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  • IBRIA Investment Data Platform By Pendo Systems, Inc.

    Ibria Accounting and Analytics for the Next Generation of Investor. Ibria is designed to be the foundation for an investors toolset. We started from the ground up with an open API, with powerful extensions to support modern reporting solutions like Tableau and Spotfire. We took our... Read More
  • ICRFS™ By Insureware Pty Ltd

    It's time for a scientific approach Insureware's flagship statistical software is for those actuarial departments that need to: -know where the company's long-tail liabilities are heading; -deliver accurate and timely metrics for senior management; and -qualify and mitigate model risk. Data,... Read More
  • ID3 for Life & Health By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

    The ID3 policy administration system for life, health, and annuity from StoneRiver is fully integrated with the company’s proprietary point-of-sale and automated underwriting solutions and handles everything from submission to issue and from billing to claims. Functions include support for... Read More
  • iDashboards Enterprise Suite By iDashboards

    iDashboards Enterprise Suite is business intelligence dashboards done the right way. With implementations in days rather than months and an intuitive interface that lets users build their own custom dashboards. This is a solution for those who will not settle for anything less than innovative... Read More
  • iFlexPro By Consis International, LLC

    i-FlexPro is an integrated solution which allows the business end user to define and maintain insurance products with the power and speed to be able to quote it immediately. The Line of Business specialists or actuaries use a graphic and intuitive interface to define the products, plans,... Read More
  • iForms Suite By QualCorp, Inc.

    iForms is a "forms driven" database. When client policy forms are introduced to iForms, a unique database is dynamically created along with a client specific user interface. All variable fields on the policy documents become fields in the database. Through this process each customer gets a... Read More
  • iFOUNDRY By ValueMomentum Inc.

    iFoundryTMRating Engine is a modern rating engine that helps you with ease of modeling and managing your proprietary rate plans and ISO© rates Read More
  • iGO - An Intelligent Fillable Form and Data Gathering Solution By iPipeline

    iGO®, an intelligent fillable form and data gathering solution, is designed to streamline and accelerate the selling of life insurance and health care products. iGO enables career and independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% in Good... Read More
  • Illustrations - Fully Integrated Solution for Generating Insurance Illustrations By iPipeline

    iPipeline Illustrations is a SaaS-based solution that provides a fully integrated experience for generating insurance illustrations. Read More
  • Impact's Retirement Road Map By Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

    Unique powerful retirement distribution planning software for advisors and their clients. Read More
  • Implementation Support By Salient Commercial Solutions

    Consulting and project management services for implementation support from Salient include: agile methodologies; traditional methodologies; methodology selection and training; program management office (PMO) development; and, more. Read More
  • IN SURANCE By IN SURANCE - Powered by tigerlab

    Meet IN SURANCE - cloud based application for forward-looking Insurance Companies, Underwriter Agencies, Brokers, Banks and other Intermediaries. It follows current market trends, is completely paperless, has strong Client DB features and provides real-time Reports and Analytics of your Sales.... Read More
  • In-building Wireless By Westell Technologies

    In-building wireless solutions including distributed antenna system (DAS) and small cell deployments have increased dramatically in the last decade and will continue to grow as more people use mobile devices and data-intensive services in venues such as stadiums, universities, airports, and... Read More
  • IncomeMax By DevSource Ltd.

    IncomeMax enables agents and advisors to quickly evaluate their clients financial situation, areas of need, and position product solutions. •Create cases in 20 minutes or less •Build greater client confidence in proposed solutions •Increase sales close rates •Increase premium and contract... Read More
  • Industry & Specialty Rating Interface By Insurity, Inc.

