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  • Talon Management Studio By EagleEye Analytics

    EagleEye’s Talon™ Management Studio provides a lens through which non-analytical staff can easily grasp, implement and manage even the most technical results produced by Talon. • Provides high level and granular reporting insight into business performance • Management dashboards to review health... Read More
  • TeamConnect E-Billing By Mitratech

    TeamConnect E-Billing provides immediate ROI by eliminating duplicative invoices and preventing the billing for items not in the retainer agreement. The budget collaboration and shadow invoicing features provides in-house counsel with the ability to measure outside counsel performance against... Read More
  • TeamConnect Legal By Mitratech

    TeamConnect Legal acts as a command center for legal operations, giving you the ability to lead team efforts, coordinate tasks and direct how resources are utilized while maintaining deep visibility into legal spend and measuring the value conferred by outside counsel. TeamConnect Legal key... Read More
  • TeamConnect Legal Hold By Mitratech

    TeamConnect Legal Hold gives in-house counsel the ability to create, maintain and enforce legal holds that will withstand judicial scrutiny. Hold administrators now have a central location to manage holds that features automatic custodian updates from HR information systems, the ability to... Read More
  • TeamConnect Matter Management By Mitratech

    TeamConnect Matter Management offers legal professionals a means to streamline the day-to-day operations related to matter management by offering a single view into all pertinent matter details and the ability to securely collaborate on selected parts of a matter with other professionals, all... Read More
  • teamthink® By Athenium

    A tool to optimize audit and review processes to collect data not previously available, to analyze data in a way that reveals root causes of performance gaps, and to provide feedback and reporting to improve results. Read More
  • Technology By LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.

    The JEE Development Environment allows LIDP customers to develop and deploy their own JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) applications. With Titanium, technology is no longer a roadblock to change. The environment provides all necessary data access utilities and a robust life, health and annuity... Read More
  • Technology & IT Effectiveness By Robert E. Nolan Company

    The Robert E. Nolan Company offers technology advisory and consulting services that help companies select, implement and optimize technology the right way. Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself. Read More
  • Technology Consulting By Robert E. Nolan Company

    The Robert E. Nolan Company offers technology advisory and consulting services that help companies select, implement and optimize technology the right way. Our business-driven approach puts the emphasis on measurable business results versus just the technology itself. Read More
  • Technology Escrow Services By Iron Mountain

    A technology escrow agreement works much the same way as an insurance policy. When two parties enter into a licensor/licensee relationship, the source code for the technology in question is deposited into an escrow account that ensures: • Licensors have a trusted partner who will securely hold... Read More
  • Technology Outsourcing Services - ITO By Blue Cod Technologies

    Blue Cod’s Technology Outsourcing Services (ITO) team acts as an extension of your P&C insurance carrier in-house staff. Blue Cod’s experienced insurance industry technology professionals can implement, host and support a wide range of technologies and solutions across all P&C lines of... Read More
  • Technology Platform and Integrations By FirstBest Systems

    The FirstBest Front Office Suite is built on a modern and flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA) that easily integrates with existing environments. Built with Java and J2EE, the suite can be deployed on any platform and supports all major database vendors. Integration methods –Built with... Read More
  • Tele-Qualification By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Despite all the great tools tailored to take prospects toward a sale, we’re still on the horn. We have a full-time staff of trained outbound sales associates to obtain the most complete contact information. They will further qualify the prospects, as well as complete valuable project and timing... Read More
  • Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform By Teradata Corporation

    Companies like LinkedIn, Gilt Groupe, and Barnes & Noble have tapped the data deluge for competitive advantage. And they have done it with Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform. The Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform delivers a massively parallel processing infrastructure with a software solution... Read More
  • Teradata Database By Teradata Corporation

    Get the power you need to make the right decisions - when you need it most. We put over 30 years of real-world experience into developing not only raw power but the most intelligent optimizer and smartest features to process queries and filter data to efficiently respond to any request. Read More
  • Terrace Agent & Broker Software (ABS) By Terrace Software, Inc.

    Terrace Agent & Broker Software is simple, powerful and extensible agency management software designed exclusively for insurance agencies, wholesalers and MGA’s. ABS provides everything an agency needs to manage their business from contact management, to billing, to ACORD forms, to policy... Read More
  • Territory Management By MarketNet Services , LLC

    These days, Territory Management isn’t just about places on a map. Geography matters, but when it comes to contacts, you may also need to consider the product/service designations, vertical market expertise, and dealer sales performance. With Territory Management features, you can boost your... Read More
  • The Administrator By LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.

    The Administrator is a comprehensive, client-oriented, 100% online, real-time new business and contract administration system. The system processes all fixed, variable, traditional and non-traditional life, health and annuity insurance products. Read More
  • The GXS Transact℠ By Open Text

    The GXS Transact℠ Messaging family provides a secure, scalable, highly-reliable network for the exchange of standards-based EDI and XML messages as well as files containing other types of data such as CAD/CAM, Point-Of-Sale or check images. EDI and XML—Consolidate your electronic document... Read More
  • THE HPS NETWORK By Health Payment Systems

    The most effective independent provider network in Eastern Wisconsin. WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY When we partner with a provider, we go beyond negotiating discounts or rates. We also take responsibility for patient billing and collections, allowing providers to focus on patient care. Over the... Read More
  • The Policy Processor- Life Policy Administration System By Ebix, Inc.

