Shaw Systems Associates Enhances Collections Platform with VoApps’ Patented Direct2Voicemail Delivery Solution

Press Release from Shaw Systems Associates, LLC

Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. ( and VoApps ( announced that Shaw will be partnering with VoApps to integrate and offer their proprietary Direct2Voicemail message delivery solution. Direct2Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to mobile voicemail – without calling the phone – and that’s good for business. Collections clients at Shaw Systems will soon have the opportunity to utilize this patented, efficient and cost-reducing solution.

“Shaw Systems is working on an out-of-the-box integration with VoApps that will provide our customers the ability to easily set up contact campaigns and track the utilization of this exciting new technology,” said Stephen Brannon, Director of Business Development at Shaw. The solution will allow a user to define contact campaigns of select customers and select the mobile contact message to deliver. Direct2Voicemail provides a landline-to-landline connection to the end users’ voicemail platform – no call is ever made to the mobile phone. The patented Direct2Voicemail solution enables call centers to reach hundreds of thousands of mobile contacts with consideration and compliance. With Direct2Voicemail, 1st and 3rd party call centers can reduce costs, expand customer contact capacity, and generate incremental response and collections results. Messages can be delivered much more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of manually dialing a mobile number. Shaw Systems is excited to partner with VoApps in order to offer this feature in our software in the near future.

About VoApps

VoApps is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides innovative voicemail solutions to help businesses reach mobile contacts with consideration and compliance. The company’s proprietary Direct2Voicemail solution is the patented direct voicemail delivery technology that delivers a message directly to the voicemail box of hundreds of thousands of mobile contacts – without ever calling their phone. VoApps’ voicemail messaging solutions are changing the way call centers and collections organizations reach mobile customers by maximizing efficiencies, minimizing costs and driving profitability. Tens of millions of messages have been delivered to mobile users with Direct2Voicemail, and that number grows daily.

VoApps and its flagship product, Direct2Voicemail, were incubated at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center and partly funded by the State of Georgia. VoApps was recently named one of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia, recognized for its innovation, financial impact, and efforts to spread the state’s technology efforts throughout the US and globally. For more information, visit or call us at (855) 737-1596.

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