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About i3 Software

i3 Software is a Global IT services & Consulting company providing Insurance IT Solutions and AUTOMATION of:

(1) Claims Management System for Commercial Lob
(2) Billing System
(3) Statistical/Compliance Bureau, Analytic Reporting
(3) Predictive Analysis
(4) Agency Automation & Underwriting Work Bench
(5) Self service portal for Agents and Customers

i3 has deep experience in P&C insurance industry and has a solid understanding of the sectors best practices,and adheres strictly to them. Through our services, we have built longstanding associations with many major P&C carriers.

i3 has successfully leveraged its knowledgebase in many areas of specialization, including: Insurance application development, Apps maintenance and QA services, Business Process Management,Insurance IT Strategic Consultations, Recommendations of insurance best practices, Compliances for Bureau reporting in Insurance and Helping insurance industry to move-to better technologies (web applications conversions.

Products by i3 Software

By i3 Software

InsureBill provides the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing customer demands, increasing competition and stringent regulatory requirements InsureBill supports single-policy accounts, multiple-policy accounts, multiple payers for policies and non-premium billing (deductibles, claims,... Read more »

By i3 Software

A need for an automated Underwriting workbench. Keeping in view this basic principle, i3 has built a cutting edge tool for Agents to capture & sending only qualified data to Underwriters for Quote, Renewal, Referrals, Endorsements and hence helping Underwriters to process only qualified data.... Read more »