The City of Anaheim Kicks off Rapid Implementation of PCIS ClaimsVISION for Claims Administration

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The City of Anaheim Kicks off Rapid Implementation of PCIS ClaimsVISION for Claims Administration

Published:  Feb 9, 2015 11:19 a.m. ET


Modern technology offered with ClaimsVISION to provide highly automated claims processing and higher quality claim servicing to employees


ANAHEIM, Calif., Feb 09, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- From the 2015 Public Agency Risk Managers (PARMA) Annual Conference, PCIS, a proven and trusted provider of policy administration and claims solutions, today announced that the City of Anaheim is implementing PCIS’ ClaimsVISION® to manage workers’ compensation claims for the City’s Risk Management Division.

The City will provide superior claims services to its employees by leveraging the power of ClaimsVISION’s technology. The Risk Management Division’s day to day cumbersome processes will be eliminated with ClaimsVISION’s advanced architecture and powerful B2B integration platform which is pre-integrated with CMS for Medicare, ISO for FROI/SROI, for State Forms, multiple bill review providers and more.

PCIS’ ClaimsVISION will serve as the City’s single and centralized workers’ compensation claims system to provide efficient, highly automated and streamlined claims processing. The system will be deployed via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with an implementation project timeline of four months, including the conversion of 42 years of data.

The City’s anticipated benefits from implementation of PCIS ClaimsVISION include:

  • A single system of record for claims administration bringing greater process consistency and efficiency;
  • SaaS deployment will minimize the need for IT resources during implementation as well as ongoing maintenance and support;
  • An improved and robust reporting platform that includes data analytics and risk analysis modules;
  • Fully automated “No Touch” FROI/SROI (First Notice of Loss/Second Notice of Loss) reporting to the state, built in compliance without adjustor intervention
  • Increased interface capabilities to automate 3rd party processes.

“We appreciate the City of Anaheim’s confidence in our expertise in California workers’ compensation and in our ClaimsVISION solution. We look forward to working with the City’s team to ensure they achieve the maximum benefits from the modernization of the technology and claims handling processing. The efficiencies the City will gain from automating labor intensive processes like FROI/SROI reporting and intake, will provide high quality service and support for the City’s employees while also freeing up valuable City resources for other activities,” added Georgette Loizou, PCIS Executive Vice President.

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