Insurance Support World

12648 Agave Bay Street
Victorville, CA 92301

About Insurance Support World

Insurance Support World is an insurance business process outsourcing company providing outsourced services to insurance companies worldwide. Our range of services include core insurance processes such as claims processing, underwriting support, policy administration, commissions management, new business servicing, customer experience solutions; and non-core, back-office support including finance and accounting, legal, data management, and support on technology enhancements and applications deployment.

Why Choose Insurance Support World?

· For our deep domain expertise of 15+ years across the insurance value-chain

· For our deep understanding of various insurance products, policies, and regulations across geographies

· For our global exposure and experience with more than clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

· For our vertically integrated technology and software application solutions that meet the new-world insurtech needs

· For our large pool of industry certified professionals (LOMA) forming the very backbone of our delivery

At Insurance Support World, we have the latest knowledge and skill-sets required to effectively manage and perform your administrative and operational tasks. Through the years, our partnership approach in all our engagements has earned us the faith and confidence of our client. We walk the distance with our client teams ensuring delivery excellence and certainty. Clients who have partnered with us have stayed on with us for years, widening scope and strengthening the relationship.

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