Starr Companies Goes Live with Outline Systems' ProducerOne

Press Release from Outline Systems, Inc.

Date:  Monday, October 1, 2012 Location:  Somerset, New Jersey

Outline Systems, Inc. (OSI), is pleased to announce Starr Companies has just gone into production with the compliance management component of OSI's ProducerOne, the industry's leading producer lifecycle management software suite.    

"The project called for an implementation period of only 60 days, and was completed on-time and under budget," said Lisa Masarek, Director of Enterprise Applications for Starr International USA, Inc.  "We are very excited to be able to begin using such a versatile and functional product.

Maintaining producer licensing and compliance are a significant challenge for insurance organizations, especially those operating in multiple states and trying to adhere to different sets of guidelines simultaneously. OSI's ProducerOne was designed specifically to ease the pain of licensing and compliance and to streamline the agent-carrier relationship.

Since the implementation, Starr now operates a database of all their U.S. brokers which can be easily integrated and from which they can see relationships between brokers. The new system also notes other important information about a brokerage, which can then be accessed easily across departments.

"We are so pleased to see how successful Starr has been with the implementation of ProducerOne," said Bob Drake, director of sales at OSI. "The strong partnership between the two companies aided the rapid implementation of ProducerOne which was made possible internally by the tireless efforts of Kristine Applegate and everyone in the compliance department, the project management office (PMO), and the operations group at Starr. We are looking forward to being Starr's producer licensing and compliance solution going forward."

For more information about OSI or ProducerOne, please contact Bob Drake at 732-537-1234 or [email protected].

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