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  • UltraQuest Applications By Select Business Solutions

    UltraQuest Applications provides direct access to mainframe data and applications from the desktop through a Web-based interface, allowing simple and quick integration of mainframe systems to corporate intranets and extranets. Web access can be provided by a z/VM or z/OS Web server that runs... Read More
  • UltraQuest Reporter By Select Business Solutions

    UltraQuest Reporter™ is a business intelligence tool for reporting from mainframe data sources. Quick to implement, and effectively using Web interfaces and mainframe resources, UltraQuest is a practical solution for efficient access to DB2, IMS, VSAM, IDMS, Teradata, and QSAM data as well as... Read More
  • Underwriting By Optical Image Technology

    Are you eager to write new business quickly, but challenged by the paperwork? Do increasing regulations and service level agreements make it tough to stay ahead of the game? Efficient access and electronic workflow can help you to cut processing times dramatically and avoid the challenges... Read More
  • Underwriting Automation By Hubio

    Automation of underwriting – whether it is full straight-through-processing or task automation –is an important component to carrier operational efficiency, and an enhancer of overall agent ease of doing business. iter8’s agent web portal and underwriting workstation meets this... Read More
  • Underwriting Workstation By Oceanwide, Inc.

    Oceanwide's Underwriting Workstation module features: Submission queues, task management, diaries and reminders; rating engine that calculates all premiums by coverage and tracks or validates the variance from standard or guideline rates when overriding rating or applying discretionary factors;... Read More
  • Underwriting Workstations By FirstBest Systems

    An underwriting workstation enhances electronic ordering and receipt of risk assessment data, improves electronic data evaluation and includes real-time underwriting status features and electronic communication with agents. The workstation tracks underwriting decisions as they were made, helping... Read More
  • Uninsured Collections By Wilber

    Upon receipt of the file, the Wilber team will investigate whether the responsible party had insurance coverage on the date of loss. If the responsible party did have coverage, we will file a claim with the third-party carrier. If the person or entity that caused the loss was uninsured, Wilber... Read More
  • Unirisx Agency/Broker Center By Unirisx

    The Unirisx Agency/Broker Center ™ offers agility in managing all aspects of the insurance business, including leveraging market opportunities based on real-time performance information. Comprehensive and efficient Straight-Through-Processing streamlines submission, quote, and renewal activity-... Read More
  • Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite™ By Unirisx

    The Unirisx Insurance Solution Suite™ is a SaaS/Cloud-based policy administration management solution for multiple lines of business from personal to commercial, specialty, A & H, and group benefits that provides insurers, brokers, and agents the ability to write, sell, and manage insurance... Read More
  • Unirisx Underwriting Center By Unirisx

    Unirisx Underwriting Center™ offers a comprehensive platform that works across multiple lines of business, from small, personal lines to complex commercial lines, to everything in between. High performance underwriting is delivered by the Unirisx Underwriting Center™ with intuitive workflows... Read More
  • UNIT4 Agresso By UNIT4

    UNIT4 Business Software offers a fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, providing both operational support and strategic management to organizations that face rapid, ongoing change. Agresso enables organizations to replace multiple disparate third-party systems, with an... Read More
  • UNIT4 Coda Financials By UNIT4

    UNIT4 Coda Financials is an award-winning suite of best-of-class financial software designed to integrate with your industry- and company-specific applications. Coda provides real-time financial visibility and control across people, processes and systems. By acting as the financial information... Read More
  • UNIT4 Consolidation By UNIT4

    Consolidating financial information from multiple business entities in a group can be a challenge and UNIT4 Consolidation provides premium group accounting, statutory reporting and cash management for even the largest, most complex and dynamic organizations. Read More
  • UPExchange Unclaimed Property Reporting Software By Eagle Technology Management. Inc.

    UPExchange is a free web application for creating and submitting unclaimed property reports in the NAUPA II Electronic Reporting Standard. It’s endorsed officially and exclusively by NAUPA*. Because it’s a software-as-a-service offering (SaaS), it creates an exchange of functionality that takes... Read More
  • USB Phone2PC Advanced By Konexx

    All Konexx USB Phone 2 PC solutions include the combination of hardware and software for recording telephone calls or face to face interviews, whether used in a home office or corporate office environment; each solution allows user to E-mail recordings directly from the program, insert a "Beep... Read More
  • USB Phone2PC Basic By Konexx

    All Konexx USB Phone 2 PC solutions include the combination of hardware and software for recording telephone calls or face to face interviews, whether used in a home office or corporate office environment; each solution allows user to E-mail recordings directly from the program, insert a "Beep... Read More
  • USB Phone2PC Basic w/Transcription By Konexx

    The ultimate low cost on demand recording and transcription solution. Combine the power of the USB Phone 2 PC Basic with an easy to install, easy to use 3 Key Foot Pedal. The foot pedal allows the control of play, pause, rewind and fastforward functions facilitating transcribing of the recorded... Read More
  • USB Phone2PC Call Center By Konexx

    Low cost call center recording solution! Call Center recording and monitoring systems help you train agents, and improve customer service. Record telephone conversations digitally on a PC and file the recording on your network for later retrieval and playback. Does not require a computer sound... Read More
  • USB Phone2PC Secure By Konexx

    Ideal for Healthcare, Insurance, Private Investigation or Financial institutions. Healthcare providers can save conversations with health care reimbursement providers directly to the PC or Network hard drive. Insurance companies can use it for Claims Investigation, Fraud Investigation or... Read More
  • User Training Services By Insurity, Inc.

    To ensure immediate productivity with a new SIMS environment, Systema Software provides customizable training to suit businesses and their users. Systema works with clients to ensure their employees receive the training best suited to their organization. Training can range from on-site... Read More
  • Utilization Review By DataCare Corp

    During utilization review, you need to make critical decisions on tight timelines. Without excellent support systems, you may wind up approving unnecessary medical treatments, or overlooking the most appropriate course of treatment that could return an employee to work more quickly. DataCare... Read More