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  • Claims

    Quick, accurate turnaround is a must for claims departments if they hope to lower costs, attract clients, and retain agents. Unfortunately, without secure, electronic access to documents, processing can grind to a standstill. DocFinity expedites the claims process by putting information at... Read More
  • DocFinity Access

    The real benefits of an ECM system occur with the ability to locate, retrieve, and process your documents immediately and securely, regardless of your location. Our secure Web-based system provides access to your information whenever—and in whatever form—you want it. DocFinity offers multiple... Read More
  • DocFinity Automation

    The DocFinity BPM/Workflow module makes it easy to use and configure a workflow. All of its features — from process modeling and design to job processing — can be accessed through a standard Web browser. With just a little training on the software and a well-thought-out process, anyone can build... Read More
  • DocFinity Capture

    DocFinity software offers several methods of importing documents into the DocFinity ECM repository that make capture painless and hassle-free. • Scanning—Used for backfile conversion and capturing paper as it enters your organization. There are no scanning station charges and there is no volume... Read More
  • DocFinity eForms

    DocFinity eForms offers significant enhancements over previous forms products. Like all products, features, and functionality in the DocFinity suite, eForms can be configured, administered, supported, and used within a single web-based interface, streamlining administration for IT administrators... Read More
  • DocFinity Integration

    DocFinity offers easy integration with your line-of-business applications, back-office system, website, portal, office environment, etc. Business benefits: • Image enablement. This makes information available at people’s fingertips by integrating documents with line-of-business applications.... Read More
  • DocFinity Lifecycle Management

    Retention, disposition, long-term storage, and disaster recovery are critical considerations in document management. At any point in time, you may be required to produce documents on demand by an auditor, lawyer, customer, or other interested party. DocFinity lets you automate your records... Read More
  • DocFinity System Administration

    Ease of use is as predominant in the back end of DocFinity as it is in the front end. DocFinity streamlines system administration with a single web interface for all configuration and management. This allows system administrators to: • Handle complete system administration from any location.... Read More
  • DocFinity Versioning

    DocFinity Versioning tracks changes to documents, including changes to files, metadata, and markup. It depicts the history and evolution of a document, and allows users to revert a document to a previous version. Benefits: • Tracks and stores changes for a richer audit trail • Displays the... Read More
  • Insurance Business Operations / Back-office Processing

    In addition to reducing the processing burden on your agents and staff, DocFinity offers the ability to enhance Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Accounts Payable, and other back-office operations. Processes that involve action—including multiple reviews, approvals, denials, and signatures—... Read More
  • Policy Servicing

    In the competitive realm of insurance processing, you need to have well-organized policy servicing procedures in place. Streamlining procedures surrounding policy issue, agency support, billing, claims processing, underwriting support, and other operations ultimately leads to better customer... Read More
  • Underwriting

    Are you eager to write new business quickly, but challenged by the paperwork? Do increasing regulations and service level agreements make it tough to stay ahead of the game? Efficient access and electronic workflow can help you to cut processing times dramatically and avoid the challenges... Read More
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