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COLUMBIA, S.C., Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- South Carolina-based technology company FivePoint Solutions is helping states protect their schools and fortify their safety programs with a new customizable software solution that is the first of its kind in the U.S. The FivePoint School Safety Solution encompasses an online search portal and case management software that allow threat assessment teams to query critical data aggregated from several key sources as well as manage threat assessment processes in an effort to keep students safe. The Florida Department of Education is the first state to have adopted this potentially life-saving technology for all of its more than 4,600 schools this past August.

"Our FivePoint School Safety Solution unites data from disparate systems to make it meaningful for school safety-related decision making and also offers a streamlined way to organize the process of managing a threat. The State of Florida entrusted us to build this system for their Department of Education, and we look forward to continuing to share it with states across the United States that are looking for ways to improve their schools' security," says Ro Lucas, CEO of FivePoint Solutions.

The FivePoint School Safety Solution may be accessed only by a school district-appointed threat assessment team when an event that may pose a threat, such as bullying, fighting or an alarming social media post, occurs. This highly trained team, made up of law enforcement officers, mental health counselors and school administrators, then has the opportunity to swiftly identify, assess and provide intervention services for individuals whose behavior may threaten themselves or others.

This groundbreaking security solution encompasses two customizable software products, both fully compliant with state and federal law, for threat assessment teams to utilize:

1. FocalPoint Suite - This is an online search tool that allows multiple data sources, such as state law enforcement, the Department of Children and Families, a social media monitoring service and more, to be queried simultaneously at the time of an event. Timely and accurate results about individuals are displayed on a dashboard, but never saved in a central repository.

2. CaseWorX Solution – Should a potential threat be identified based on the data viewed within FocalPoint Suite, this web-based case management software provides users with a way to manage the assessment process through a personalized dashboard and automated workflows. It identifies who to contact next, any necessary paperwork to complete and more.

Authorized users of FivePoint School Safety Solution undergo extensive privacy training. There are notifications in place throughout the system to remind users about when and why they should access the system, and users themselves are monitored for these best practices.

"Protecting our children is the most important job we all have. The ultimate purpose of our FivePoint School Safety Solution is to try to keep kids safe and prevent another tragedy from happening," says Lucas.

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