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  • ease Business Intelligence By Inmotion GIT

    ease Business Intelligence is a line of analytical tools that allow companies to convert their information into knowledge and improve the efficiency and reliability of their decision-making function. It uses a browser-based interface to present the users with a set of key indicators and metrics... Read More
  • Ebix Advantage (P&C)- Policy/Claims Administration By Ebix, Inc.

    Ebix advantage web is an On-Demand web based, end to end Policy Administration System & Legacy Modernization for Property/Casualty insurers. It automates almost all the processes ranging from Policy Administration, Clients Management, Workflow based diary system, Reinsurance, Claims management... Read More
  • EbixASP- Agency Management System By Ebix, Inc.

    EbixASP, is the Internet based ASP model Management system specifically designed to handle smaller to large agencies and Brokerage houses in US. System caters to all P&C lines of lines of businesses. The management system provides a comprehensive set of insurance-specific, automation solutions... Read More
  • eBridge Solutions document management By eBridge Solutions

    eBridge Solutions is a web-based document management company that works with almost 1,000 insurance agents and brokers nationwide. By scanning and storing paperwork online, agents are able to save time, money and storage space while increasing compliance and creating a disaster-recovery plan. Read More
  • ECHO Call Center Digital Recording Solution By Teleformix/ECHO

    ECHO is a browser-based, digital, VoIP and screen capture recording solution for call centers designed to record, evaluate, monitor and archive all customer care interactions. Integrated QA, e-Training and agent access tools contribute to a full-service CRM/call center platform. The available... Read More
  • EchoCluster By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Vision EchoCluster for AIX is the industry’s easiest to use clustering solution providing rapid, automated failover to an alternate local or remote server. When combined with EchoStream real-time data replication for AIX you can be assured of continuous end-to-end site protection for disaster... Read More
  • EchoStream for AIX By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    EchoStream for AIX replicates data in real time allowing you to protect and rapidly recover data in the event of software corruption, security breach, virus attack, deleted files or other causes of data loss. Overview -Provides additional ROI by letting you use the replicated data for... Read More
  • edgeConnect By edge IPK Inc.

    edgeConnect focuses on providing the ideal combination of centrally managed user experiences; enabling easy access for agents, brokers, customers, partners, TPAs, and CSRs; and facilitating white labels for a variety of back-end systems. Users have demonstrated success and been able to deliver... Read More
  • EDI VAN Service By CovalentWorks

    CovalentWorks’ EDI Solutions enable you to exchange business documents electronically with your trading partners without worrying about what back office application they use. Your are able to transact with your customers in the way they want to buy. EDI hosting supports EDI transactions, XML... Read More
  • eDiscovery By Iron Mountain

    Failure to comply with eDiscovery rules can be costly. Litigation can cost your organization a lot more than money. Your company could find itself at risk legally, financially, even publicly, if information is not produced when the courts demand it. Avoid the potential costs of fines, legal... Read More
  • eDoctus By Premirus Corporation

    eDoctus is a powerful document and workflow system that provides document storage, routing and retrieval, scanning, workflows, and full text search Read More
  • eFreedom® Annual Statement By StoneRiver, Inc., a SAPIENS company

    NAIC filings are faster and easier with eFreedom Annual Statement software. Hundreds of insurers have made the change to eFreedom and they readily recommend it to others. Why? Real-time cross-checks. An error-proof filing wizard. One-click navigation between statements and identifiers. And best... Read More
  • EIS Suite By EIS Group

    EIS Suite is a next-generation suite of insurance software that supports the full insurance lifecycle including: rating, underwriting, policy administration, billing, claims, and customer engagement. Based on a customer-centered model and designed to manage multiple lines of business from a... Read More
  • Electronic Employee Files By DynaFile

    Paper filing systems can cause your Human Resources department a great deal of frustration. With all of that paperwork floating around, it becomes all too easy for documents to get misfiled, lost or generally inaccessible. DynaFile's scan to cloud filing system makes going paperless quick and... Read More
  • Elite By Quadrant Information Services

    With pricing models becoming ever more complicated, the utilization of a pure batch process without greater depth might lead to assumptive pricing decisions. The dimensions of pricing often transcend what we call 'groupings' of insurance risks (e.g. not everyone in my rate basket of 50 risks... Read More
  • ELRF™ 2020 - A Complete Link Ratio Toolkit for Today's P&C Insurance Actuary By Insureware Pty Ltd

    ELRF™ 2020 is for actuaries requiring deterministic or stochastic link ratio techniques coupled with the power of a relational database. The ELRF modeling framework formulates average link ratio methods as regression estimators and extends them. This includes Mack (volume weighted averages), and... Read More
  • ELRF™ Best's Schedule P By Insureware Pty Ltd

