DRC Releases New Analytics to Unlock Deeper Insights Within Insurance Data

Press Release from Decision Research Corporation

Philadelphia, PA – September 24, 2019 – Decision Research Corporation (DRC), an insurance technology leader specializing in digital insurance solutions for the specialty, personal, and commercial P&C insurance industry, today announced the release of its new DRC Analytics.

DRC Analytics furnish valuable tools that enable data insight for insurers and enhance understanding of what is happening in their businesses in real-time, all seamlessly integrated into the DRC Insurance Platform and available to any and all user groups on a permission basis.

An organization’s ability to provide effective access to its citizen data scientists — those not necessarily formally trained in statistics and data science — democratizes the ability to glean meaningful insights from the data. The self-service capability of DRC Analytics enables self-sufficient citizen data scientists to complete such tasks as performing custom data mining, measure meaningful KPIs and generate custom automated reports and dashboards.

DRC Analytics offer stunning visualizations to reveal insights easily buried in standard spreadsheets and also export data easily and automatically to PDF or Excel®️, to distribute and share reports with other decision makers in formats they already use. In addition to static exports that represent a snapshot of data frozen in time, DRC Analytics link to hot data to create automated, dynamic, reports and visualizations where the underlying data is refreshed in real time. Users across the organization can then make immediate, critical business decisions based on the most accurate and most timely information.

"DRC Analytics are our latest effort to help insurers become more precisely informed about their business performance in areas such as growth, profit, loss and operational efficiency," noted Les McElhaney, DRC’s VP of Products. "We look forward to seeing our customers leverage our embedded analytics to glean new insights from existing data and advance their digital transformation."

DRC Analytics help insurers of all sizes better understand what’s happening in their businesses, determine how to allocate resources and take advantage of new opportunities. DRC works closely with each client to load the relevant data and personalize the managed content dashboards, ensuring quick startup and speedy results to stay ahead of the competition.


About DRC
For nearly half a century, DRC has provided powerful and trusted software solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. Large carriers, small start-ups and MGAs alike in the United States and globally deploy DRC’s SaaS and onsite solutions to manage total written premium in excess of $7 billion. DRC’s web-based administration system expedites implementation, lowers costs and simplifies maintenance across insurance products. Our leading RS X Rating allows business users who price risks and model products in Microsoft Excel® workbooks to create a version-controlled, web service process throughout the entire insurance ecosystem with minimal need for any programming resource. All DRC clients receive market-leading solutions, expert implementation and our commitment to deliver to their complete satisfaction. For more information about DRC, visit www.decisionresearch.com. Connect with DRC on LinkedIn, Twitter (@DRCNews) and Facebook.

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