    Industry & Specialty Rating Interface solutions integrate with stand-alone, online, spreadsheet or custom rating engines with ConceptOne™. Visualize operating in an environment that eliminates duplicate entry and minimizes E&O occurences. Whether you incorporate industry rating engines such as... Read More
  • Infogix ACR By Infogix

    Automated Information Controls Software Solution for the Mainframe and Host-Based Environments The Infogix ACR product family is Infogix's Automated Information Controls platform of choice for mainframe and host-based computing environments. Within this product family, we offer balancing,... Read More
  • Infogix Assure By Infogix

    The Infogix Assure® solution is a next generation control product offering a robust set of automated information controls to help you detect and eliminate information errors. This product: Verifies, balances, reconciles and tracks your critical business information Control information... Read More
  • Infogix ER By Infogix

    When millions of transactions flow throughout your organization, you need a powerful, automated solution, one that is flexible and adaptable to your business needs so you can reconcile information on a daily or weekly basis, streamline close at month-end, and sustain ongoing regulatory reporting... Read More
  • Infogix Insight By Infogix

    As an information-intensive business you have a growing portfolio of automated controls to assure accurate, consistent, and reliable business processes and information. More controls are added and changed to remain synchronized with changing business needs and newly promulgated regulation.... Read More
  • INFORM Claims By INFORM Applications Inc.

    Provides web based data entry system for claims which can be reported to a TPA or insurance carrier. Complete demographic, financial and notes capabilities are integrated into this package. Location incident reporting is also available where large numbers of locations need to report incidents.... Read More
  • INFORM RMIS By INFORM Applications Inc.

    INFORM RMIS is a professionally developed and supported risk management information system. It is primarily run as a hosted solution, although we do support in house systems. It provides a wealth of different reports and functionality through a truly web based solution. All you need is a... Read More
  • Information Governance Assessment By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Whether you are a small to medium (SMB) or a Fortune 500 business, it will not only earn compassion in the courtroom but save costly legal fees, penalties, and improve brand allegiance by defining system vulnerabilities from the inside out. When a company is summoned and must appear before the... Read More
  • Information Protection Services By Insurance Data Processing (IDP)

    Our cybersecurity & IT experts are here to help P&C carriers of all sizes effectively manage risk, compliance requirements, security concerns, and more. We provide: Information Security & Cyber Protection -IT Security & System Access Reviews -Vulnerability Assessments & Network Penetration... Read More
  • Infrared360® By Avada Software

    Infrared360® is a Cloud-Native, Single-Interface Solution for Secure Administration, Monitoring, Synthetic Transactions, User Auditing, and Real-Time Analytics of All Your Enterprise Middleware Environments. Don’t let cloud platforms, containers, and other modern distributed architecture... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Application Server Monitoring By Avada Software

    Infrared360® is a lightweight but powerful Application Server Monitor and Management Solution – One interface for your entire Enterprise Middleware Environment: Role based Administration, Monitoring, Dashboards, User Auditing, Synthetic Messaging, and more. Stay ahead of server performance... Read More
  • Infrared360® for IBM IIB & ACE By Avada Software

    Agentless IIB/ACE (Broker) Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful IIB monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your integrated IIB/ACE & MQ environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and... Read More
  • Infrared360® for IBM MQ By Avada Software

    Agentless MQ Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful MQ monitor giving you ALL of the features for monitoring your MQ environment-including the MQ Appliance. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: Provides Proactive MQ... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Kafka By Avada Software

    Agentless Kafka Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful Kafka monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your integrated Kafka environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: 1. Provides... Read More
  • Infrared360® for TIBCO By Avada Software

    Agentless TIBCO EMS Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful TIBCO EMS monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your TIBCO EMS environment. The Infrared360® Advantages and Features: 1. Provides... Read More
  • Infrared360® for Web Services By Avada Software

    Agentless Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers! Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful monitor that can leverage “The Internet of Relevant Things”™ Monitoring of IR360 to make it simple to focus on and monitor the things that matter in your enterprise transaction... Read More
  • Infrastructure and Datacenter Services By MFXchange US, Inc.