    Empowered with this application you will obtain: -Offline access to Schedule P long-tail liability lines and derived financial metrics -Pre-calculated critical financial information including: -Reserves Held, -%IBNR, -Total Loss Ratio, -Survival Ratios, -and... Read More
  • ELRF™ Enterprise: Actuarial Reserving Software By Insureware Pty Ltd

    The Extended Link Ratio Family (ELRF) modeling framework formulates average link ratio methods as regression estimators and extends them. This includes Mack (volume weighted averages), other weighted averages and extensions: -Murphy (an intercept) -A constant trend in the incrementals for each... Read More
  • ELRF™ Professional By Insureware Pty Ltd

    ELRF™ Professional is for actuaries requiring deterministic or stochastic link ratio techniques coupled with the power of a relational database. The following link ratio modeling frameworks are included (over 144 methods): -Extended Link Ratio Family (ELRF); -Link Ratio Techniques... Read More
  • Embrace Call Center By DXC Technology

    CSC Embrace is a scalable and flexible call center solution available as a traditional software license or through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It’s designed to support organizations with large numbers of inbound and outbound customer interactions, originating from multiple touch points... Read More
  • EMC Document Sciences xPression By EMC Document Sciences

    The award-winning EMC® Document Sciences® xPression® customer communications management solution enables the creation, production and multi-channel delivery of personalized customer communications in both real-time and high-volume batch. Leading insurers and financial services firms worldwide... Read More
  • Employee File Management By DynaFile

    Ensuring employee files are secure, organized and accessible is critical to keeping HR running smoothly. DynaFile makes employee file management simple. Our cloud filing system lets your team securely access employee files from anywhere at any time. Add documents to an employee's electronic file... Read More
  • Empower Health Platform By Online Insight, LLC

    eMpower Health can transform your online insurance marketplace - enabling your internal resources with powerful backend tools and engaging your prospects with a world class shopping experience. Using the eMpower suite Insurers can create, deploy and manage an effective ecommerce solution... Read More
  • Empower Health Private Exchange By Online Insight, LLC

    Empower Health Private Exchange is a ready-to-deploy online marketplace solution for health plans aiming to develop a single online sales portal for all their products. The system is Health Care Reform compliant and can be deployed for single or multi-carrier product offerings on a unified... Read More
  • Empower Health Stockroom By Online Insight, LLC

    Product Management Rating Engine SBC Management Application Management Analytic Reports Read More
  • Enroll IQ- Web Based Consumer Engagement Platform By GBO | Insur IQ

    Tired of using paper to manage your membership? Groups and Associations can effectively administer enrollment tasks using our flagship technology- Enroll IQ If you have diverse levels of membership, or even member pre-requisites such as professional status, our flagship technology can complete... Read More
  • Enterprise Applications Systems Testing Services By Capgemini Financial Services

    Capgemini Insurance EAS Testing Services can expedite applications testing for integrations that are common across any insurance EAS, including Guidewire, Oracle, and Accenture Duck Creek. Read More
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing By Teradata Corporation

    A Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse gives leaders in every industry a fresh, big-picture perspective. With a 360-degree view of your business, everyone in your organization can gain valuable insight on your customers, supply chain, and financial and performance management - from the boardroom... Read More
  • Enterprise investigation management By BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Financial crime investigators face the challenge of dealing with an increasing volume of alerts generated by a wide range of compliance and fraud systems. This wide range of systems can fail to address the organised nature of financial crime as they do not present a complete picture to the... Read More
  • Enterprise Risk Management By CS STARS

    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a comprehensive, continuous risk management process that allows an organization to identify, prioritize, and effectively manage its most critical risks. An ERM approach integrates risk solutions that are aligned with corporate strategies and objectives into... Read More
  • Enterprise Search and Confidential Information Discovery By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Institutions of all sizes face the same challenge: data hidden in documents, files, emails and repositories can be difficult, if not impossible, to locate. Data contained in the body of a computer file or document make mining through all of this data even a bigger challenge. This data is crucial... Read More
  • Ephesoft By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Ephesoft available from IDT is the leading developer of supervised machine learning-based document capture and analytics solutions in the cloud or on-premise. Organizations use Ephesoft’s platform to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and... Read More
  • ePMX By Bellwether Software, LLC

