Solartis Unveils Solartis Insure Web Services Incorporating ISO Electronic Rating Content

Press Release from Solartis, Inc.

Starr Companies Is First to Use the Solartis Insure Policy Life Cycle Web Services
to Offer Direct-to-Consumer P&C Insurance



Carol Mowry McKenzie

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


[email protected]


Manhattan Beach, CA, December 22, 2016 — Solartis announced the commercial availability of its Solartis Insure™ policy life cycle web services with a full integration of ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC). The initiative enables insurance carriers to offer and sell property/casualty insurance in an online self-service environment. 

Starr Companies is the first insurer to go live with the Solartis Insure policy life cycle web services. Starr is offering direct-to-consumer property/casualty insurance for small and midsized businesses through Starr Insure ( ) . The solution was made possible through the combined talent and technical capabilities of Solartis, Starr, and ISO:

·         Solartis provides sales and full policy life cycle, cloud-based services to insurance carriers, their distribution partners, and insureds. The Solartis Insure platform is a set of sales and policy life cycle web services available in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment.

·         Starr IT and marketing staff spearheaded the project and created the user interface with their unique look and feel, branding, fonts and styles, which transformed the system into Starr Insure.

·         ISO is a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk. Through the ISO ERC product, Solartis is able to easily upload the latest ISO rating information into the Solartis platform.

The result of this collaboration is a new approach to insurance sales and policy administration system implementation that shortens time to market; ensures rate, rule, and form accuracy; and minimizes project risks because the rating and forms content and web services are pretested and readily available.   

Mike Toran, CIO of Starr Companies, said, “Implementing ISO ERC as a component of a U.S. commercial lines digital insurance platform will soon be a ‘must have’ for insurance business success. We’re excited to partner with Solartis because, in our opinion, after evaluating the alternatives available in the marketplace, they are leading the pack in delivering this new approach to enterprise-level quote and policy life cycle functionality incorporating ISO ERC.”

Nick Richardson, Solartis president, said, “With Starr designing the user interface and integrating with Solartis Insure through web services for quote and policy transaction functionality, both our organizations were able to focus on our core competencies to deliver a high-performance, direct-to-customer platform for small and midsized business insurance.”

 “We’re excited to see Starr adopt the new Solartis Insure platform,” said Mark Sheehan, head of ISO Rating Solutions. “The digital platform, fueled by ISO’s ERC product, will help meet the growing demand for faster and more efficient service and will support straight-through processing.”

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 For more information, contact Carol Mowry McKenzie, vice president, Solartis, via e-mail at [email protected] or phone at 570-815-4556.

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