The City of Albuquerque in Production with PCIS ClaimsVISION

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April 17 ,2012, 8:00a.m. EDT

The City of Albuquerque in Production with PCIS ClaimsVISION

SaaS-delivered ClaimsVISION enables easy-to-use, efficient, and a single platform for all claims


NEW YORK, Apr 17, 2012 (BUSINESSWIRE)-- PCIS, a proven and trusted provider of policy administration and claims solutions, today announced that The City of Albuquerque, a self-insured municipality, is now in production with PCIS ClaimsVISION(R), a highly automated, user configurable, and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered claims administration system .

The Risk Management division of the city has successfully migrated processing from the legacy environment and is now leveraging ClaimsVISION to handle all claims for the city, including: workers' compensation for city employees, generalliability, professionalliability, commercial auto liability, and property. 

Commenting on the successful implementation project, Alan Gutowski, Risk Finance Manager with The City of Albuquerque, said, "ClaimsVISION has enabled us to take a significant leap forward in both technology and functionality. We have been able to enhance our claims operating environment in both improved costs and efficiencies- from the .NET architecture that allows us to offer broad, anytime access via the internet to the relational database that ensures data integrity and provides greatly enhanced reporting."

Peter Ennen, Risk Manager with the city, added, "The PCIS team was a pleasure to work with through this implementation effort. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and accessible. We were confident we had a good partner from day one."

With ClaimsVISION now in production, The City of Albuquerque is able to:


-- utilize a single and common platform for all claims;

-- produce flawless Medicare reporting;

-- provide a seam less work flow through integration with other systems including accounting and human resources;

-- enable users, including claimants, to directly and easily report losses via the internet;

--leverage business rules to capture best practices and drive operational improvements and efficiencies; and

--produce powerful and robust reports via the ClaimsVISION reporting module.


"Congratulations to The City of Albuquerque on the successful deployment of ClaimsVISION," noted Georgette Loizou, PCIS Executive Vice President. "We appreciate that they have put their faith in both our product and our people to help them meet the city's technology and operational needs today as well as into the foreseeable future."


ClaimsVISION supports claims administration for all P&C lines of business with a specialization in workers' compensation. Built for internet delivery, PCIS' ClaimsVISION utilizes a Microsoft .NET platform and Microsoft's SQL Server database. Designed for customization and efficiency, ClaimsVISION offers insurers quick implementation via SaaS-delivery,enhanced claim services, and reduced overall cost of claims through automation and streamlined claims processing.


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