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SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today IDesign announces the publication in all formats of Righting Software. The book presents a structured and highly engineered approach to software design that renowned architect Juval Löwy has practiced and taught around the world. While countless companies around the globe have used these techniques over the past twenty years, these ideas were never before seen in print.

The method and principles in Righting Software apply regardless of your project and company size, technology, platform, or industry. Löwy starts the reader on a journey that addresses the critical challenges of software development today by righting software systems and projects as well as careers–and possibly the software industry as a whole. Software professionals, architects, project leads, or managers at any stage of their career will benefit greatly from this book, which provides guidance and knowledge that would otherwise take decades and many projects to acquire.

"It feels like highlighting every second sentence in the book. Changed the way I approach a project ground up. The volatility-based decomposition saved our project. It is not an on the shelf book - it is an on the table playbook, during the whole lifecycle of the project. I literally put in client's contract to buy the book for every office I am visiting," said Dan Kuida, software architect and lead developer, Aumentify SL.

"Learning from Juval Löwy has changed my life. I went from being just a developer to being a true software architect, applying engineering principals from other disciplines to design not just software, but also my career," said Kory Torgersen, software architect, Corvid Technology.

Righting Software Availability

The book is available now for purchase on Amazon and other bookstores.

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IDesign focuses on the design and architecture phases of software development with our methodology that combines system design with project design. IDesign has helped hundreds of companies to deliver on their commitments, and its Master Classes launched the careers of thousands of software architects the world over.

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