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By ValueMomentum Inc.

Traditionally, P&C carriers have provided limited connectivity to their insured’s and, in many cases, only marginally better service to their agents. In today’s environment both agents and insureds have been conditioned in their private lives to expect a rich and personalized digital experience... Read more »

By CovalentWorks

B2BWorks for Suppliers is an EDI translation service that integrates your applications with your customers' EDI applications. Your company can easily have the same capabilities as a large one - without buying expensive EDI software - without buying add-on EDI modules - without spending months... Read more »


Benefit Query lets you find precise, accurate, current, and detailed benefit information – and deliver it to an array of users. It lets you search and display the benefits related to any plan; present details specific to plans, products, programs, insured parties, or groups; and generate... Read more »

By InfoGrow Corp

InfoGrow Corporation has transformed Microsoft Dynamics CRM and adapted it to fit the business needs of an insurance industry segment striving to stay abreast of the challenging economic climate and healthcare reform issues facing their customers. Employee Benefits Agencies can redefine... Read more »

By AM Best

Best's Underwriting & Loss Control Center is a Web-based risk management resource composed of detailed reports and on-site inspection checklists for hundreds of commercial and industrial classifications that can help you mitigate risk and underwrite profitably. Reports can be purchased on an... Read more »

By AM Best

BestESP - US enables you to prepare, print and file quarterly and annual statements that comply with all NAIC and New York state regulatory requirements. Create compact and reliable files, including PDFs, and submit them without having to purchase another software package. Run data validations... Read more »

By AM Best

Best's Credit Ratings are independent opinions regarding the creditworthiness of an issuer or debt obligation. Best's Credit Ratings are based on a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company's balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile, or, where... Read more »

By AM Best

Best’s Insurance News & Analysis, the central location for A.M. Best news resources, gives subscribers direct access to a variety of publications: BestDay: BestDay offers a wrap-up of the previous day’s insurance news, rating actions and more. Consult the Insurance Daybook for a quick look at... Read more »

By AM Best

Best’s Insurance Reports is a time-tested reference that provides detailed reports on thousands of insurers. Each report includes information about a company’s management philosophy, its mix of business, the states where it’s licensed to do business and other vital details that demonstrate the... Read more »

By DataCare Corp

DataCare's Bill Zee® application augments traditional bill review savings by verifying bills against treatment authorizations from utilization reviews and flags the questionable bills for higher level of scrutiny. In 2008, The State of California released the Workers Compensation Medical... Read more »


SurePower Innovation Billing is a powerful workflow and rules-based enterprise billing system. It gives you the tools to design payment and collection plans that meet your business needs. It enables you to configure the workflows and business rules that define and enforce best practices in your... Read more »

By Tritech Financial Systems, Inc.

The billing module supports both agency and direct billing for all lines of business. Automated billing processing supports: Over/Under payments, partial payments and write-offs within defined amounts. Cash receipts. Premium refunds. Collection processing with laser generated letters... Read more »

By Comtec

Insurance Billing and Collection module is a table-driven system that integrates with the other modules of the system. The function of the module is to generate bills, receive payments, credit/debit the appropriate accounts, make deposits, and create transactions that are transferred to an... Read more »

By VUE Software

Billing & Collection Management is a dynamic solution that automates the premium billing and collection process. This allows insurance carriers and third-party administrators to deliver online billing efficiently. Integrates with HIX by accepting 834 file feeds. Automated billing for Healthcare... Read more »

By Seibels

Whether bundled or as a stand-alone solution, Seibels’ accurate, painless billing services drive customer satisfaction and increase retention. -Flexible Billing Methods -Multiple Payment Plans Options -Lockbox, Credit Card & ACH Payments -Agency Commissions -Daily & Monthly Reconciliations &... Read more »

By Insuresoft

Diamond Billing from Insuresoft is an industry leading, web-based billing solution that provides personal and commercial lines carriers with a robust and flexible billing solution. Diamond Billing delivers a proven solution that improves operational efficiencies, improves customer satisfaction... Read more »

By Blue Cod Technologies

Blue Cod enables P&C insurance carriers to delegate billing/payment and LockBox premium processes to its team of P&C licensed professionals. From basic payments processing and other transactions to fully-managed lockbox capabilities, Blue Cod’s team of Premium Services specialists can handle... Read more »

By Ravello Solutions

Ravello's web-based Billing Management software is offered as a stand alone application and integrates into Ravello's Policy Administration and Claims Management systems for a complete solution suite. Highlights of Ravello Billing include: - Direct/Agency Billing - Account Billing & drill... Read more »

By Guidewire Software, Inc.