    A partner for your infrastructure needs — at our datacenter or yours. Technology has become the nerve center of many businesses across the economy. Yet advances in IT infrastructure continue to outpace the ability of most companies to assimilate and deploy. IT technology is simply evolving too... Read More
  • Infrastructure/Architecture Services By DXC Technology

    CSC's infrastructure/architecture services include: data center services, platform & storage services, service management and workplace services. Read More
  • INfuse - IoT Smart Connected Scanning By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Announcing IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE. In just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your business processes through the convenience of a button-driven... Read More
  • Innovation Auto By 1insurer

    In an intensely competitive P&C insurance market, insurers are focused on operational effectiveness and innovation to drive profitable growth. At Innovation Group, we realize that to achieve this, insurers are looking for a partner who can provide a range of solutions that together provide a... Read More
  • Innovation First Notice By 1insurer

    Innovation Group is the leading provider of insurance specific business process services in the U.S. with over 170 clients across all P&C lines of business including personal auto, property/homeowners, workers’ compensation, and admitted commercial lines and all tiers. Our BPO operation uses an... Read More
  • Innovation Insurance Services By 1insurer

    At Innovation Group we have proactively responded by building out the processing capabilities in our software, Insurer Claims, and building out our expert BPO services to address the need for a complete claims management solution. P&C insurers know that Auto Physical Damage (APD) claim units... Read More
  • Innovation Insurer By 1insurer

    Innovation Insurer™ combines sophisticated business process management capabilities and a market-leading Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to help organisations overcome the limitations of rigid legacy systems and drive more flexible business behaviour. Innovation Insurer is a full-service... Read More
  • Innovation Property By 1insurer

    There are many outsourcing vendors in the P&C market, but very few partners. We pride ourselves as a partner with our customers, one who collaborates and shares in the rights and responsibilities as an extension of our customers. A partnership approach enables our customers to evolve, expand and... Read More
  • InQuira for Contact Centers By InQuira, Inc.

    What if you could shorten resolution time and escalations by 50%? What if you could cut agent research time in half? What if you could lower agent training costs by 20%? With InQuira for Contact Centers, these kinds of results are not unusual. InQuira turns even novice agents into... Read More
  • InQuira for Web Self-Service By InQuira, Inc.

    What if you could increase customer satisfaction and shopping cart conversion by 30%? What if you could reduce escalations to your contact center by 75%? What if you could triple your customers’ use of self service? InQuira for Web Self Service delivers just these kinds of benefits.... Read More
  • Insider and collusive fraud By BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Although situations such as cyber attacks and phishing are often seen as the most common threats to banks, insider fraud still remains one of the greatest points of vulnerability for many organisations. Working extensively across financial and government institutions, Detica NetReveal® has... Read More
  • Insight Earnings By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your earnings analysis. Integrates reported and policy level earnings. Embeds source of earnings directly into core financial analysis. Load projections and forecasts for performance management. Read More
  • Insight Enterprise By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Integrates your operational, valuation and financial data into pre-built data warehouse for experience studies, source of earnings and sales & marketing analysis, including report building, data management and audit tools. The Insight Enterprise accommodates all lines of business, including... Read More
  • Insight Experience for DI and Long Term Care By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your incidence, termination and multi-state transition studies. Allows multiple claims. Use built in statistical metrics. Read More
  • Insight Experience For Group and Health By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your loss ratio and claim cost studies. Calculate IBNR for dynamics triangle sizes and historic dates. Read More
  • Insight Experience for Life and Annuities By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your mortality, lapse and critical illness studies. Includes joint lives, improvements, ratings and more. Use built in statistical metrics. Read More
  • Insight Load Controller By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    This front end tool assists users to run and configure the various load routines for the Insight Enterprise. It streamlines configuration, validation and execution. Read More
  • Instant Decisioning Solution By Zoot Enterprises

    Zoot’s instant decisioning solution is a fully automated, web-based, end-to-end workflow – with decisioning outcomes emerging as quickly as your business requires them. Our decisioning solution can help negate the need for lengthy, manual credit-application assessments, and reduce costly... Read More
  • Instant Warehouse By Arbutus Software

    Getting user participation and involvement is one of the key factors in a successful data warehouse project. Instant Warehouse is a prototyping tool that provides you with powerful ways to visualize and analyze your data, while involving end-users at the earliest stages. Users are involved... Read More
  • insur360 By GBO | Insur IQ

    Today’s consumer uses a combination of insurance products to protect themselves, their things, their activities and their legacy; but many are left wondering if they have all the coverage they need. Even if the correct coverage is secured, there hasn’t been a simple way to keep all of those... Read More
  • Insurance Accounting By ISCS

