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    Customer  | 11/30/2018

    LSS is the best solution for e-billing and matter management out there. In terms of efficiency, it allows an auditor to check multiple things from one page (look up firm employees' rates, other matter info, previous invoices, key word searches, groupings by key words and/or timekeepers within date ranges, etc.). It also features customizable rules for the guidelines and the automated invoice check. All systems feature this to a degree, but LSS allows a customer to customize the comments that automatically post to explain the compliance issue and even point to the page/paragraph in the guidelines. Customer service is first with DXC. While the system will have bumps here and there (like any system) the folks at DXC jump on it right away and provide excellent customer service. They want happy customers, and that shows. I've worked with other vendors who did not have this focus and wanted to bill for everything. Those vendors leave a sour taste in your mouth. That doesn't happen with DXC. Their new platform is even better on functionality, though the look is akin to Windows 10, which may or may not please some people. Overall, it is the best solution for e-billing, audit and matter management out there.