The County of Los Angeles Implementing PCIS ClaimsVISION

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The County of Los Angeles Implementing PCIS ClaimsVISION


ClaimsVISION's modern technology and SaaS delivery to provide centralized, streamlined and highly automated claims processing


New York, NY ‐ Jan 12th 2015 ‐ P&C Insurance Systems, Inc.(PCIS), a proven and trusted provider of policy administration and claims solutions, today announced that the County of Los Angeles is implementing PCIS' ClaimsVISION® to manage claims for the County's Chief Executive Office (CEO) Risk Management Branch. The Risk Management Branch manages and oversees workers‘ compensation claims for all employees of Los Angeles County,the largest county (by population) in the United States.

The County's workers' compensation claims administration operation includes more than 900 users, 4 TPAs, and numerous third party vendors. PCIS' ClaimsVISION will serve as the County's single and centralized workers' compensation claims system to provide efficient, highly automated ,and streamlined claims processing.The system is being deployed via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with the implementation project scope requiring the full migration of 30 years of data, including over 500,000 claims, 80,000 vendor records and 1.9M documents.


Steve Robles, Assistant Chief Executive Officer with the County's Risk Management Branch, commented, "Our goal is to continually improve our claims handling and the modern technology provided with PCIS' ClaimsVISION is a logical step to gain the automation and operational efficiencies we are looking to achieve. Ours is a complex and critical business and we need an experienced partner like PCIS to advance the program.

The County's anticipated benefits from the implementation of PCIS ClaimsVISION include:

• A single system for claims administration, providing a secure, quality, and consistent operating environment;

• Achievement of the County's goal of 80% touchless payment transaction processing;

• Improved payment transaction monitoring and vendor file maintenance capabilities;

• Fully automated "No Touch" FROI/SROI reporting to CA using ISO;

• New data analytics and reporting capabilities for greater business insight and improved decision making

"We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the County of Los Angeles on such an important initiative designed to help consolidate and modernize the County's claims environment.The scope of this project is significant‐ including custom interfaces with the County's central financial system, consolidation of multiple legacy systems, migration of 30 years of historical data, and support for such a large number and mix of users. The implementation and training are already underway and our joint team is working very well with a clear focus on meeting the County's timeline and business goals," added Georgette Loizou, PCIS Executive Vice President.


About the County's CEO Risk Management Branch

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