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  • Get One Step Closer to Zero Defect Loans eBook

    The concept of zero-defects is challenging to achieve, and even Fannie Mae does not evaluate lenders by a zero-defect-rate standard. Instead, Fannie Mae expects lenders to set defect rate targets as reasonably low as possible based on formal cost-benefit analysis and demonstrate to Fannie Mae...
  • How Data and Document Capture Can Tame Shared Email Chaos

    A Problem | Solutions Brief from CAPSYS Technologies and Kodak Alaris I. Situation: The Nightmare That Is Shared Email Whether your organization is— Public, private, a government agency, or a not-for-profit entity In the healthcare, insurance or higher education marketplace A...
  • 2018 State of Accounts Payable Report by Hyland Software and IDT

    Technology plays an essential role in nearly all business operations today, and accounts payable (AP) is no exception. Yet despite investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications or process automation tools, AP departments still face a number of...
  • Complex Conversion to New ECM System A Success for Edfinancial Services

    20 Years of Loan Data; 40 Million Documents; Lessons Learned
  • Block & Co. Future-Proofs ECM with Low-Cost Cloud Technology

    By moving ECM to the Cloud, Block eliminated on-premise servers and IT infrastructure, plus licensing fees. All that’s needed to use it is a web browser,” notes Mike Nolfo, IDT president. “With upgrades included, there’s no downtime or added cost. And since space is always available in the...
  • Nationwide Lender Achieves Growth, Lowers Costs

    “When we started looking at a new system in 2011, IDT was instrumental in helping us choose the right software to further automate our workflow, and integrate the back-end loan information into other workflows throughout the company,” says Wilson. “We couldn’t have done this as successfully...
  • Assisting Colonial Savings F.A. to Achieve HMDA Compliance by using ShareBase EFSS

    Learn how IDT was able to assist Colonial Savings F.A. and its Credit Union Members achieve HMDA compliance in record time by using ShareBase EFSS with OnBase workflow automation capabilities.
  • Information Governance - How Will Your Company Stand Up in Court?

    Look beyond the doors of today’s corporation, and you will likely find informational protocols that, although they seem to run smoothly, lack efficiency. Unintentional as it may be, legal might be missing appropriate approvals and signatures, privacy concerns may be overlooked, and document...
  • South Side Chicago Hospital HR Takes to the Cloud

    St. Bernard wanted an efficient means to respond to regulatory and industry requirements related to personnel. Going digital was the answer.
  • Green Information Technology Makes the ROI Grade with Web-Savvy Document Capture Systems

    Enterprise content and document management (ECM)systems have long offered the ability to realize quantifiable business benefits, efficiencies, and savings. If your goal is “Green IT,” you should know that ECM systems can support corporate-wide environmental initiatives while positively impacting...
  • Part 2: How Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture, Automated Accounts Payable & Content Management

    This second in our three-part Briefing Series is available to enhance your knowledge of financial systems. It provides you with insider information about how to achieve both efficiency and compliance