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  • Gain Compliance Annual Statement Software By Gain Compliance

    We believe that financial reporting teams deserve modern software. Gain Compliance offers the first new Annual Statement software package on the market in more than 10 years. Our innovative solution for the Notes to the Financial Statements automates the manual tasks of document formatting,... Read More
  • GameChanger® Billing By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Billing is designed to ensure accuracy, security, and timeliness of payment. It is also packed with comprehensive payment and recording capabilities for both individual policyholders and groups. GameChanger Billing not only offers policyholders flexible payment methods and... Read More
  • GameChanger® Claims By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Claims for claims administration from Decision Research Corp. gives users a set of automated tools for streamlining, simplifying and taking control of all the tasks associated with claims processing and payment across multiple lines. Its automated functions are designed to save time... Read More
  • GameChanger® Portal By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Portal is a multi-faceted portal that can be used for consumers, agents/brokers, or internally by a carrier's underwriting team. It is easily skinned to incorporate the branding, logos, and color schemes of any carrier, agency or MGA ensuring a unified experience for the end... Read More
  • GameChanger® Quote By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Quote is designed to expedite the quoting process by giving users automated underwriting features that can reduce the number of errors that often occur upon entry and re-entry of policy information. The quoting system virtually eliminates the multiple data-entry tasks and offers:... Read More
  • GameChanger® Rating By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Rating is an insurance rating solution that facilitates the rating development cycle by allowing automated rating and underwriting services to be built from existing Excel™ spreadsheet models. Read More
  • GameChanger® Rating Engine for Underwriting By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Rating Engine is a set of technologies and tools that enables product managers and actuaries to quickly build automated rating and underwriting services from existing spreadsheet models. This eliminates translating the rating logic into programs and loading rates and relativities,... Read More
  • GameChanger® Suite By Decision Research Corp

    GameChanger® Suite is a highly configurable policy administration solution for property and casualty insurance companies with personal, commercial, and specialty lines of business. At its core is a framework of policy services and “product playbooks” for defining products by rates, rules, forms,... Read More
  • Garancy Access Intelligence Manager By Beta Systems Software

    Garancy Access Intelligence Manager offers reliable answers to new IT challenges posed by legal compliance regulations. The solution brings transparency and security to business processes and allows them to be reviewed retroactively. The product does this by analyzing all business-relevant data... Read More
  • Genelco Insurance Administration Solution (GIAS) By Concentrix Corporation

    The GIAS technology platform, for policy administration and claims processing of Individual, Group and Voluntary lines of business for life and health insurance products and annuity contracts, will modernize, consolidate and transform insurance operations. GIAS, a rules-based solution is Web... Read More
  • General Insurance By BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Insurers are increasingly being targeted by criminals because they are high-return, low-risk targets. Although many insurers are using rules based targeting systems, these traditionally can only monitor situations that are already known to occur. The Detica NetReveal® general insurance... Read More
  • General Insurance Management System (GIMS) By Tritech Financial Systems, Inc.

    GIMS Version 7.0 represents Tritech's efforts and its client's requirements, to be strategically positioned in the insurance industry with a system that currently incorporates the deep functionality of an integrated End to End insurance processing solution complete with workflow management,... Read More
  • GeneralSystem Suite By eBaoTech

    eBaoTech GeneralSystem suite supports the full property and casualty insurance process for most mainstream personal and commercial line insurance products. Powerful configurability and internationalization features enable selling and servicing in multiple channels, languages, currencies and... Read More
  • Geolytik- Catastrophe Workforce Management By L&T Infotech Limited

    Geolytik is a tool to leverage geo-coded data to provide geographical visualization, spatial patterns and trends for effective CAT response planning. Efficient mobilization of human and non-human claims resources is one of the major operational challenges faced by the claims department of... Read More
  • GIAS New Business Enablement By Concentrix Corporation

    Automate the application process for online submission including an electronic signature feature that allows the application to be pushed to the carrier to await underwriting. GIAS New Business Enablement uses straight through processing to allow new applicants to quickly complete enrollment... Read More
  • GIAS Reporting and Analytics By Concentrix Corporation

    Turn data into knowledge with GIAS Reporting and Analytics. This special tool allows a business to access real-time date stored in GIAS from administration processing. Management can access product, producer and operations performances. A bundled reports package provides more than 10 beginning... Read More
  • GIAS Web Portal By Concentrix Corporation

    Integrate seamlessly as a front-end portal built exclusively for GIAS that provides enhanced customer service to members, policy owners, producers, and any other client-defined group via the Web. Customers, staff and producers can use GIAS Web Portal to enroll in products, view the most current... Read More
  • GMC Inspire for Document Management By GMC Software Technology, Inc.

    GMC Inspire’s document management, composition and variable data publishing capabilities are purpose built to empower business users to create effective communications. Its object-oriented architecture removes the need for traditional scripting, making it intuitive and simple to use. With a wide... Read More
  • GoAnywhere Director By Linoma Software

    GoAnywhere Director streamlines and secures the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners and servers. With Director, you can connect to almost any system or trading partner using standard protocols including FTP, SFTP (SSH), SCP, FTPs (SSL/TLS), HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and... Read More
  • GoAnywhere Gateway By Linoma Software

    GoAnywhere Gateway allows your trading partners to connect to your organization without having to open incoming ports into your private network or store sensitive information in the DMZ. It acts as an enhanced reverse proxy that provides an additional layer of network defense. GoAnywhere... Read More
  • GoAnywhere Services By Linoma Software

    GoAnywhere Services allows trading partners (both internal and external) to securely connect to your system and exchange files within a fully managed and audited solution. GoAnywhere Services includes the popular file transfer server protocols of FTP, FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS. GoAnywhere Services... Read More
  • GraphTalk A.I.A. By DXC Technology

    CSC’s GraphTalk A.I.A. is a product and policy administration software solution for managing life insurance, risk and protection, savings, pensions and annuities, as well as health, general, and property and casualty insurance (personal and commercial). It provides total administration of the... Read More
  • Group Configurator By FJA-US

    The Group Configurator lets you manage all administrative aspects of group enrollment: benefit and program information, eligibility, rating, billing, ID cards, broker information, and more. With its web-based interface you can simplify group setup, and automate time-consuming setup tasks. With... Read More
  • GroupLife Suite By eBaoTech

    eBaoTech GroupLife Suite supports the complete process of managing group life insurance products, contracts, payments and claims. It leverages web technology to eliminate decentralized processing costs and provide a high level of process automation. Built-in configuration tools enable insurers... Read More
  • Guidewire PolicyCenter® for Underwriting By Guidewire Software, Inc.

    Guidewire PolicyCenter® is a flexible underwriting system designed solely for P/C insurers. PolicyCenter is a complete system-of-record and supports the core functions of the policy lifecycle, including underwriting and more. PolicyCenter provides complete flexibility to make changes specific to... Read More
  • GXS Direct™ By Open Text

    GXS offers an array of options for both you and your trading partners to conduct B2B e-commerce with the GXS Direct™ Integration family. Regardless of company size, budget or technical expertise, we can find the best integration solution for your specific needs. Direct-to-Desktop—Designed... Read More
  • GXS Trading Grid, By Open Text

    Our approach to technology provides a compelling new value proposition. At GXS we provide an integration services platform that substantially addresses the shortcomings of earlier generations of technology—complexity, time-to-market, risk, ease of use and cost. We are at the forefront of... Read More