Operating Partners CO. LLC Selects Shaw Systems’ Spectrum Retail and Collections Loan Servicing Software

Press Release from Shaw Systems Associates, LLC

HOUSTON –  Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. announced that Operating Partners CO. LLC (OPC) has chosen Shaw’s  SPECTRUM RETAIL  and COLLECTIONS   loan servicing software in a hosted environment. Operating Partners Co. LLC is a premier distressed asset acquisition and servicing company in Puerto Rico.  OPC is a start-up company that services residential mortgages and consumer debt portfolios.

Shaw’s customer focused software supports a wide range of consumer lending products including loans, line of credit, home equity, dealer/indirect, floor plan, commitments, escrow, securitization, and insurance. Our software accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle and automates processes to help companies navigate the dynamic credit landscape.

About Operating Partners CO. LLC

Operating Partners CO. LLC is a fully licensed mortgage and consumer debt service company. They’re committed to Puerto Rico’s economy and to supporting their clients’ needs. They have a knowledgeable and responsive customer service team that addresses account inquiries and take a look at each clients’ specific situation.


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