CGB AGRIfinancial Services Selects Shaw Commercial Loan Servicing Software

Press Release from Shaw Systems Associates, LLC

Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. announced that CGB AGRIfinancial Services has chosen Shaw’s  COMMERCIAL  loan servicing software. CGB AGRIfinancial Services serves large and small farmers, providing the best financing products and terms available from many investors. Their role is to understand and match the needs of farmers with the products and desires of investors across the country. 

The philosophy of the company is to work through the origination and loan closing and stay with the customer and account to maturity. With a full range of mortgage products from low-cost, short-term variable rate loans to fully fixed rate loans and many alternatives in between, they can structure loans to meet the needs of farmers including flexible payment plans and open prepayment options, all offered at very attractive rates.

After an extensive evaluation of the available vendor options, CGB AGRIfinancial Services decided to partner with Shaw to provide an enterprise-wide servicing solution. Operating more than 25 years, Shaw’s solutions will be deployed to support their specialized teams. CGB AGRIfinancial Services required a product that would help them achieve their goal of being able to offer loans to farmers and those in rural areas. Shaw’s software will also help CGB AGRIfinancial Services be able to:

  • Automate loan servicing processes
  • Obtain business faster and at a lower cost
  • Automate business processes and routine tasks

Shaw’s customer focused software supports a wide range of consumer lending products including loans, line of credit, home equity, dealer/indirect, floor plan, commitments, escrow, securitization, and insurance. Our software accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle and automates processes to help companies navigate the dynamic credit landscape.

About CGB AGRIfinancial Services

CGB’s Louisville–based AGRIfinancial Services offers long-term fixed rate loans and leases that protect against market volatility. CGB AGRIfinancial Services is solely dedicated to farming, providing three key service areas:

  • Mortgage financing
  • Lines of credit
  • Farm Equipment, Building, and Fixture Leasing

At CGB AGRIfinancial Services, all of our financing programs are backed by a top-notch servicing group. We value your business and work to keep customer relationships. We work with you to assure our products meet your needs, now and in the future. In fact, AGRIfinancial now services more than $1 billion in loans across the country.

Reach us toll-free at 1-877-548-2611 or on our website

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