Prizm Capture Eliminates Invoice Typing for Sage 100, QuickBooks

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Cloud service cuts typing by capturing payables data into both systems, and now also captures line items

TAMPA, Fla. – March 20, 2014 – Accusoft today announces enhancements to its Prizm Capture invoice-entry cloud service. In addition to QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, the service can now post accounts payable data captured from bills directly to accounts in the Sage 100 ERP accounting software (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) from Sage Software, Inc.

Through Prizm Capture, Sage 100 and QuickBooks users can process invoices they receive in three simple steps: 1) Upload the Word, PDF or scanned invoice to Prizm Capture, 2) Review and verify the data Prizm Capture extracts, and 3) Click a button to post the data to the proper accounts. There's no typing required, and no typing errors posting to accounts.

Prizm Capture also now captures line item detail from bills, in addition to vendor, date, total and other invoice fields. Users can even optionally split a line item among multiple accounts.

An industry leader in intelligent recognition, Accusoft has equipped Prizm Capture with advanced recognition technology that not only accurately extracts data from an invoice image, but also "learns" the more it's used, for even better accuracy over time.

By making accounts payable processing quicker and more convenient, Prizm Capture enables users to attend to the task more promptly, winning them early-payment discounts and preventing late-payment fines. The service even improves assurance by optionally saving an image of the bill and linking it to the invoice record, for an electronic audit trail. And because it's a cloud service, Prizm Capture requires no installation.

To keep its customers' valuable data safe, Accusoft protects it in Prizm Capture with the highest level of SSL encryption available on the Internet.

A 30-day free trial is available at

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