White Papers by Nastel Technologies, Inc.

  • Nastel AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ

    Nastel AutoPilot® On-Demand for WebSphere MQ gives you the visibility and diagnostics you need to fix your MQ issues - all within a web browser - with absolutely no impact on production. Try it for FREE today!
  • AutoPilot® Heap Detective™

    AutoPilot Heap Detective helps detect these Java memory leaks. Heap Detective gathers all memory usage information for you in a straight-forward interface in order to pinpoint your leaks. Heap Detective find all objects in Heap capturing instance count, total size and average size. It reports on...
  • AutoPilot® MQSonar™

    AutoPilot® MQSonar™ is a free tool for monitoring WebSphere MQ. MQSonar sends out a “ping”, waits for it to echo back and then analyzes the elapsed time for the message’s journey, hop-by-hop, there and back, similar to the networking tool, traceroute.
  • AutoPilot® Heap Detective™

    Java provides developers with false assurance that memory leakage is something they need not be concerned with. Even with Java Garbage Collection, leaks may occur OS memory usage may be stable while the JVMs fluctuates. AutoPilot® Heap Detective™ helps detect these Java memory leaks. Heap...
  • Introduction to WebSphere MQ 7.1 & 7.5

    This whitepaper is an introduction to the new features and capabilities in IBM WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5 and covers the following: Telemetry Multiple Version installation Channel Access Control Security
  • Detecting Java Application Performance Trends

    Understanding and predicting application trends can become quite complex. This white paper will give further insight of how to detect application performance trends and utilize the data to predict current and future trends.
  • Demystifying Middleware for DevOps

    Learn EMA's perspective on enabling development and QA teams with high quality tools that deliver visibility to WMQ messages. Nastel's "freemium" AutoPilot® On-demand for WebSphere MQ gives these teams access to a production-grade MQ diagnostics solution using a web browser, and without...
  • Detecting Java Memory Leaks

    In this white paper, we will be looking at abnormal versus normal resource allocation behavior in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) applications and how to detect abnormal behavior as early on as possible. While this paper addresses JVM leaks, our research also includes operating systems, C/C++...