    The SurePower Innovation Accounting module assists your Accounting Department in day-to-day operations, visibility into policy/account activity, and required reporting. Integrated with the Payables module, SurePower Innovation's Accounting automates payment processing from check issuance to... Read More
  • Insurance Accounting and Financial Reporting Seminars By Booke Seminars

    Booke Seminars is nationally known for quality continuing professional education in the insurance accounting and financial reporting field. Our clients are accountants, actuaries and other insurance company financial staff and managers, along with auditors, consultants, state regulators and... Read More
  • Insurance Administration By DXC Technology

    CSC offers a full spectrum of insurance software administration solutions that are built on SOA architecture and come with integrated or componentized options. We provide proven insurance expertise with an in-house business and technical staff as well as software solutions available in a variety... Read More
  • Insurance Agent Portal Software By Oceanwide, Inc.

    Bridge’s insurance agent portal features robust functionality that will make you your agents’ preferred choice, and give you a clear edge over your competition. Bridge’s user-friendly agent portal gives your agents a single easy-to-use and consistent interface to your organization across all... Read More
  • Insurance Analytics By Sutherland Global Services

    DATA AND ANALYTICS MATURITY ASSESSMENT: Assess data and analytics maturity to build a 3-5 year roadmap using an Assess-Consult-Act approach. This serves as the “Front End” to transformative digital and analytics engagements. DATA & INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Unlock market potential by integrating... Read More
  • Insurance Billing - Premium Billing By Oceanwide, Inc.

    Oceanwide’s Insurance Billing module automates the premium billing process, reducing administrative costs and errors, improving cash flow and providing enterprise-wide transparency for invoicing, payments and receivables. Read More
  • Insurance Business Operations / Back-office Processing By Optical Image Technology

    In addition to reducing the processing burden on your agents and staff, DocFinity offers the ability to enhance Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Accounts Payable, and other back-office operations. Processes that involve action—including multiple reviews, approvals, denials, and signatures—... Read More
  • Insurance Consulting By Towers Watson

    We offer innovative consulting services that help insurers manage risk and capital, improve business performance and create competitive advantage. Read More
  • Insurance Consulting By Eastern Shore Consulting

    Eastern Shore Consulting has a proven track record helping insurance companies with the complicated business of Insurance Software Search. We provide consulting for the Property & Casualty as well as the Life & Health Insurance Industry for Policy Administration, Rating and Billing operations.... Read More
  • Insurance Optics™ By DXC Technology

    CSC’s Insurance Optics™ is a suite of software and consulting services for enterprise business intelligence. Insurance Optics helps insurers gain fast and accurate insight from data to solve complex business problems, react quickly to changing market trends, improve financial exposures and drive... Read More
  • Insurance Rating System By Oceanwide, Inc.

    Oceanwide’s rating engine is both sophisticated and easy to use. Business users can quickly and cost-effectively create, update and modify your rates, rate drivers, and rating rules. Customize your own rates, and plan rates in advance, testing your planned rates against existing book of... Read More
  • Insurance Research By Conning

    Insurance Research at Conning has been working with insurers for more than 50 years, offering an array of insurance industry research and information services. Whether you need insurance industry competitive landscape reporting of industry segments via our Insurance Segment Reports, line of... Read More
  • Insurance Service Unification By Sutherland Global Services

    Many insurance companies continue to wrestle with how to digitize and automate processes tied to multiple platforms.  Sutherland tackles the multiple application challenge, which may include Legacy, by combining a holistic OpEx approach (discovery, design and delivery) to client engagement with... Read More
  • Insurance Services By Xchanging

    Around the globe, insurance is an increasingly complicated and highly regulated sector. We can embrace this complexity for you allowing you to focus on your core business. We do that by releasing you from the processes and technologies that may be peripheral to your vision and mission but... Read More
  • Insurance Software Search By Eastern Shore Consulting

    Selecting software for your business, whether a core system or a lesser component, is a major challenge. Not only can the selection process be time consuming and expensive, but at the end of the day, making a less than optimal choice can cost your business a lot in the future. Software... Read More
  • Insurance Solutions "in a Box" By Blue Cod Technologies

