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  • Finys Suite

    The Finys Suite is a platform of integrated modules for processing personal and commercial property/casualty insurance. We could have made that sentence — and the Suite — more complicated. But they don’t need to be. The Suite uses business rules and workflows. It supports insurers, MGAs, MGUs... Read More
  • Finys Policy

    With full lifecycle management, our Policy Administration module contains all the requisite provisions for processes and transactions from underwriting and rating (including what-if scenarios) to quoting and issuance; from automated renewals, cancellations, reinstatements, and notices to... Read More
  • Finys Claims

    By streamlining and automating claims processing — enforcing policy rules, limits, deductibles, and business standards — our Claims Module enables claims to be processed with speed, accuracy, and consistency. And it gives policyholders, agents, and third-party providers access to real-time... Read More

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  • Turning Points By

    We're not sure why, but we seem to be pretty big on theories around here. One of them is that it's only on rare occasions that we're acutely aware of historic moments. They often blow right by us without impressing us with their significance. Then we read some later accounts of those things and... Read more
  • The Migration Habits of Data By

    Mutual of Omaha once sponsored a program called, Wild Kingdom. The program made its host, Marlin Perkins, famous. We marveled at the fact that the parents of a man who made his living studying wildlife named him after a fish. Then we wondered if, had Marlin lived in the 21st century, his... Read more
  • Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Case Study By

    A good way to gauge your success is to talk with your customers. A better way is to have a third party talk to your customers. We asked O’Brien Communications Group (OCG) to talk with Pat Caine, CIO at Virginia Farm Bureau in Richmond, Virginia, and to record the conversation. Read more

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