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About Cloverleaf Analytics

Cloverleaf Analytics is an affordable end-to-end insurance BI solution that gives our customers real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise, enabling proactive business decisions that would not otherwise be possible. Our customers can jump start their BI solution and realize an immediate ROI using our intuitive interface to access up-to-the-minute trend analysis with over 800 KPIs, 130+ pre-built reports, dashboards, scorecards, alerts and much more.

Products by Cloverleaf Analytics

By Cloverleaf Analytics

Analyze Your Business in Real-Time Our affordable real-time operational data store (ODS) and customizable alerts keep you in the know on the state of your business and allow you to perform real time analysis without bogging down your operational systems and staff. Whether it’s being alerted to and analyzing catastrophe claims as... Read more »

By Cloverleaf Analytics

Business Intelligence Built for Insurance Companies We know insurance business intelligence. Every aspect of Cloverleaf Analytics is built specifically for your business. Using standard insurance formulas, terminology and definitions as well as the Acord Reference Framework, you can trust the 500+ insurance KPI’s built into the solution. We also... Read more »

By Cloverleaf Analytics

Affordable Real-Time Business Intelligence for Insurance Companies With over 120 pre-built insurance reports, dashboards, scorecards and alerts you will be identifying your most profitable customers and minimizing your exposures right out of the box. With Cloverleaf Analytics cutting edge business intelligence software you will have real-time access to over... Read more »

Clients of Cloverleaf Analytics

  • Georgia Farm Bureau
  • Fremont Insurance
  • Service First Insurance Group
  • Central States Health & Life Company of Omaha
  • AAA
  • Celina Insurance Group
  • Service Lloyds
  • Topa Insurance Group
  • Rockingham Insurance
  • Traders Auto Group
  • Transverse Insurance