Companies in the Insurance & Technology Online Buyer's Guide

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BackBone Inc.

BackBone, Inc. is a full-service marketing communications, public relations and business development firm specializing in healthcare, workforce management (HR) and information technology. Content marketing, whitepapers, presentations, etc. Read More

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Detica NetReveal® is a leading provider of enterprise risk, fraud and compliance solutions to the global financial services industry. Its unprecedented, market-leading solutions provide a holistic ‘single customer view’ and then combines entity and social network analytics with deep domain... Read More

Bamboo Solutions

Leverage your SharePoint platform to its full knowledge management potential. Read More

BancBridge Software

BancBridge's product line gives banks and their corporate clients smooth, trouble-free cash management relationships.† Our solutions simply and elegantly reconcile the needs of the bank and the corporate treasurer. Read More


barometerIT is a simple, social, smart application that creates a visual, real-time map of your enterprise. Highlight contextual relationships between applications, capabilities, strategies, people, and more. Read More

BASIS International Ltd.

The BASIS Database Management System (DBMS) provides the developer with relational access and high speed direct navigational access to their data. Read More

Bass International Software Corp.

OneVuex connects multiple resources and provides Real-Time access to information from different sources. Legal counsel no longer needs to carry those boxes of evidence and filings to court.  Staff can instantaneously provide new information in client files that counsel can access regardless of... Read More

BCA Innovations, LLC

BCA’s Backup & Disaster Recovery, provide you the peace of mind of knowing all of your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore at a moment’s notice, even after a major disaster. Read More

Beam4D Enterprises LLC

BEAM is a debt management and collection software platform that combines a monthly subscription model with the most comprehensive family of collections, recovery, outsource vendor management, debt purchasing and performance auditing software available today. Read More


Belarc, Inc. develops and licenses Web based products which help make computers easier to use and maintain by both large and small commercial and government users and individual consumers. Belarc's IT Portal architecture allows users to simplify and automate the management of all of their... Read More

Bellwether Software, LLC

Rating: 5/5- 1 review

Bellwether Software, LLC is a leading provider of procurement and purchasing software solutions, designed to streamline and automate workflows for businesses across various industries. Their innovative suite of tools, such as Automated PO systems and Spend Analytics, simplifies inventory... Read More

Bellwether Technology

At Bellwether, we have helped clients of all types and sizes develop, test, and implement business continuity plans. Whether you need to be up and running in one minute, one day, or one week, we have a proven, appropriate remote backup solution. Read More

Benchmark Systems

Software and services vendor for Practice Management, Patient Scheduling, EMR, and Revenue Cycle Management. Read More

BenchStrength International

Providing consulting and implementation services to the P&C and reinsurance industries. Read More

Benefit & Risk Management Services Inc

Vbas® is a proprietary, secure online employee benefit database that empowers employers to enter, store and access employee and benefit information 24/7. Customizable to your needs, Vbas® organizes your benefit and employee information, and automates benefit communications, online enrollment,... Read More

Benefit Resource Management, Inc.

Group & Individual Claim Management (LTD, STD, IDI, LTC, LIFE) systems that combining natural business workflow with e-processing technologies for enterprise wide or independent operations. Multi-tier architecture using industry standard communications (COM+, XML & ADO connectivity). Windows... Read More


Headquartered in Dallas, BenefitMall partners with a network of 20,000 Brokers and CPAs to deliver employee benefits and payroll services to more than 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses. By combining payroll and benefits, BenefitMall empowers Trusted Advisors to develop the best employee... Read More

BenefitWerks, LLC

Rating: 5/5- 6 reviews

BenefitWerks delivers smart HR software solutions to smart companies throughout the global business community. BenefitWerks’ HR software solutions help employers, insurance carriers, brokers and other organizations streamline benefits enrollment, reduce administrative costs, and manage and... Read More


As a health tech company in the insurance space, BeniComp provides organizations with innovative and forward-thinking solutions to sustain the health of their workforce. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida with an operations office in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Leveraging our expertise and rich... Read More

Best Practical Solutions, LLC

Request Tracker (RT) is the system you need to track the important tasks you can't afford to forget. Read More

Beta Systems Software

Beta Systems Software is a provider of enterprise identity management solutions; SAM Jupiter® Identity Management Suite ensures the efficient management of digital identities, user accounts and access rights throughout an enterprise. SAM Jupiter includes provisioning, security, fraud detection,... Read More

Better Software Solutions

Software has become needlessly complex. Consultants take far too much time to implement simple things favoring complexity and "coolness" over maintainability and function. Or worse, the wrong consultants are working on your project and you get to train them on your dime. We feel there is a... Read More


Betterworks closes the loop between strategy, people and results, giving CHROs the power to focus teams throughout the enterprise on what matters most. Betterworks' lightweight and enterprise-ready SaaS solutions for check-ins, feedback, employee engagement and recognition are built to scale for... Read More

BFC Computing, LLC

BFC Computing, LLC is an open-computing consultancy specializing in Internet technologies, including: open source software, Internet standards, digital security, and hardware/software development on server, desktop, mobile, and embedded systems. Read More

Big Picture Tech Services

When you need an IT department but are not big enough to need one full time, give us a call!  We can help! Read More

Bigfoot Communications Ltd.

Bigfoot Communications offers a range of leading email tools for more effective email management. Email Forwarding is a fast and inexpensive way of keeping in touch with business contacts and friends whether one changed schools, jobs or ISP. It is particularly useful in forwarding and... Read More

BillWise, Inc.

Tailored Technology-Driven Revenue Cycle, Recurring Billing and Credit Solutions Read More

Binary Office, Inc.

Binary Office, Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses and government agencies reduce their dependency on manual paper-based processes. Read More

Biometric Services, Inc.

BSI has provides database systems; our document system is set up to handle multiple companies, states, and document effective dates. Individual policy information is automatically inserted by the system where required. Read More

Birlasoft Ltd

Birlasoft is an industry recognized leader enabling insurance companies by providing customized solutions to accelerate their Business & IT transformation. Our dedicated insurance practice is aligned to cater to the industry challenges such as leverage existing IT assets to reduce TCO, improve... Read More


Bitam ( offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for small and medium size business. Bitam provides easy to use dashboards, analysis, reporting and alerts to organizations where typically this... Read More

bitfarm Informationssysteme

Product bitfarm-Archiv Document Management – Open Source DMS with many functions bitfarm-Archiv Document Management screenshotsbitfarm-Archiv Document Management is an Open Source Document Management System (DMS), which is used as a client-server-software in the Windows environment. The... Read More

BitSight Technologies

BitSight Discover enables organizations to identify cyber risk aggregation by automatically pinpointing connections between any organization, its business partners, and potentially risky service providers impacting their network. Read More

BitSpeed, LLC

BitSpeed provides accelerated, secure and real-time Extreme File Transfer (XFT) solutions for use on networks inside or between organizations, including cloud-based ingest and file transfer. Read More

BITTT Enterprises, Inc.

Data Recovery service that does everything for you and gives you Peace of Mind knowing your data is protected and ready for quick recovery in the event of a natural disaster or disaster caused by humans or hardware failures. Read More

Biz Scheduler

Integrity Data Systems provides consulting services to evaluate, design, build, and troubleshoot database and web based applications. Read More