Guidewire BillingCenter is a web-based enterprise application that coordinates, executes, and records receivables transactions for property and casualty insurance carriers. Guidewire BillingCenter retrieves billing instructions from a policy administration system like Guidewire PolicyCenter,... Read more »

By EIS Group

BillingCore is a premium billing and collections system that puts unprecedented end-to-end process control in the hands of business users and enables them to design flexible billing and payment plans that meet the needs of today’s customers. BillingCore provides a single view of all... Read more »

By Vikaran Solutions LLC

The Vikaran BillingExpert® billing and accounting module includes several key capabilities of the InsuranceExpert platform including document management features such as: indexed forms and letters; access control; version control; documents repository; and, support for all document types. Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

BindExpress Analytics combines powerful online analytical processing into an easy-to-use tool, letting you "slice and dice," or create and save an unlimited number of reports. Completely web-based, it will give you complete and accurate insights into important performance indicators... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

BindExpress Billing is a web-based solution which handles your receivable and billing needs. BindExpress Billing supports a wide variety of pay plans and handles all payment receipt exceptions including short pays, overpayments, and endorsements. All bill plans, taxes, fees, surcharges, and... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

The web-based BindExpress Policy from SpeedBuilder Systems allows users to not only create an unlimited number of user roles (underwriter, agent, etc.), each with a unique functionality, security and workflow, but also set up specific rights and controls on an individual user basis. It is a... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

The BindExpress policy administration suite was developed by SpeedBuilder Systems to speed personal and commercial lines products to market and facilitate better business between agents and insured. The system includes functionality supporting every common policy administration process from... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

The BindExpress Portal web platform enables you to create robust, user-friendly websites for your agents to submit new business, interact with underwriters, and process endorsements. BindExpress Portal is integrated with all BindExpress Suite components or it can be implemented using your... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

BindExpress Product Configurator enables not only IT, but also business professionals to quickly build automated rating and underwriting models right on their PCs. It then takes completed and tested models and generates computer code that will run on any platform — everything from PDAs and PCs,... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

Rating is just one of the many uses of BindExpress Rating, and is also a great application for learning the tool. The first step in BindExpress Rating modeling is to create a "catalog" of rating components, answering three questions: 1) What Objects are to be insured? 2) What Events... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

BindExpress Suite is an end-to-end policy administration system that includes components for Quoting, Policy Issuance, Rating, Automated Underwriting, Business Intelligence and Billing. The BindExpress Suite also contains tools for workflow design, document and form generation, business rules... Read more »

By SpeedBuilder Systems, Inc.

BindExpress Underwriting is a powerful tool for developing electronic underwriting rules, not only for traditional accept/refer/reject scenarios, but also for risk scoring and tiering applications. You can use the drag-and-drop graphical interface to design complex logic “trees,” easily... Read more »

By CRC Wholesale Group

As the premier wholesale partner, Crump provides our clients with access to numerous markets and product lines. We have in-house underwriting authority with many of our carriers for most classes of business and lines of coverage. Our binding authorities include underwriting, quoting, binder and... Read more »

By OpenText Corp

Business Analytics Software with Real-Time Visual Data Mining for Deeper Business Insights BIRT Analytics software delivers powerful business analytics for real-time visual data mining that uncovers trends, anomalies, and patterns for effective business intelligence. To get the most value out... Read more »

By OpenText Corp

BIRT iHub Content Services for Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a holistic solution that manages high volume customer communications and document management. It delivers an integrated solution for enterprises to design, process, store and deliver intelligent customer communications... Read more »

By BOLT Solutions Inc.

Empowered with a universal network of products, the BOLT platform boosts carrier reach by enhancing product selection. Insurers gain the ability to bundle their offerings with those from other carriers, positioning them to meet all of the customer's needs through their channel of choice without... Read more »

By Robert E. Nolan Company

The Robert E. Nolan Company provides comprehensive BPM consulting services which are built upon our proven methodologies. Our services include process design, business and technology requirements, business/technology integration, and measurement design. In addition, we help companies select and... Read more »

By BP Logix Inc.

Embedded within BP Logix workflow software is a highly collaborative, web-based content/document management system. It provides the functionality an organization needs to manage and secure documents and digital content, supporting users in all stages of the document lifecycle. The document... Read more »

By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

Brainware by Hyland and IDT Brainware Intelligent Capture provides classification and extraction capabilities through document learning with minimal configuration. Three pre-configured solutions are available that include engines already trained in capture for particular document types. Brainware for Invoices is the... Read more »

By SS&C Technologies, Inc.