    EPMX Software – For companies looking for a full blown robust purchasing solution – Includes Requisitions, PO’s, PunchOut and eCatalogs, RFQ, Receiving, Invoicing, Inventory, Asset Management, Contract Management – Proven at 200+ customers! EPMX is a fully functional application on any... Read More
  • eSignLive Enterprise Plan By eSignLive by VASCO

    eSignLive Enterprise is an enterprise-class electronic signature software application that manages the execution of e-signature processes for enforceable and regulated customer transactions. An enterprise e-signature solution goes further than simply capturing an electronic signature and... Read More
  • eSignLive e-Signature API for Developers By eSignLive by VASCO

    eSignLive's e-Signature API for Developers is a cloud-based electronic signature service. It enables organizations and individuals to invite others (e.g., customers, partners, suppliers) to sign documents instantly over the Web. The eSignLive™ service can be accessed either through its GUI or... Read More
  • eSignLive Professional Plan By eSignLive by VASCO

    With eSignLive Professional Plan you can electronically prepare and securely sign your documents over the web, starting today. It’s as quick and easy as 1-2-3: 1. Upload your documents 2. Define who signs each document and where they sign it 3. Select the secure authentication method and... Read More
  • ETran powered by FTNI By FTNI

    ETran powered by FTNI streamlines the accounts receivable process and minimizes hardware setup, maintenance and support costs associated with payment processing. Not only is ETran a single, configurable receivables platform that handles checks and remote deposit capture, credit cards, ACH and... Read More
  • Evaluate By CHSI Technologies

    Evaluate creates custom safety surveys tailored to a client’s operations, specific hazards and needs. The user can access surveys anywhere they have an internet connection, even a jobsite using PDA or Smartphone. Safety surveys and on-site inspections are time consuming and labor... Read More
  • Exari Contract Automation By Exari

    Exari offers a Contract Assembly Solution that empowers front office professionals to create compliant contracts ten times faster. Coupled with Exari Contract Automation, professionals across the enterprise reap the benefits of contract generation, contract (lifecycle) management, contract... Read More
  • Exari Contract Management By Exari

    Exari Contract Management extends our solution from document creation, to include web based contract management, rights and obligation tracking, workflow and approvals, reporting and analytics. Unlike most other CLM systems, Exari makes it easy to capture high quality contract data at the start... Read More
  • Exari Contracts By Exari

    For all of your sales documents from Non-Disclosure Agreements through pricing, proposal and sales contract, SalesAccelerator™ provides fast, consistent and compliant documents. Exari reuses the underlying data across related documents saving time and eliminating errors no matter the complexity... Read More
  • Exari Document Assembly By Exari

    The Exari document creation software allows non-programmers to create smart templates (with business rules built-in) and empowers anyone to create contracts and other documents quickly and without mistakes. Our intuitive web-based wizard gives front office professionals a way to close deals... Read More
  • Exceed Billing and Collections By DXC Technology

    CSC’s Billing and Collections software for P&C, Life and Health facilitates the steady flow of premium dollars into investment portfolios. It allows you to offer flexible billing options and roll out new billing plans quickly and cost-effectively. In use by many top and mid-tier carriers, CSC’s... Read More
  • Exceed Policy Administration By DXC Technology

    The Exceed Policy Administration module from CSC is an integrated solution for complete policy administration and processing that allows customers, agents, and customer service reps to access information about their policy over the Web using a standard browser. Features of Exceed Policy... Read More
  • EXL Advantage By EXL LifePRO

    Transformation capability EXL offers a unique capability that brings together its experience and expertise in dealing with change management. We use our proven expertise in: Decision Analytics to arrive at the optimal decision Risk & Financial Management to improve the control; and... Read More
  • EXL LifePRO® By EXL LifePRO

    EXL's policy administration platform, LifePRO®, supports life, health and annuity products. It is designed to streamline policy administration with features such as: multi-company support, billing and collections; claims processing; tax reporting; a central product rules engine; real-time... Read More
  • EXLerator™ By EXL

    Businesses today are facing dynamic market conditions: changing consumer behavior, new technology, and more data than ever before. To keep pace, they have to be more agile and respond more quickly to change. This environment demands more than traditional outsourcing. Simply meeting a service... Read More
  • expedite - ePolicy Delivery By Impact Financial Systems

    Reduce cycle times and costs, while improving the customer experience—complete the underwriting and policy delivery process and policy holder services completely electronically by facilitating collaboration between all stakeholders. Read More
  • Expense Management By SumTotal

    Travel and Expense (T&E) management solutions are critical components in an organization's business strategy to control costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve bottom line performance. SumTotal is a global leader in expense management, with its Expense solution, automating the... Read More
  • Extropik By Pendo Systems, Inc.

    Extropik is the industry's first global inventory and data transformation intelligence platform featuring live auditable securities inventory management (cross-asset class), aggregation of any and all line of buy and sell side businesses, data-driven business rules, and "Google like"... Read More