Market Focus Launches BlazingSocial

Press Release from Market Focus, Inc.

San Diego, California, June 13, 2018: Market Focus is pleased to announce the release of a new automated social media posting system for the real estate, mortgage, insurance and title insurance industries called BlazingSocial.

Market Focus has specialized in providing innovative marketing strategies and content for these industries for over 25 years.

Market Focus President Chris Carter said, “Social media is time-consuming and takes skill that most sales professionals don’t have. As a solution, we leveraged our relationships with our content providers and experience with marketing automation. The results is a state-of-the-art, turnkey system to help sales professionals post engaging content to their social media accounts.”

Most sales professionals want more exposure on social media, but lack the time or writing skill.   They end up not being active on their social media platforms, or paying expensive consultants to post on their behalf. BlazingSocial provides this service for a fraction of the cost with better results.

BlazingSocial has curated a library of content, including real estate, mortgage, insurance and title insurance videos, weekly economic and industry news, money saving articles, lifestyle tips, holiday greetings and inspirational quotes. Since most people don’t like to read long articles on the Internet, BlazingSocial also condenses content to visually appealing infographics that are 3 times more likely to be liked and shared than other types of posts. All of these unique posts are a great alternative to posting other users’ content.

There are many systems available that can automatically post to social media. The problem is these systems don’t provide the content. Social media content needs to be engaging, relevant and timely to be effective and keep people coming back for more.   BlazingSocial solves that problem by providing great content that is consistently posted automatically.

One innovative feature designed to get great results is the customizable call to action. Carter said, “A call to action drives traffic and improves sales conversion, which is one of the main goals of posting on social media. Our Industry-specific posts have codes that are replaced with specific calls to action, such as Download My Mobile App, Visit My Website, Apply Now, or View My Listings, to encourage website traffic and ultimately increase conversions.”

For more information on this innovative social media system, visit the site.

About Market Focus:   Market Focus, Inc. is a software development company dedicated to providing innovative products and services for the real estate, mortgage, insurance and title insurance industries. Its flagship product, called Mortgage Quest, is the first database marketing system designed specifically for the mortgage industry. BlazingSocial is their newest endeavor to provide social media content to specific industries.

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