    Insurance Solutions “in a Box" (ISB) is a business and technology solution with Blue Cod Technologie's fully integrated IT & operations outsourcing services (BPO/ITO). “The Box” is powered by Stingray, a state-of-the-art policy administration system from Maximum Processing that delivers mission... Read More
  • Insurance Underwriting & Support Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers underwriting placement services to various insured in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk and claim businesses. Our RiskPro products and services include: Comprehensive exposure identification, placement, and management for all Property,... Read More
  • InsuranceElements By Equisoft

    Equisoft’s illustration sales tool provides industry-leading solutions for easy, state-of-the-art policy illustrating and quote building across multiple platforms. Available with InsuranceElements , as part of our Equisoft Composite or as a separate module. KEY ATTRIBUTES ✓ Full life, health... Read More
  • InsurancePlus Individual Life+Health Administration System By United Systems and Software, Inc

    USSI's InsurancePlus Individual Life+Health Administration System is designed to meet the current and future administrative requirements found in traditional and non-traditional life and health insurance companies. USS700 offers on-line functions which help users better serve policyholders and... Read More
  • InsureBill - Insurance Billing System By i3 Software

    InsureBill provides the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing customer demands, increasing competition and stringent regulatory requirements InsureBill supports single-policy accounts, multiple-policy accounts, multiple payers for policies and non-premium billing (deductibles, claims,... Read More
  • Insurer Analytics By 1insurer

    Insurer Analytics software is designed to improve a company’s effectiveness and profitability through driving and automatically measuring targeted action programs. It can be deployed across any function including Marketing, Policy, Customer, Insurance Claims and Administrative... Read More
  • Insurer Claims By 1insurer

    Insurer Claims is functionally-rich, enterprise-wide, rules-based end-to-end claims management solution that includes FNOL, vehicle damage, injury, property damage, subrogation, special investigation, litigation, fraud, supplier management, portals, analytics and wireless apps. Built on... Read More
  • Insurer Policy By 1insurer

    Insurer Policy from Innovation Group is a policy administration solution for personal, commercial, and specialty lines customers that addresses every aspect of policy administration from rating and quoting to underwriting, issuance, billing, and product development. Among the out-of-the-box... Read More
  • Insurer Pyramid By 1insurer

    Insurer Pyramid is functionally-rich, enterprise-wide, rules-based workers compensation policy, claims and analytics solution on .NET and SQL architecture with extendibility to related commercial lines. Supporting state-funds, associations, self-insureds and insurers with fraud, litigation... Read More
  • Insurer Rating By 1insurer

    Insurer Rating from Innovation Group provides carriers with expanded rating capabilities that enable blanket rating, experience rating and schedule rating. It also supports micro-rating demonstrated with an implementation of 750,000 rating factors for auto. Supporting all size insurers, Insurer... Read More
  • InsureRight for Workers Compensation By Valen Analytics

    An analytical standard in workers compensation, InsureRight from Valen is rapidly deployed and easily integrated. The system is designed to enable superior risk selection for users, along with pricing accuracy, throughput efficiency, protection from adverse selection, and key market position... Read More
  • InsureRight Platform for Business Intelligence By Valen Analytics

    The InsureRight Platform brings together predictive modeling, industry data, portfolio management and business intelligence tools that allow carriers’ to proactively spot trends in their in-force book using leading indicators. The Valen Analytics database includes more than 20 million policies... Read More
  • InsureRight Platform for Risk Management By Valen Analytics

    InsureRight Platform from Valen helps carriers manage portfolio risk and optimize volume/profit tradeoffs with comparative analysis on their book and on industry performance, as well to: gain market positioning insight by leveraging decision data to act on trends in risk quality compared to... Read More
  • InsureRight Platform for Underwriting By Valen Analytics

    The InsureRight Platform is designed to help carriers achieve underwriting profitability, and offers proprietary insight into portfolio metrics and risk characteristics to identify pockets of pricing inadequacy and profitability. A dynamic portfolio management tool provides access to Valen's... Read More
  • Insuresight - Anonymous access to quoting, application, and in-force data for analysis By iPipeline

    InsureSight, iPipeline’s New Data Service offering, provides you with access to quoting, application and in-force data for your analysis in an anonymized fashion, so neither personally identifiable information nor carrier identifiers or product names are available.  This insightful information... Read More
  • InsureWatch By Quadrant Information Services

