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By Parascript, LLC

Parascript Fraud Prevention Parascript machine learning software helps commercial and retail banking organizations automate complex, costly and error-prone processes intended to combat fraud and support compliance such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML initiatives. As banks of all sizes expand their channels of... Read more »

By CHSI Technologies

Policy Administrators work with partners and vendors that need quick access to client contact information. PartnerConnect is a partner secure, web-based portal that provides quick access to current contact information. Use PartnerConnect to verify coverage, find phone numbers and addresses of... Read more »

By ELM Solutions

Passport® Claims Defense enables smart and efficient procurement, management, and delivery of legal services for claims organizations to help insurers improve expense and loss ratios. Read more »


SurePower Innovation's Payables Module completely automates payment processing and bank account management, from check issuance to electronic payments, for all departments. The module provides all interfaces and connections required for clearing and non-cashed check processing. The... Read more »

By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

Finance professionals need business performance management software that allows them to measure individual business units, product lines, cost centers, employees and distribution channels. This can be challenging when business performance data for the general ledger, operations, customer... Read more »

By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

Understand trends. Deliver results. Stay agile and responsive to seemingly constant market, client and regulatory changes with help from Eagle’s innovative performance measurement solutions. With integrated workflows from data consolidation, return calculation, to analysis and reporting, the... Read more »

By VestServe

Key Features: - Many price sensitivity, yield, and return measures - Asset allocations and contribution returns broken out by country, currency, sector, sub-sector, asset type, portfolios or any desired group - Maintain GIPS compliance with return analytics including IRR, time weighted rate of... Read more »

By DXC Technology

A true enterprise incentive compensation management system, PerformancePlus® allows insurers to deliver world-class service to producers. It gives companies the tools they need to offer up-to-the-minute information for planning and channel and producer management. PerformancePlus manages broker... Read more »

By PerformLine

PerformLine empowers leaders with a first-line of defense solution to mitigate compliance risk across consumer touchpoints including web, voice, chat, email and social. By combining scalable technology with a proprietary rule engine, PerformLine automates the path to discover, monitor and... Read more »

By Premirus Corporation

Pericura is a risk management system that fully integrates underwriting and claims management into a single application infrastructure. It is a complete application suite for risk management, including underwriting, policy management, billing, claims management, services repricing, and reporting... Read more »

By Premirus Corporation

Pericura is a risk management system that fully integrates underwriting and claims management into a single application infrastructure. It is a complete application suite for risk management, including underwriting, policy management, billing, claims management, services repricing, and reporting... Read more »

By Connecture

• Medicare DrugCompare • Commercial DrugCompare • Therapeutic Alternatives • Pharmacy Lookup • Formulary Lookup Read more »

By Vertafore

PL Rating (formerly SilverPlume PL Rating) from Vertafore enables real-time quotes from carriers in minutes with one place/one time data entry. Modules available with PL Rating comparative rater include: Solutions at Quote — delivered by LexisNexis®, which provides real-time, integrated driver... Read more »


Using product components from the Product Machine, the Plan Configurator lets you automate appropriate restrictions, actuarial calculations, compliance specifications, and business rules. You minimize labor-intensive processes; eliminate redundancy; improve efficiency; reduce operational... Read more »

By DXC Technology

POINT IN is designed to automate underwriting processes, improve underwriting results and reduce operational costs associated with underwriting. POINT IN Underwriting quickly determines whether to accept, refer or decline a risk, allowing insurers to streamline the application process, improve... Read more »

By FirstBest Systems

The FirstBest Front Office Suite is designed to integrate and work in concert with your policy admin system (PAS). Whether you’re planning to purchase, have already deployed a new PAS, or are working to extend the life of a legacy PAS, FirstBest solutions are the perfect complement to your PAS. Read more »

By Insuresoft

Increase profitability. Improve your operational efficiencies and streamline processes with Diamond's policy administration system to add to your bottom-line. Expedite sales and service. By increasing your level of automation, and having the ability to control your work-flow, your agents, and... Read more »

By Oceanwide, Inc.

The Policy Administration software module from Oceanwide features customizable screens and workflows, along with a range of functionality for managing policies throughout their entire lifecycle. This system allows the recording of all types of data and coverage-specific risk information for all... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC’s policy administration allows carriers to choose a platform or database that supports their IT environment. With total integrated environment and componentized approach options, CSC’s policy administration offerings provide comprehensive processing support for P&C and Life carriers,... Read more »

By Tritech Financial Systems, Inc.

