White Papers for Insurance Technology and Administration Software

  • This MGA could make its simple processes totally digitized

    The objective of the transformation was to create a simple system landscape with least overheads. Using Macaw, it was possible to get all processes under one umbrella of connected and multi-channel components on a cloud-based platform.
  • Monitoring Widely Distributed Environments Without Losing Focus

    While standard industry monitoring was fine when the world was simpler and managed in siloed environments, the world has changed. Monitoring widely distributed environments can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how: Traditional systems management are insufficient and have major...
  • Turning Points

    We're not sure why, but we seem to be pretty big on theories around here. One of them is that it's only on rare occasions that we're acutely aware of historic moments. They often blow right by us without impressing us with their significance. Then we read some later accounts of those things and...
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Connecting unparalleled industry expertise with world-class technology

    Seibels offers a full suite of business process outsourcing solutions to the P&C insurance industry, designed to help you adapt quickly to market changes, maximize opportunities, and improve efficiencies at a managed cost. By focusing on core business activities, carriers and MGAs can grow their...
  • Intelligent Automation: Capturing the Unicorn

    This eBook explains how to incorporate a new approach into your document process management strategy. It outlines the scenarios where the technologies and products fit best, how to include them in your multi-year roadmap, how best to service and govern them, and how best to try before you buy...
  • HPS: Your Solution to Attract and Retain Clients

    Learn how HPS helps your clients save money and simplifies the healthcare experience for their employees, as well as get insight into how easy it is to quote a group and work with HPS.
  • Fighting the Good Fight

  • Unleashing the Value of Data with DRC Analytics

    Analytics inform decisions about investment, gauge the success of sales and marketing activities and streamline businesses to be leaner and more efficient. Across vertical markets, gaining insights into an organization’s own data and having the capacity to perform deep analytics on complicated...
  • Don’t Replace Legacy with Legacy

    For many insurers, the need to transform their technology is critical to remain competitive because their legacy core system, just can’t keep up. Check out this ePaper for insights and steps to take to get your transformation underway.
  • Transforming your Policies and Procedures into a Powerful Business Improvement System

    Too bad it often takes a crisis such as a failed project or regulatory sanction to remind organizations how important it is to have clear policies, procedures, and controls in place. CEOs, Managers — even Boards of Directors — are re-evaluating the roles policies and procedures play in their...
  • The Age of Agile Solutions

    In conjunction with WatersTechnology, Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a leading provider of financial services technology and a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, published a white paper, The Age of Agile Solutions, based on a survey of senior-level professionals from global banks, asset managers, hedge...
  • Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies with an Automated Policy Administration Platform

    Economic uncertainty, the current regulatory environment, and increased competition present Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers of all sizes with the same fundamental challenges. To stay competitive—and profitable—you’ve got to attract the right risks while effectively managing your...
  • Deploying an Enterprise Platform for a new Division of a Major Carrier

    A leading global insurance company’s newly formed Accident and Health (A&H) Division needed help with designing and deploying a fully automated , rules based, real-time A&H Enterprise system for new products. The client required a single, web-based, product agnostic, platform that would operate...
  • Venture Insurance Programs Success Story

    COMPANY CLOSE-UP Venture Insurance Programs is a full-service program administrator providing specialty coverage for Golf Clubs, Social Clubs, City Clubs, Resorts, Boutique Hotels, 4/5 Star Franchise Hotels, Hunting & Fishing Lodges, Plantations, and Golf or Hotel Management Companies. The...
  • SMA Perspective on Underwriting for LTI

    This SMA Perspective is a summary of SMA’s ongoing research on underwriting and the modernization of legacy environments.
  • Disruption in the Employee Benefits Market: An Opportunity for Enterprise Transformation?

    FINEOS believes insurers have an opportunity to leverage major market changes and stresses to take a pragmatic approach to process and technology change in the back office, enabling better customer service levels, more flexible product options and ultimately better brand presence with...
  • Caching Data in a Distributed System

    Cached data is data that is proactively stored in working memory. This is usually done to speed up processing of individual system requests. An example of this data may be a list of states in the USA, a list of web pages in the application, or a list of valid account status code.
  • Achieving the Ultimate 360° Insurance Experience: Gaining New Vision & New Value in the Digital Era

    Improving the customer experience is vitally important to building business in a modern, digital world. This white paper from analyst firm Strategy Meets Action (SMA) presents the firm's research and recommendations on achieving the Ultimate 360⁰ Insurance Experience for staff and customers, and...
  • Socializing Dashboards – How to go Beyond Clicks & Analytics

    Analyzing data is no longer the only use for a dashboard. From motivation to accountability to LCDs in the lobby, this whitepaper discusses the different ways organizations can utilize dashboards, allowing them to communicate and engage a wider audience.
  • Leveraging Social Media across the Insurance Lifecycle

    Social media adoption rates have increased exponentially over the past few years. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter now boast millions of active users who exchange information and feedback about all kinds of products and services, including insurance. In the drive to attract new customers...
  • Predictive Analytics in Underwriting

    Virtually every aspect of the insurance business can benefit from an improved ability to predict the future. Whether actuaries desire to create more accurate pricing models, underwriters hope to make better underwriting decisions, marketing wants to improve campaign results or claims needs to...
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of P&C Policy Administration

    We know how to do P&C policy administration right – but we also know what can go wrong. These are the seven deadly sins of P&C policy admin.
  • One Policy System or Two?

    Guidelines for choosing between combined or separate policy systems for P&C commercial and personal lines