    Insurewatch is a new one-of-a-kind solutions tool specifically designed by and for Personal Lines Underwriting and Production Marketing people. There is nothing else like it in the industry! It allows the user to get real-time information and become proactive in dealing with retention, business... Read More
  • insurStore By GBO | Insur IQ

    Your Customers. Your Brand. Our Technology. Ready to increase your sales potential? The insurStore is your complete sales and management solution. We have partnered with leading carriers to create a customizable catalog of insurance and non-insurance products for agents. Guaranteed issue,... Read More
  • InsWorld By Applied Systems

    Providing your clients and prospects with industry news and information, you solidify your position as a trusted insurance advisor. Artizan Internet Services’ InsWorld electronic publishing service supports your communication goals with the tools and content to create professional, informative... Read More
  • Integral™ By DXC Technology

    Integral™ from CSC is an end-to-end policy administration software suite that processes all insurance lines: life, annuities/pensions, health, property and casualty/general insurance and group. In addition to providing support for business analytics, product configuration, and policy/group... Read More
  • Integrated Agent Desktop By NexJ Systems Inc.

    Extract additional value out of existing systems by presenting a customer-centered view of insurance information. Agents can view account policy information and claims history in combination with detailed customer profiles. Products, policies and services are aggregated by household, so agents... Read More
  • Integrated ERP with Content Management and Workflow By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    IDT knows how to make ERP and ECM operate together to help design, program, integrate, implement, and support a complete solution. With nearly two decades of accumulated knowledge - with dozens of applications and experience in several industries - IDT knows how to make ERP and ECM operate... Read More
  • Integrated Insurance Platform By MFXchange US, Inc.

    MFX offers a complete range of end-to-end property and casualty application and technology solutions. Whether it’s a fully hosted on-demand suite of modules or specialized insurance services, our support is geared to your company’s individual needs. Our insurance software — the Integrated... Read More
  • Integrations By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Like most companies, you probably have more than one tool to cultivate leads and care for customers. You may have an email marketing app, social media tools, and more. incommand is designed to integrate with many of the sales programs available on the market today. Add incommand to the tools... Read More
  • Intelligent Site Management By Westell Technologies

    As wireless networks continue to grow rapidly, new challenges are facing service providers and tower operators. The core network has always had network management systems to monitor, troubleshoot, and correct problems but now these capabilities must be extended to all cell sites (new and... Read More
  • Interaction Process Automation™ By Interactive Intelligence

    Interaction Process Automation™ (IPA) restores control over your business processes and creates visibility into your operations as it automates. IPA keeps track of work, progress, people, skills, qualifications, availability, and resources. IPA optimizes processes by automatically prioritizing... Read More
  • Investment Accounting By Eagle Investment Systems LLC

    Eagle offers a multi-currency, multi-basis investment accounting solution that enables a consolidated view of your firm’s global accounting books. When supporting multiple business lines across global markets, real-time access to investment data is available. As a result, your organization can... Read More
  • Investment Management By Conning

    At Conning, we work with a broad range of asset classes and strategies to construct optimal portfolio solutions for our clients. Whether you are an insurer, pension plan or institutional investor, our global team of experts is dedicated to building the ideal custom portfolio to meet your goals. Read More
  • IoT Smart Connected Scanning for Salesforce CRM By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Learn how we have eliminated all the layers and layers of IT complexity and IT gibberish talk we refer to as the "IT Tower of Babel". Using IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, you can have a complete data and document capture solution deployed in 5 minutes or less for... Read More
  • IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    3.5 Minute Video Explainer here: Powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, the IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solution offers network-connected capture that sits at the front edge of an organization's process and integrates directly into a line of business system,... Read More
  • IP Telephony Solutions By Interactive Intelligence

    Unified business communications for the enterprise Success in business these days takes more than the telephone and traditional PBX equipment. It requires IP telephony solutions to support voice over IP (VoIP), open standards like SIP, mobile workers and the unified voice and data... Read More
  • iSCORE By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    A FREE utility for analyzing the overall health of your System i and IBM i environments. This no license, web-downloadable (8MB) software utility for IBM i (i5/OS) environments thoroughly analyzes health metrics, then generates an easy to understand, brief report that shows an overall health... Read More
  • ISI Cargo Certificate Software - Ocean Marine Insurance Market By Insurance Systems, Inc.

