Hyphen Solutions Expands Executive Team, appointing Dan Lanier as Chief Operating Officer

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DALLAS, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyphen Solutions, the leading cloud-based construction management software provider, with over 12,000 companies subscribing to its comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain platform, promoted Dan Lanier to the role of Chief Operating Officer on March 1, 2019. In his new role, Dan will work towards improving the company's overall development, strategies and execution. While maintaining his oversight of the financial sector, Dan is also helping to streamline the entire supply chain experience including product development, processes, customer support and implementation of Hyphen's residential solution.

Throughout his 13 years at Hyphen as CFO, Dan has been instrumental in the strategic planning of processes, supporting business development and the implementation of a single cloud-based solution for the entire supply chain. He led Hyphen's recent acquisitions of BRIX, HomeFront Software, IBSWIN Pharaoh and Zybertech Construction Software. These acquisitions support Hyphen's vision of becoming the industry's top all-in-one solution provider developing additional resources to help customers better integrate their systems and communicate.

"Hyphen Solutions is creating new pathways for homebuilders, suppliers, and distributors," said Dan Lanier, COO, Hyphen Solutions. "We engage every builder and supplier in what we do in striving to drive innovation by developing and enhancing both current and new products. It has been an exciting journey to be a part of building technology to assist the entire Supply Chain and I look forward to our continued efforts improve results in development, implementation and customer experience to provide the top residential solution."

Dan has played a pivotal role in Hyphen Solutions' inception by developing the company's financial and operational plan during his tenure as vice president of portfolio management with Olympus Real Estate. Prior to Hyphen, Dan served over 20 years of experience in Real Estate working with companies such as Trammell Crow, JPI, and Gables along with his experience in the Private Equity sector at Hicks Muse. With the assumption of his new role as COO, Dan will continue to drive the customer experience, development, and implementation as he pushes efforts to strengthen the operations to benefit the home building community.

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Hyphen Solutions LLC provides more than 69,250 builders, installers and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement and collaboration solutions. Hyphen's software-as-a-service applications deliver greater operational control, better communications and increased productivity for both home builders and their building partners who use the applications. In fact, more than 12,000 companies subscribe to Hyphen Solutions' comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain platforms, making the company the leading cloud-based construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network services more than 450 builder divisions which loaded more than 270,552 new homes on the system in 2018. This existing network published more than 27 million home builder purchase orders last year totaling in excess of $32 billion in purchase orders. Visit for more information and a complete listing of product offerings for scheduling, management, planning and inspections.

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