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  • Rating Toolkit By Quadrant Information Services

    Quadrant can help you solve your product implementation, growth and change issues by enabling you to quickly define the rates, rules, tables, screens, and documentation for all your property and casualty products now and in the future. Our comparative rates technologies platform is a complete... Read More
  • RE*EDI By RE Systems Group, Inc.

    The system was developed in conjunction with several RSG clients to save time, money, and improve the accuracy of the data reported to the companies. Its features include: * Messages It has the ability to process raw EDI messages in varying formats. All the formats are user defined (or... Read More
  • Readiness-as-a-Service (RaaS) By Readysmith Advisers Limited

    Readiness-as-a Service (RaaS): • Is a cloud based, secure wiki platform just for your company’s business continuity plan information. The service promotes collaboration among multiple planners and recovery personnel. In an emergency your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) information is available... Read More
  • Ready-2-Retire By Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

    Consumer facing client engagement tool developed with LIMRA International. This is a must have application that is iPad ready. It helps the client visualize their retirement goals and learn about the risks that could prevent them from meeting those goals. Read More
  • Real Estate Risk Management Solutions By Blackburn Group Inc.

    All real estate industry participants rely heavily upon financial markets to perform their roles and to serve their constituents. The finance and delivery of risk management solutions to the industry requires consistent, accurate information to be shared confidentially across a large and... Read More
  • Real Rate™ Online Submission and Quoting By Insurance Noodle

    Insurance Noodle's Real Rate™ ASP outsourcing platform provides independent agents with a streamlined online submission and quoting system that helps them find their clients the best products at the best prices available. This technology transforms the way independent agents do business and... Read More
  • Real-Time Scoring Service By EagleEye Analytics

    EagleEye’s Real-Time Scoring Service (RTSS) puts today’s most advanced predictive analytics at your fingertips. Extraordinarily powerful yet elegantly simple, RTSS gives you a precise understanding of the data underlying your firm’s profitability on a daily basis. Using your own client and... Read More
  • Record Appending By MarketNet Services , LLC

    We offer inline contact data appending services if you want to help leads complete your contact form correctly. These appends can be visible to the lead while they are on your site, or we can append data after they submit the form. Fields that are typically appended include: Annual... Read More
  • Records Management and Storage By Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain protects and stores more records for more customers than any other company in the world. Our comprehensive records management and storage solutions anticipate and address the needs of more than 120,000 customers of all sizes worldwide. Our Services empower them to manage rising... Read More
  • Records Management Compliance By Iron Mountain

    It’s never been more important to keep your organizational house in order. From the continued growth and evolution of local, state, federal and industry regulations to the increasing risks and penalties for non-compliance, including fines, customer and shareholder lawsuits—as well as the... Read More
  • RecoverNow By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Faster, more reliable and more complete recovery than from backup tapes alone. - Quickly and easily recover just one or many files, objects or libraries. - Powerful Continuous Data Protection (CDP) “rewind” capabilities to recover damaged or deleted data at any point in time. Use... Read More
  • Recovery Post Charge-Off Management By Shaw Systems Associates, LLC

    Our recovery post charge-off management software system is a fully integrated recovery accounting application. It is designed for banks, finance companies, auto dealers, credit unions, and other financial institutions. This full-featured collections and recovery post charge-off management... Read More
  • regul8 By Hubio

    regul8 simplifies and streamlines regulatory statistical reporting. Used by numerous carriers, ranging in size from large multi-nationals to regional leaders , regul8 gives carriers complete control over the statistical reporting process, enhancing reporting accuracy, saving management time,... Read More
  • Regulatory Statistical Reporting By Hubio

    Statistical reporting requirements for P&C carriers are extensive, demanding and inclusive. Each jurisdiction imposes different standards, rules, processes and policies. For many carriers this activity can become a burden, and the cost of deficiency penalties can add up. iter8 solutions are... Read More
  • Reinsurance By ISCS

