Insight Enterprise v9.2 Release

Press Release from Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

Reload Jobs

Separate fact and process reload jobs have been added to take advantage of flexible split load re-design of v91.

Studies calculation precision

For all studies, the expected input rates are extended to 8 decimal places (dp) with intermediate calculation at float(double precision) and final amounts rounded to 10 dp.

ManagerID hierarchy

In the Agent dimension, the ManagerID hierarchies are now based on AgentPersonIDs instead of AgentIDs which were strictly PolAdmSystem specific.

Claim Termination study exposures

In the Claim Termination study, exposures will now be generated from Claim snapshots even if the associated policy snapshot is missing.

Renaming of Termination Reason hierarchies

The Termination and Closed reason object hierarchies/attribute have been renamed to include "Status" to clarify its "Status" role within the policy, coverage, claim and claim state objects.

Removal of Claim dimension

In the Claim Incidence and Claim Incidence Rptd studies, the Claim dimension, which relates to only to ‘Actuals' are now hidden to avoid possible confusion with the corresponding Coverage attributes. It is still available in the main cube for audit purposes if needed.

Decommission of Expected rates expansion process

The Expected rate compact tables and processes have been removed.v

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