    The Policy Processor™ is the industry's most advanced and comprehensive new business processing and underwriting system for life insurance. TPP accommodates all life insurance products, across all distribution channels. The application is integrated with a heterogeneous mix of on-house and third... Read More
  • The QlikView Business Discovery Platform By QlikTech, Inc.

    The QlikView Business Discovery platform bridges the gap between traditional BI solutions and standalone office productivity applications, enabling users to forge new paths and make new discoveries. QlikView works with what you already have and infuses a broad set of new capabilities into BI. It... Read More
  • Third Eye - Enterprise Edition By Third Eye Solutions, Inc.

    Third Eye - Enterprise Edition is a platform customized for enterprises administering or servicing portfolios of multiple finance companies. Ideal for very large companies that have multiple companies or companies offering back office processing, the system is optimized for work place efficiency... Read More
  • Third Eye - Standard Edition By Third Eye Solutions, Inc.

    Third Eye - Standard Edition is a comprehensive system that handles all the requirements of managing a premium finance operation from loan approval to renewal. Designed by a team of industry professionals the Standard Edition assists in the management of loans financed for policies... Read More
  • Third Eye Foundation By Third Eye Solutions, Inc.

    Third Eye Foundation not only automates all aspects of tracking your receivables but also assists in managing the funding process of financing policies underwritten. Built with the intent of supporting the growth of a premium finance operation, Third Eye Foundation has an established... Read More
  • Third Eye Lite By Third Eye Solutions, Inc.

    Third Eye Lite is designed for principals looking for a start-up solution or to manage a small portfolio of premium finance loans. Third Eye Lite assists automates all tasks of generating client letters, notices and advisements in accordance with State disclosure requirements. An affordable... Read More
  • TIA Solution By TIA Technology

    Leading edge standard software solution for the global insurance industry. The TIA Solution enables an insurance company to optimize its current and future business processes as a single end-to-end integrated role-oriented system. Read More
  • Titanium By LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.

    Titanium represents a quantum leap forward in policy administration solutions for the annuity, life, and health insurance industry. It takes advantage of all the latest technological innovations to deliver a truly next generation insurance software solution. Read More
  • Toolkit By activePDF

    Toolkit is a powerful PDF generator and manipulator. Toolkit offers both a flexible .NET-native API and intuitive administrative console making it easy to deploy and manage. Dynamically form-fill PDFs, extract data from user-completed forms, merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF, add bookmarks... Read More
  • Total Insurance System By Comtec

    Comtec's TIS - Total Insurance System - is an extensive integrated general insurance software designed for insurance companies processing all personal and commercial lines of business. TIS Main modules include: · Insurance Products Generator and rating tool · Policy Administration ·... Read More
  • TouchPoint Recorder By MarketNet Services , LLC

    incommand can grab sales leads from every possible place you touch customers. Whether it’s web to lead capture, trade show leads, PPC advertising, direct mail responses, or more, incommand captures every hand-raiser and begins the process of managing them through your sales cycle. During the... Read More
  • Trade Order Management By VestServe

    Key Features: - Issue trade settlement and track status through SWIFT and FIX messaging capabilities - Require Trade approval by restricting unauthorized users to save non-compliant trades to a staging area for management approval - Allocate block trades across various portfolios various means:... Read More
  • transl8 By Hubio

    The transl8 process easily and cost-effectively translates data using a pre-built, proprietary tool-set to streamline and guide this complex process. It is designed specifically for conversions to new policy administration systems, integration of new portfolios and merged portfolios, book... Read More
  • Treaty & Fac. Reinsurace System By RE Systems Group, Inc.

    Designed to be the most comprehensive reinsurance system on the market, the RSG Reinsurance System has become the leading software package for the professional reinsurer. Its features include: Treaty and Facultative Underwriting - Complete underwriting module for both treaty and facultative... Read More
  • Tripwire Compliance and Risk Management Solutions By Tripwire

    Reduce costs and maintain IT compliance with Tripwire compliance automation. An increasing number of sophisticated threats have placed unprecedented pressure on information security managers, forcing them to meet external regulatory compliance requirements or internal security mandates in order... Read More
  • Tropics® Claims Administration System (Claims System) By Tropics Software Technologies, Inc.

    The Tropics claims system is a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional Workers' Compensation claim processing and claim financial system. The system is comprised of fully integrated modules that can be configured to fit the needs and goals of any workers' compensation processing organization. The... Read More
  • TrustedLink® By Open Text

    GXS TrustedLink is an Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled B2B translator that provides you with everything you need for EDI integration. TrustedLink is available in three different versions to support a wide variety of operating systems and computing platforms: TrustedLink Enterprise (TLE) for... Read More
  • TyMetrix 360° Claims Defense By ELM Solutions

    TyMetrix® 360° Claims Defense enables efficient management and delivery of legal services for claims organizations to help improve expense and loss ratios, reduce defense costs, and boost indemnity performance. TyMetrix 360° Claims Defense provides a single solution that brings together all... Read More