American Farmers and Ranchers Partners with BriteCore to Co-Develop Solutions

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SPRINGFIELD, MO   (November 12, 2015)––Intuitive Web Solutions (IWS), a leading provider of insurance software, recently partnered with American Farmers and Ranchers (AFR) of Oklahoma City, OK, to transition the company’s business processes and product lines over to BriteCore. BriteCore is an all-in-one policy administration and insurance processing system designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized insurance companies.


AFR is among the first of IWS clients to take full advantage of BriteCore’s Client-Dev Program for Community Source Development (CSD). CSD provides carriers with a direct means to enhance and extend BriteCore’s base system through code contribution. Those who qualify are given guided commit access to BriteCore’s source code repository so that skilled developers can customarily grow the range and functionality of BriteCore safely and securely.


BriteCore CTO Chris Reynolds comments, “Being able to extend our core platform through code contribution gives carriers like AFR an enormous advantage over their competitors. To my knowledge, we are the only software company out there giving carriers direct access to code so that they can customize their own solutions.”


According to AFR CEO Richard Herren, "AFR had specific digital platform requirements that included native cloud-based software, cutting-edge functionality, community development and a constantly updated and improved system. BriteCore is the only company we found that met these lofty requirements and had a world-class team."


AFR’s decision to use BriteCore introduces IWS to a whole new carrier bracket. BriteCore will now bring unprecedented cost efficiency to carriers exceeding $100,000,000 in direct written premium. AFR is the 40th carrier to fully implement the complete BriteCore platform. The system now manages carriers domiciled in 18 different states, writing in 34 states plus Canada.


Founded in 1905, AFR has a long track record of providing quality products and services to agents and insureds. They are committed to growth, efficiency, innovation, and excellence. AFR believes their partnership with IWS will prepare them to make pivotal shifts in their company that coincide with the changing landscape of insurance and technology.


ABOUT:   BriteCore is a fully managed cloud-based solution that offers policy administration, claims management, underwriting rules and rating, agent quoting and inquiry, contact management, billing, imaging, printing, data warehousing and reporting.


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