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About Adeptia Inc

Adeptia is designed for maximum collaboration between business and IT with web-based technology to be used on any platform and from anywhere. And it is designed to eliminate the need for programming. Adeptia provides the most comprehensive business integration software on the market where customers pay only for the functionality they need. The platform combines data integration, an Enterprise Service Bus, B2B/EDI capability and Business Process Management on a core SOA architecture, allowing developers and business analysts to deliver corporate objectives faster. Adeptia offers in a single product what mega-vendors provide in several products that have been amassed through company acquisition.

Adeptia offers a unique opportunity for its partners to differentiate themselves with a value proposition focused on the following:

■ Powerful BPM functionality to manage, automate and optimize business processes
■ Allows business users and IT to collaborate
■ Flexible deployment options - Run it in the cloud or install it in-house
■ Completely web-based interface, no need for any client side software tools
■ Based on open-standards such as Java, XML and Web Services Excellent ease-of-use
■ Nominal training requirements
■ Rapid deployment
■ Scalability up/down supply chains
■ Highly cost-effective and subcription pricing removes need for upfront commitment

Products by Adeptia Inc

By Adeptia Inc

Enterprise Business Integration Management Suite (EBIMS) is a holistic enterprise-class software application designed to incorporate all integration disciplines including ETL, EAI (SOA, ESB) B2B, BPM within a single, collaborative, web-based application. Our thoroughly holistic approach... Read more »

By Adeptia Inc

ESB Suite is an enterprise-class software product that is designed to integrate ANY APPLICATION with ANY DATA at ANY LOCATION. It combines process centric and services (SOA) based approach with application and partner integration. ESB Suite easily and quickly automates data flows and connects... Read more »

By Adeptia Inc

Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) Suite is an enterprise-class software product that is designed to integrate CUSTOMER and PARTNER DATA with ANY APPLICATION or DATABASE using industry standards such as EDI, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, HIPAA/HL7, ACORD AL3/XML etc. It combines process centric and... Read more »

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