GIMS Policy Administration has set new highs in the underwriting, rating, and policy issue process. Now you can enter, edit, and review complete information at a single workstation or push this function to the point of service through Windows- or browser- based applications—a one-step process... Read more »

By Comtec

TIS’ Policy Administration software is designed to aggressively and successfully capitalize on opportunities, while being seamlessly supported by technology. TIS’ Policy Administration system is based on a comprehensive table-driven architecture and provides powerful insurance product... Read more »

By Ravello Solutions

Ravello's web-based Policy Administration software supports the entire policy lifecycle, is offered as a stand alone application and integrates into Ravello's Billing and Claims Management systems for a complete solution suite. Highlights of Ravello Policy include: - Business Origination... Read more »


EXL's policy administration platform, LifePRO®, supports life, health and annuity products. It is designed to streamline policy administration with features such as: multi-company support, billing and collections; claims processing; tax reporting; a central product rules engine; real-time... Read more »

By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

StoneRiver Workers' Compensation solutions enable users to efficiently manage their workers’ compensation business. These solutions feature full life-cycle policy administration, underwriting, and claims management in a modular software platform. PowerSuite Policy works with predictive analytics... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC’s Policy Administration gives carriers the option of platforms and databases that support their IT environments. With total integrated environment and componentized approach options available, CSC’s Policy Administration offerings provide comprehensive processing support for commercial... Read more »

By STEP Solutions

STEP Solutions Policy Administration System automates all policy related transactions beginning with the initial collection of information and continuing through the life of the insurance contract. STEP Solutions is a straight-thru Enterprise Processing Engine that enables fast, efficient and... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC offers administration solutions to P&C carriers with fully integrated workers’ compensation processing capabilities that support all states, both monopolistic and non-monopolistic. The fully integrated solution set includes completely automated document management functionality that enhances... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

Policy Decisions by Insurity is a policy administration and processing solution that supports the full policy lifecycle for all major commercial, personal, and many specialty and proprietary lines. It features Quick Quote options that can provide agents with instant quoting capability, and... Read more »

By Insurity, Inc.

Policy Decisions by Insurity is a policy administration and processing solution that supports the full policy lifecycle for all major commercial, personal, and many specialty and proprietary lines. It features Quick Quote options that can provide agents with instant quoting capability, and... Read more »

By Focus Technologies

PolicyPort for Claims Administration from Focus Technologies provides robust functionality to automate the full lifecycle of claims management across multiple P&C insurance lines of business. The system was designed with the goal of providing a very intuitive and modern user interface for the... Read more »

By Seibels

With company-specific business rules, agents can seamlessly rate, quote, bind, and issue policies in a matter of minutes. -Underwriting. -New Business Issuance -Policy Processing -Customer Service -Consulting Read more »

By Optical Image Technology

In the competitive realm of insurance processing, you need to have well-organized policy servicing procedures in place. Streamlining procedures surrounding policy issue, agency support, billing, claims processing, underwriting support, and other operations ultimately leads to better customer... Read more »

By Guidewire Software, Inc.

Guidewire’s PolicyCenter® is a policy administration system designed as a complete system of record for personal, commercial, and workers’ compensation insurance, supporting the entire policy lifecycle, including: quoting, issuances, cancellations and renewals, endorsements, product definitions,... Read more »

By EIS Group

EIS PolicyCore is a feature-rich and highly configurable policy administration and underwriting system that combines power and flexibility to manage the full insurance lifecycle across multiple lines from a single platform. From new business through policy renewal, it streamlines customer... Read more »

By EIS Group

The core quote-related processes and features of EIS PolicyCore include: quote generation; automatic quote and policy versioning; support for all sales, underwriting and policy administration processes including quotes and quote-to-policy conversions; straight-through processing from application... Read more »

By EIS Group

EIS PolicyCore for Underwriting enables insurers to rapidly develop and manage products in response to market opportunities and business conditions. It also streamlines customer interactions and internal operations to grow new business, reduce process cycle-times and costs, improve... Read more »

By JW Software, Inc.

PolicyHandler is a web-based, Workers’ Compensation Policy Management System designed to support all phases of the policy lifecycle: application processing, issuance, commissions, billing, audits, cancellations and reinstatements. Our system provides a customizable rating engine supporting... Read more »

By iPipeline

PolicyHS (Policy Holder Services) allows service forms to be completed in an electronic experience. Via online wizards, consumers, agents, advisors and/or call center representatives enter the needed data and electronically sign and submit making the experience easier, accurate and less costly.... Read more »

By Vertafore

PolicyIssuance from Vertafore is a single-source, web-based policy issuance and policy administration system designed to shorten policy issuance cycle time, limit errors, and eliminate redundant keystrokes with pre-filled form sets and integration with all MGA management systems. The system is... Read more »

By Focus Technologies

Focus Technologies’ PolicyPort policy administration suite is designed to automate many of the workflows traditionally performed by agents including the quote, application, and endorsement processes. Its policy administration features handle everything from endorsement processing (including... Read more »

