BriteCore joins as Django Girls Global Partner!

Press Release from BriteCore

We are very excited to announce our newest global partner - BriteCore!

BriteCore is a fully managed, enterprise-level software platform that combines core, data, and digital solutions into a single, comprehensive platform. Built from the ground up using cloud technology, BriteCore focuses heavily on usability, web standards, cloud computing, continuous integration, and open-source software development. Their products have been successfully implemented for more than 50 insurers nationwide. You can learn more at

BriteCore is built using modern technologies including AWS, Python 3 and Django. The company is currently shifting to a microservices architecture where all Generation 3 products are being built on the Django framework. Additionally, BriteCore’s API is developed utilizing Django REST Framework and the OpenAPI standard.

“It’s a privilege to partner with Django Girls and support an organization that teaches women around the world to use the very tools that we use to build BriteCore,” said Daniel Roy Greenfeld, VP of Implementation Engineering at BriteCore. “We’re excited to see how these technologies evolve and how the next generation of coders will improve not only our industry but the world.”

BriteCore doesn’t just support learning, they also hire excellent coders! If you are interested in joining the BriteCore team, you can check out open positions here:

They joined us as global partner by joining our Patreon campaign in December 2018. Thank you BriteCore!



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