Companies in the Insurance & Technology Online Buyers' Guide

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  • M&C Saatchi Mobile

  • M2 Business Solutions, Inc.

  • M3 Health

  • M5 Solutions

  • Macro Systems, Inc.

  • Macromicro

  • MacroSoft

  • MacroView

  • MacTutor

  • Made to Order Software Corporation

  • Madison Associates llc

  • Mafu, LLC

  • Magenic Technologies

  • Magic Software Enterprises

  • Magnaquest

  • Magnify , Inc.

  • Mail-Gard

  • Mailprotector

  • Mainline Publications

  • Mainsail Group, LLC

  • Mainstream Data

  • Majec Systems Inc.

  • Majesco

    Rating: 5 - 2 reviews
    Majesco is a provider of core insurance technology software and IT services to insurance carriers worldwide. Majesco delivers software and IT services in core insurance areas including policy administration, product modeling, new business processing, billing, claims, producer lifecycle... Read More
  • Majestyk Apps

  • Malaika Consultants LLC

  • Malwarebytes

  • Manage Incorporated

  • Managed Design

  • Managed Health Network , Inc.

  • Management Data, Inc.

    Rating: 4 - 1 review
  • Management Technology & Database Solutions Inc.

  • MangoApps

  • Manulife Financial Corporation

  • Manuvis Corp.

  • Manwiller Computer Training Services

  • Mapflow

  • Maple Technologies, LLC

    Maple Technologies, LLC is a software development company whose primary focus is web application development for the insurance industry. Its main product, Aspire, is a comprehensive web-based Internet insurance policy and claim management system. Aspire boasts cutting edge technologies that...
  • MapR Technologies

  • MapVine

  • Maracaibo Inc.

  • Margasoft Corp

  • Marine Underwriters Agency Inc

  • Marino Software

  • Mark/space, inc.

  • Markel Corp.

  • Market Focus, Inc.

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
    In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of your competition and increase sales with innovative marketing strategies. Market Focus provides automated marketing systems for the insurance industry that increases your sales. Market Quest is an automated... Read More
  • Marketing Dimensions, Inc

  • MarketNet Services , LLC

  • MarketScout

  • MarketSharp