iGrafx Launches Process Simulation to Transform Process Improvement

Press Release from iGrafx

 Quantify and prioritize improvement opportunities discovered through process mining

TUALATIN-PORTLAND, Ore., April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- iGrafx, a leading provider of process intelligence software, has announced the early access launch of Process360 Live Process Simulation in the cloud, integrated with its process mining and design capabilities. 


Process Simulation enables organizations to accelerate and de-risk process optimization initiatives with the ability to test "what if" hypotheses for future process changes. It identifies and measures the impact a change will have, allowing prioritization of the highest-ROI improvement initiatives. 

"Simulation is a crystal ball for your business, allowing organizations to understand the positive and negative consequences of making a process change without requiring an investment up front," said Alexandre Wentzo, CEO of iGrafx. "Our integrated process intelligence platform, combining process mining, design and simulation, gives our customers everything they need to continuously improve their processes, driving better business outcomes."

"With a rich heritage in leading the process simulation domain through its desktop applications, iGrafx once again demonstrates its strategic foresight with the launch of iGrafx Process Simulation in the cloud, part of the Process360 Live platform," said Trevor Moore, Director of IGX Solutions, an iGrafx partner. "This powerful tool enables our customers to create detailed simulations of their business processes, providing unprecedented insights and enabling data-driven decisions that propel them towards efficiency and excellence."

To book a free demo and learn more about Process360 Live Process Simulation, visit igrafx.com.

About iGrafx
iGrafx is the global leader in process intelligence and process management, helping deliver the business processes of the future, today. Our Process360 Live platform allows organizations to discover, design, and optimize their business processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. More than 2,000 customers worldwide are realizing value with iGrafx. Learn more by visiting http://www.igrafx.com.

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