By Focus Technologies

PolicyPort from Focus Technologies is designed to speed up the quick-quote and application process and enables users to replace manual quote, application and endorsement processes with automated workflows performed by agents. This functionality allows organizations to increase operational... Read more »

By Focus Technologies

Underwriting systems can make or break your ratios this year. PolicyPort from Focus Technologies provides: consistent deployment of underwriting rules; streamlined workflow to save time for your underwriting staff and producer partners; and, effective third-party data integration to provide more... Read more »

By activePDF

activePDF Portal enables users to interactively view and modify PDF documents from any source in a standard web browser. Portal is equipped with tools for adding annotations, text, shapes, bookmarks, form-fields, hyperlinks and callouts, as well as standard page manipulation. Portal hosts PDFs... Read more »

By Delphi Technology, Inc.

Policy Holder Services is a cost-effective way to improve the services you provide your customers. It empowers your insureds and agents to update contract information, request service, and view or make payments. In addition, the Certificate of Insurance (COI) generation functionality shifts the... Read more »

By Eagle Technology Management. Inc.

Big power for investment accounting is not limited to big companies. And it doesn't require big budgets. Wings Plus Portfolio Accounting & Reporting (PAR) is very affordable. And because it's a software-as-a-service (Saas) offering, you have no hardware or software to buy or install. PAR enables... Read more »

By Valen Analytics

The InsureRight Platform offers proprietary insight into portfolio metrics and risk characteristics to identify pockets of pricing inadequacy and profitability. A dynamic portfolio management tool provides access to our contributory database containing policy level analysis not available... Read more »

By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

From transaction entry to accounting, portfolio management reporting and performance measurement, your innovative Eagle solution offers end-to-end processing on a single platform. Powerful performance and attribution tools can give you a clearer view of how your portfolios are doing and why.... Read more »

By Valen Analytics

InsureRight's portfolio management reporting functionality delivers a first-to-market suite of reports to identify trends, opportunities and threats in the marketplace in near-real time, enabling underwriters, managers and executives to capitalize on market position strengths and opportunities... Read more »

By VestServe

Key Features: - Drag and drop design tool to add fields (including user defined fields), groups and formulas - Powerful formula engine turns reports into analytical tools - Directly output any report to Excel, PDF, Word, Email or Fax - Web reporting for customer access via a secure client portal Read more »

By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

PowerSuite workers' compensation solutions enable insurers to efficiently manage their workers’ compensation business. PowerSuite features full life-cycle policy administration, underwriting, and claims management in a modular software platform. PowerSuite Policy works with predictive analytics... Read more »

By SS&C Technologies, Inc.

Precision LM is a single database application that provides comprehensive commercial loan management from initial request to final disposition. Precision LM improves your results by managing all aspects of your loan process – pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment... Read more »

By INFORM Applications Inc.

Sometimes even your best hunches are not right. Why increase the risk of missing a potentially expensive claim? Why not add a scientific approach using data modeling? Claim Predator® takes the guess work out of detecting what claims may become expensive. INFORM uses AnalyticsPlus to do... Read more »

By iPipeline

The Predictive Underwriting Scorer is a unique tool that, utilizing an algorithm model, takes data collected in iGO e-App, enriched with public marketing data, to predict the likelihood that a new applicant will be accepted for insurance. The result provides predictive and/or accelerated... Read more »

By 3i Infotech

The PREMIA insurance management solutions suite is designed to proficiently perform all the functions of an insurance company such as underwriting / policy administration, claims management, reinsurance and accounting. The offerings in our insurance software solutions suite are used by some of... Read more »

By Prevail Consulting , Inc.

The Prevail Reinsurance System Advantage Asset Protection Operating Cost Reduction Audit of All Financial Transactions How will these advantages and benefits be recognized: Increased Recoverables Control and Collection - automated and accurate calculation of ceded losses Enhanced... Read more »

By Erie Custom Computer Applications

Primarius is a complete Food Bank Management system with all the capabilities and tools you need to effectively do your job. One of Primarius’s most exceptional features is the array of timely, powerful reports available to you. Developed with Crystal Reports - the world standard for high... Read more »


Managing customer communications via the USPS effectively can be a challenge. The continued rise in postage cost, mapping data from core and legacy systems and making the communication easy to understand and relevant all contribute to a complex and often costly environment. Presenting bills,... Read more »


Paper is still a factor and managing hundreds or thousands of printed items can be overwhelming. With a myriad of print technologies from web to sheet fed, offset to digital, understanding the right press for the job is critical. Over 38 years of experience gives us the insight to reduce your... Read more »

By Connecture

• Single-payer Private Exchanges • Multi-payer Private Exchanges Read more »

By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

PRO Financial applications are efficient because they are tailored to handle the unique cash, statutory, and GAAP reporting requirements of the insurance industry. Even more important, the people who install and support them are insurance experts who understand the specific language and... Read more »

By Outline Systems, Inc.