    Reinsurance touches many departments from Underwriting and Claims to Billing and Accounting. A pre-integrated system such as SurePower Innovation can shine addressing this challenge. Turbulent times and looming regulation are making reinsurance rise in importance for primary insurers.... Read More
  • Reinsurance By MphasiS Corporation

    Mphasis recognizes the challenges that Reinsurance carriers face. The promise of new technologies like Big Data and Analytics will give reinsurers the ability to better understand the risk they are reinsuring and/or the risk associated with the policies their customer is writing. Having a... Read More
  • Reinsurance By Tritech Financial Systems, Inc.

    This is automatically applied to all policy and claim transactions as required, based on lines of business and insurable amounts: Reinsurance Treaties, on various layers. Facultative In/Out Quota share and Surplus. Excess of loss. Catastrophe. Commissions and Taxes. Run off and cut off... Read More
  • Remittance Processing By Berkheimer Outsourcing Inc

    With our Remittance Processing Service, also known as Lock Box, Berkheimer receives, processes, and deposits payments and checks for our clients. We have made the capital investment in the Remittance Processing System (RPS) so that clients can use their own human and financial resources in more... Read More
  • RenovoFYI - Financial Reporting By Flexi Software

    RenovoFYI is a 100% web solution offering comprehensive financial reporting and analysis that streamlines the design, integration and distribution of financial information. Managers and decision makers will spend less time preparing and verifying financial figures, and more time analyzing and... Read More
  • Reorganize While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Reduce Disk Usage and Improve Performance, without Downtime Overview - Save money by dramatically reducing storage requirements and improving application performance - Efficiently detect and quickly act on any reorganization issues - Efficiently reorganize files containing almost any kind of... Read More
  • Replicate1 By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Improve productivity and profitability by eliminating data barriers between applications. - Transparently transform data to meet the unique needs of each business application. - Make better-informed business decisions using integrated data from divergent sources. Vision Replicate1™... Read More
  • Report Attender By Sherpa Software

    Report Attender is a data analysis tool designed to help organizations answer critical questions about the content, age, size, and importance of electronically stored information. This stand-alone application gathers and distills important details to identify the items that are stored in your... Read More
  • Reporting By MarketNet Services , LLC

    When it comes to sales, you need to see the big picture. That’s why incommand contains a variety of reports that you can use to measure your team’s progress by lead, survey, and campaign. Select from a range of graphic-rich reports, pick parameters, such as date or territory, and generate... Read More
  • Reporting & Technology By ClaimForce, Inc.

    At ClaimForce, we’ve created an enduring online platform that continues to exceed user needs and expectations. The ClaimForce platform takes attention off daily work, placing it toward more valuable activity. Turn-Key Technology Built on a turn-key, adaptable web architecture, the ClaimForce... Read More
  • Reports and Extracts By BriteCore

    Business Intelligence is a key asset to insurance providers because it can be used as leverage during business development, decision making, and implementation processes. BriteCore’s Data modules provide a comprehensive data suite that can be used to drive business value and support better... Read More
  • Research, Consulting & Related Offerings By Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan offers growth solutions that pack a powerful one-two punch: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our best practices ensure your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient. Many clients start with our Growth... Read More
  • Resonant - Automate Your Entire New Business & Underwriting Process By iPipeline

    Resonant automates your entire new business and underwriting process from application receipt through the issue of the policy. Enhance your productivity, enable your sales force, be compliant, agile, and reduce your cycle time by 40%. Read More
  • RETAIL DEPOSIT BAGS By SureTraxx Cash Management Systems, Inc.

