Press Release from Pit Base LLC

Pit Base is one of the fastest growing futures brokers in the brokerage industry. During this worldwide economically unstable and volatile circumstances, trading is becoming the essential part of every country’s economy and individual, this is the reason trading and brokerage industry is booming rapidly.  Pit Base is playing its part for the betterment of businesses, traders and individuals trading on different trading platforms.

Pit Base is offering its out-class services on multiple trading platforms including Free Quotes, Charts, and research materials.

Pit Base says!

“Pit Base is a deep discount futures & options broker. Your one stop for futures and options trading,

Pit Base traders have access and can trade U.S. and international markets. The platform is user friendly and accessible traders can trade any where any time just by using your mobile phones. To understand market trends pit base is providing free quotes, charts, and research materials that are reliable stable and easy to understand in one go. Their traders are enjoying deep discount rates and fees among the lowest in the trading brokerage industry.

“We welcome all traders to open an account. Whether you trade 1 or 10,000 contracts, we welcome you to Pit Base and value your business.”

They are offering different type of account plans which are specially designed keeping in view the needs and requirements of traders.


  1. Professional Traders Plan

Pit Base was designed to serve the needs of professional traders. They take pleasure in providing traders with a safe and secure trading environment. Pit Base can meet your requirements, including high-speed access via data centres and trade servers.


  1. Self-Direct Traders Plan

Pit Base is confident in the services they provide to traders. A lifetime of trading experience and efficiency, as well as access to cutting-edge technology that can accommodate a wide range of trading programmes, speed, Customer-Centred Services, and competitively low trading costs.


  1. Proprietary Trading Group

Trading companies typically devise derivatives trading techniques that rely on advanced technology to be implemented. With server redundancy and network support capabilities, they provide access to technology that is more than up to the challenge.

Pit Base has a huge market to trade. All markets are accessible through our entry platforms, and orders are directed for the shortest possible execution.

When you open account with PitBase you can enjoy these free services

  • 24/6 Hour Support
  • One Check Per Month
  • Daily Statements via Email
  • 24/6 Hour Trade Order Desk
  • Online Statements Including History
  • Standard Exchange Margin Minimums
  • Free Simulation Account (live account with a minimum of 5000 2,000 USD)
  • Streaming Charts and Market Depth (fees apply for real-time data/market depth for CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX exchanges)

Traders choose PitBase for

  • FREE Mobile Trading
  • FREE Quotes & Charts
  • FREE Trading Platforms
  • Low Margins
  • Discounted Prices
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Unpleasant Surprises
  • No Minimum Volume Requirement

Its your time to take your trading to next level with Pit Base . You just need to click on the website https://pitbase.com/contact/ open your account with discounted fees and enjoy lots of free services and boost up your trading.

Remember, trading or investments including Futures and Options trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone


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