Your Agency Sales Force is vital to your success. ProducerOne is Distribution Channel Management – Producer Compliance, Relationships Management & Compensation Management for you & your Sales Team. There are a myriad of activities related to successfully managing your channel & a million ways... Read more »

By DXC Technology

Product Accelerator® enables businesses to develop innovative products using a true end-to-end business process approach. Product Accelerator works independently of administration systems. It acts as a product repository, calculation and rules engine, and product configuration tool specifically... Read more »

By DXC Technology

The Product Accelerator for actuaries from CSC enables actuaries to configure unique, market-specific products rapidly. Its ACORD open standards and service-oriented architecture allow the exchange of information with other systems across the enterprise or among partners in a value chain. Key... Read more »

By Pegasystems

The Pegasystems Product Configuration Solution Framework™ provides best practices for creating and maintaining product-configuration information that is critical to the carrier's success. Organizations can enjoy unprecedented agility in their ability to quickly bring new products to market:... Read more »


By centralizing everything – and by interacting with all systems necessary to the processes of modeling, developing, deploying, and distributing products – the Product Machine transforms your enterprise into a unified product platform. From benefits and coverage limits through marketing and... Read more »

By CRC Wholesale Group

Crump is a leading provider of financial services and executive and professional liability solutions. The financial services teams cultivate a clear understanding of the myriad challenges and risks that confront professionals today. We thoroughly examine areas of potential risk and address them... Read more »

By AURA -- RGA Technology Partners, Inc.

The role of the Project Management team within RGA is to provide professional knowledge, skills, tools and techniques which lead to successful implementation of automated underwriting solutions to insurance companies around the world. Their goal is to give clients the peace of mind to focus... Read more »

By Seibels

A solid foundation and structure to support all carrier operations and system implementations. Gain access to best-practices and achieve individualized oversight of your account. -Project Management Office (PMO) -Quality Assurance -Account Management Read more »

By CRC Wholesale Group

Crump Property specialists provide clients access to solutions for complicated and hard to place accounts under ever-changing market conditions. We are committed to transacting business with financially strong carriers who target specific classes of business. Our expertise extends to All Risk,... Read more »

By MphasiS Corporation

Mphasis provides solutions and services that help insurers address some of the most difficult business challenges. From distribution to underwriting, billing to claims, policy administration to asset management, Mphasis is focused on helping insurers meet the needs of their policy holders and... Read more »

By NexJ Systems Inc.

With NexJ’s Property and Casualty Insurance CRM solution, Life Insurance companies are enabling their agents with a system that can combine detailed client, household and external agent modeling while automating sales, service, claims and call center processes so they can save time and make more... Read more »

By Tata Consultancy Services

The Property & Casualty solution from TCS BaNCS is a complete insurance solution suite, supporting a range of insurance products, including customer management, product definition, policy administration, claims management, insurance accounting and reinsurance, among others. The... Read more »

By Stuart Lippman and Associates, Inc.

Stuart-Lippman and Associates' Insurance division is composed of the industry's most experienced and effective recovery agents. Since 1982 we have honed our techniques and skill sets to meet the unique challenges posed by insurance collections and claim recoveries. Property and Casualty... Read more »

By Silvervine Software

Silvervine’s solution is a complete, modular, core administration solution which automates critical insurance processes, including core administration (policy, billing and claims), as well as rating, quoting and issuance. Implemented as a suite or as standalone modules, Silvervine’s solution is... Read more »

By ClaimForce, Inc.

Our nationwide ClaimForce Independent Adjuster Network provides expert loss adjusting services for a wide range of traditional risk management and claims adjusting services, including personal home, commercial property & liability, and catastrophe response. Through our expansive national... Read more »

By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

StoneRiver, a Sapiens company, provides property & casualty insurers with powerful core software systems for policy, claims, billing, reinsurance and workers’ compensation that are designed to help achieve business objectives. Property & Casualty (P&C) administration solutions from StoneRiver... Read more »

By Risk Metrics Corporation

ProspectBase™ is a web-based knowledge and management development system for marketing, underwriting, agency management and field associates within the commercial property & casualty insurance industry. The system provides the business intelligence needed to target high probability prospects.... Read more »

By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

PTE Financial applications are insurance-specific applications designed to handle the reporting requirements of insurance financial accounting. They are particularly attractive to start-up and small to mid-size insurers because they can be installed quickly and are easy to maintain. PTE... Read more »