    SECUR-PAK™, FRAUDSTOPPER™ and FRAUDSTOPPER ICE™ retail deposit bags are the smart choice for the safe transfer of currency, checks and other valuables. These 2-pocket tamper-evident bags are unique innovations featuring self-contained, individually sealed pouches divided by a perforation. For... Read More
  • Retarus Cloud Based Global Messaging Services By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    IDT is pleased to bring to our customers Retarus - a leading provider of Email, fax, SMS, and EDI which are the key channels for business communication and business process automation solutions. Organizations worldwide rely on Retarus’ Global Delivery Network. Retarus customers include on... Read More
  • Risk Engineering & Risk Loss Control Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers risk analytics and loss control support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk and claim businesses. Our RiskPro products and services include: Comprehensive education, training, and... Read More
  • Risk Management By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers comprehensive risk management services and solutions that allow organizations to identify, prioritize, and effectively manage all of their risks. An Enterprise Risk Management approach is intended to integrate risk solutions into all aspects of the business and... Read More
  • Risk Management By Conning

    Conning's risk management products have been in use by the insurance industry for well over a decade. At the core is our GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator, which provides real world and risk neutral scenario capabilities, allowing you to project realistic future states of global economies and... Read More
  • Risk Management Information System By CS STARS

    Corporations and public entities of all sizes, from all industries, use STARS™ Enterprise Risk Management Information System (RMIS) to assess risk and improve the effectiveness of their risk management programs. Our solutions help risk managers identify safety issues and cost drivers, set... Read More
  • Risk Register By Ventiv Technology

    Managing a company’s enterprise risk is a rapidly expanding area of risk management, receiving increased boardroom attention from corporate governance, regulatory and audit perspectives. The ability to gain an immediate picture of an organization’s enterprise risk is key, with many companies... Read More
  • RiskConsole By Ventiv Technology

    Do you have easy access to your risk information, when you need it? Can you be sure that you have appropriate coverage for your exposures on a global basis? Are you able to make informed decisions on how best to finance your risk? Are you able to accurately measure the success of loss... Read More
  • RiskEnvision- Enterprise RMIS By Ebix, Inc.

    RiskEnvision is an enterprise level risk management information system (RMIS) serving the needs of the industry including risk managers, claims administrators, insurance carrier providers and EH&S professionals. It is a total web –based risk management and claims administration solution in the... Read More
  • RISKMASTER® By DXC Technology

    CSC’s RISKMASTER®, an industry-leading claims, risk, RMIS and legal management software system, is in use by thousands of users, including self-insured companies, risk retention groups/insurance pools, TPAs, healthcare systems, public entities and insurance carriers. RISKMASTER is an end-to-end... Read More
  • RiskMeter Online By RiskMeter Online

    For property underwriters and agents who are looking to increase accuracy, productivity and overall speed of operations, the RiskMeter Online is an Internet application used to automate property risk reports. The RiskMeter Online provides over 30 real-time reports, including Distance to Coast,... Read More
  • Annuity Administration System By OAS Software Corporation

    Over the past two decades, our goal has been straight forward; develop the most comprehensive annuity administration systems in the most efficient way. More than ever we must develop applications quickly and efficiently. Time to market with both new applications and maintenance of existing... Read More
  • RS X Rating By Decision Research Corp

    The RS X rating engine offers the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective path to transform insurance products from concept to production. RS X Rating has been built from the ground up with a radically smaller and more efficient technical footprint. It offers performance up to 100x faster... Read More
  • RSG Visual RE By RE Systems Group, Inc.

    Visual Re is a new, powerful, n-tier, treaty and facultative reinsurance system. Its features include: Treaty and Facultative Underwriting- Complete GUI underwriting module The system includes submission processing, automated renewals, and multi-section contracts to accommodate layers,... Read More
  • Rule18 Email Encryption By SECNAP Network Security Corporation

    Rule18TM is a ground-breaking email encryption solution that ensures truly end-to-end encryption of e-communications—whether transmitted via smartphone or PDA, mail-enabled mobile, laptop or PC. Seamless, easy and fast, Rule18 is THE cross-over solution—protecting the privacy of both personal... Read More