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  • NeoBatch

    By providing an environment for managing and executing JCL in the Windows/.NET environment, NeoBatch® makes it possible to migrate mainframe batch jobs to a more economic yet higher performing platform. This move can bring significant savings to IT budgets, free up mainframe MIPS for other... Read More
  • NeoData

    NeoData transforms VSAM, or standard COBOL indexed file, data to SQL Server without requiring changes to COBOL code. Data that was previously locked in proprietary indexed/VSAM file formats, accessible only by writing COBOL programs, is opened up to the rich set of tools and programming... Read More
  • NeoData zLink

    Many organizations have depended on the mainframe for years to run their operations. The cost and rigid nature of this platform are prompting many to consider mainframe migration to reduce TCO and increase agility. The problem is that most migration solutions employ an “all-or-nothing” approach... Read More
  • NeoKicks

    NeoKicks enables the migration of mainframe CICS applications to the .NET Framework maintaining program code and structure. By bringing your CICS applications fully into the .NET world, NeoKicks can completely change your perspective on your CICS programs. Rather than seeing them as limited by... Read More
  • NeoServices

    In today’s fast paced business climate, a company must be able to react quickly to ever changing business and technical environments. NeoServices is a standards-based integration tool for rapid web service enablement of mainframe and NeoKicks applications. Integration to these applications... Read More
  • NetCOBOL for .NET

    Created specifically for the Microsoft .NET Framework, NetCOBOL® for .NET provides the features you require in a .NET COBOL compiler and is the core product round which the other Alchemy Solutions Neo tools are built. NetCOBOL for .NET sets the standard for COBOL compiler reliability and is a... Read More
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