    ISI Cargo is a web-based certificate system developed specifically for the ocean marine insurance market. ISI Cargo allows carriers to create an online marketplace, where their brokers and insureds can issue their own certificates based on rules and parameters set up by the underwriters.... Read More
  • ISI Enterprise - Insurance Software Suite By Insurance Systems, Inc.

    ISI Enterprise is a fully integrated, browser based solution that enables carriers to increase productivity and reduce IT costs by moving to a single, scalable platform. The end-to-end solution goes beyond policy administration to offer: - Claims - Billing - Accounting - Reinsurance -... Read More
  • i-Sight for Complaint Management By i-Sight Software

    i-Sight ensures that you track every customer interaction efficiently and accurately, creating a clear, searchable record. Complaint tracking software with powerful reporting ensures every customer or employee complaint is tracked in a centralized case file, creating a clear, searchable... Read More
  • i-Sight for Ethics and Compliance By i-Sight Software

    POWERFUL SOFTWARE TO TACKLE CORRUPTION AND REDUCE RISK All the tools you need to uncover and investigate incidents of fraud, bribery and compliance lapses before they become regulatory issues. i-Sight’s hotline is accessible at any time, day or night, for immediate support from multilingual... Read More
  • i-Sight for Harassment Investigations By i-Sight Software

    Powerful software to track, document and manage investigations into reports of harassment without compromising confidentiality. Your organization must investigate harassment allegations thoroughly and resolve them quickly to avoid liability. i-Sight’s built-in reminders and escalation functions... Read More
  • i-Sight for Human Resources By i-Sight Software

    i-Sight streamlines the management of human resources investigations, ensuring every incident or complaint gets attention and nothing falls through the cracks. Our flexible web-based solution is used by HR teams around the globe to manage HR and employee investigations from start to... Read More
  • i-Sight for Incident Management By i-Sight Software

    Incident management solutions with built-in reporting to regulators. Track incidents, accidents and issues and monitor risk for better oversight and prevention. Incident management solutions are used by investigative teams in Human Resources, Corporate security, Health and safety, Loss... Read More
  • ISO Products & Services By Verisk Analytics

    ISO is the property/casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims data. Our analytic and decision-support services help customers compete effectively. ISO serves insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers, insurance regulators, risk managers,... Read More
  • ISO’s Automobile-Property Loss Underwriting Service (A-PLUSTM) By ISO, a unit of Verisk Analytics

    ISO’s Automobile-Property Loss Underwriting Service (A-PLUSTM) is the first and largest property and liability claims database designed for insurance underwriters. With A-PLUS, you can independently evaluate the potential underwriting profitability of individual personal and commercial risks and... Read More
  • IT Consulting By DataCede

    Bringing a business focus to technology problems is our key differentiator. DataCede advises clients on core items, including developing IT roadmaps, platform assessment, outsourcing and independent QA testing. Our consultants provide tailored solutions utilizing a unique set of tools to improve... Read More
  • IT Strategy and Selection By Salient Commercial Solutions

    Technology Assessment and Alignment; System Selection Portfolio Management; Business Continuity Planning; Cyber Security Assessment; Mobility Solutions Read More
  • iTera High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Increase supplier, employee and customer satisfaction by protecting system availability. - Ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity regulations. - Protect your systems, your data and your budget. iTERA HA for i5/OS is a highly autonomic, full-featured high... Read More
  • iVOS By Ventiv Technology

    ONE SYSTEM, ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE TRANSACTIONS To address these challenges, Aon eSolutions offers the iVOS insurance solution. This one system serves as a single solution for all your insurance transactions, including: Claims administration­ – a complete set of claims... Read More
  • iWay By Information Builders, Inc.

    iWay Software has a long heritage of tackling integration challenges that others sweep under the rug. It began in 1975, when our parent company, Information Builders, was founded to help businesspeople gain access to information more easily than they ever could before. Unlike every other... Read More