...