SS&C's BRIX is a functionally rich employee benefits administration platform that optimizes the entire enrollment and administration process for maximum ease of use and employee participation. Read more »

By Connecture

• Broker Automation Solutions • Multi-payer Private Exchanges Read more »

By CHSI Technologies

BrokerConnect is a secure, web-based portal that allows brokers to view their client’s account information, claims, and billing information. The BrokerConnect works with the CHSI Connections™ Management System to help Brokers stay informed on client accounts. The BrokerConnect provides quick... Read more »

By Norvax

The affordable Auto-Dialer with the Power to Drive Insurance Sales. • Easy set-up • No hardware necessary • Improve sales efficiency • Make more sales calls each day Read more »

By Norvax

Stay on the Same Page with Prospects - Even when they're 3,000 Miles Away. • Easy, instant set-up • Process e-signatures on online forms • View rates, plans and forms with online prospects • Guide on-phone prospects through applications Read more »

By Norvax

A one stop system to manage prospect and customer relations more efficiently. • Total sales lead pipeline management • Reliable access lets you work from anywhere • Power tools to guide more leads to a close • Comprehensive support and training Read more »

By Telesis, LLC

Many companies are updating their legacy systems with new solution offerings and modern architecture, such as Web Portal applications. These companies need to convert their old data so that it can be understood and reused by the new system, allowing the older technology to sunset. The converted... Read more »

By Insurance Data Processing (IDP)

Preparing and submitting data to statistical bureaus is a necessary part of insurers’ operations. Yet bureau reporting is a non-strategic, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process prone to errors and fines. Every minute spent on non-revenue generating processes is cause for concern in our... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC's management consulting services can help clients solve tough business issues with the latest technologies that meet their strategic business objectives and enhance their profitability. With its industry-specific management consulting expertise, CSC strives to help clients develop and... Read more »

By Delphi Technology, Inc.

Data Warehouse and Reporting provides a robust web-based reporting environment for OASIS data. Specifically designed to support reporting, Data Warehouse and Reporting offers the following features: - A strategic subset of OASIS premium, claim, client, and finance data at the transaction level.... Read more »

By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) Software is not getting the job done today. The volume and velocity of data pouring in coupled with shrinking timeframes to assimilate, understand and act on the findings make this problem very challenging. While first generation BI software was... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC’s Business Intelligence services help insurance companies gain greater insight into product effectiveness and provide an enterprise view for improved business analysis and decision making. Business Intelligence allows your company to develop a roadmap that will align Business Intelligence... Read more »

By Cloverleaf Analytics

Business Intelligence Built for Insurance Companies We know insurance business intelligence. Every aspect of Cloverleaf Analytics is built specifically for your business. Using standard insurance formulas, terminology and definitions as well as the Acord Reference Framework, you can trust the 500+ insurance KPI’s built into the solution. We also... Read more »

By The Construction Specifications Institute

CSI can deliver the following flavors of Information Delivery: • What if Analysis and Trending through actionable Dashboards and Scorecards providing data visualization based on key metrics that are relevant to your business. • Query, Reporting and Analysis through sophisticated yet... Read more »

By InEdge

Start on the right foot! Using our expertise for your Business Intelligence planning process can save you time, money and a lot of aggravation. The InEdge Planning & Analysis Services will only cost you a few thousands and will save you hundreds of thousands, if not more! Read more »

By The Construction Specifications Institute

Move from a data-rich environment to a knowledge-rich environment with proven best practices and solutions Accurate, validated, and consolidated information is the keystone to accelerated decision making. CSI's lineage of successful data consolidation and transformation has resulted in proven... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC is a business process management (BPM) leader with expertise in deploying enterprise class process management solutions for the financial services industry. CSC combines strong insurance industry expertise with systems integration and industry-leading BPM applications to create complete... Read more »

By DXC Technology

CSC’s Business Process services include staff augmentation, function-based BPO, business process as a service (BPaaS) and full policy and claims administration. The services couple the expertise of industry professionals with advanced technology to provide a continuum of business process service... Read more »

By Accenture

High-performance businesses are always seeking new ways to outpace competitors. Business process outsourcing (BPO) provides just such an opportunity. In fact, in today’s economy, more and more business leaders are turning to Accenture BPO services to help their businesses to do more with less.... Read more »

By Blue Cod Technologies

Blue Cod’s business processing outsourcing (BPO) services enable property & casualty carriers to delegate many insurance processes to its team of industry certified professionals, including: rate, quote, and issue; full policy data entry; issue bills and process premiums; take First Notice of... Read more »

By Nastel Technologies, Inc.

AutoPilot M6 TransactionWorks™ automatically performs all of the tasks required for complete transaction message flow management. Based on Nastel's proven virtual complex event processing (CEP) engine, TransactionWorks raises the best-of-breed bar for real-time transaction monitoring across... Read more »

By The Construction Specifications Institute

Leveraging our long lineage in data warehousing and business intelligence, CSI understands that accurate, validated, and consolidated information is the keystone of accelerated decision making. We also understand that accelerated decision making requires the ability to act on knowledge through... Read more »