Stone Bond Technologies Announces another Fortune 500 Win for Enterprise Enabler®

Press Release from Stone Bond Technologies, LP.

HOUSTON, TX – June 13, 2017 – Stone Bond Technologies, a leading Data Virtualization (DV) software solution, announced today that its  Enterprise Enabler ® (EE)  product has been selected to provide an enterprise-wide deployment for another  Fortune 500 customer . With business-critical data elements dispersed across a wide array of disparate systems, this client turned to Stone Bond to merge information stored in siloed structures into a friendly, intuitive single user interface. This will allow the operational teams’ real-time access to all of the business data and to perform rapid queries and to report on the data. This latest win adds to the growing list of large enterprises who, after a rigorous evaluation process, have selected Enterprise Enabler over legacy software providers to power their Data Virtualization initiatives.

Enterprise Enabler provides a superior alternative to the legacy data delivery process by creating logical views of data from the original source locations, eliminating much of the complexity created by data silos that proliferate across the enterprise. The result is a consistent interface regardless of data source or location, quickly putting the benefits of Data Virtualization in the hands of business users.

By installing the Enterprise Enabler solution enterprise-wide, the customer will be able to provide wide-ranging self-service dashboards for front-line managers supporting dozens of operating companies. The ability to leverage complex and agile ETL alongside Data Virtualization is unique in the industry providing tremendous performance and security advantages.  These capabilities allow Enterprise Enabler to be deployed up to ten times faster than competitive products enabling rapidly accelerated deployment timelines, lowering costs and reducing project risk.

Antonio Szabo, CEO, said “Our unmatched, modern architecture allows for on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment as well as easy connectivity to Big Data. By doing this data silos are eliminated and actionable business intelligence insights and information are provided to front line business managers. Our one-click write-back to the original source capability allows users to select all or part of the data to be stored in-memory or in a physical database for storage and query optimization.  These are critical capabilities that separate us from all of the other providers today.”

Tom Sieger, SVP for Business Development , added “Enterprise Enabler frees data scientists from most of the drudgery associated with preparing data allowing them to spend more time on analysis and insights. Our software framework allows models to be created, indexed and keyed based on queries or schemas thereby eliminating the burdensome load processes, the need to update the data, and the need to maintain extra clusters. This is all done in a highly secure manner since our solution makes use of the security and governance system already in place allowing the owner of the data to maintain the rights and restrictions on the data.”


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Stone Bond Technologies leads the way in  Data Virtualization  through products like  Enterprise Enabler . We make an enterprise’s data agile providing new capabilities and insights to the whole organization from the data scientists to the front-line business users. Stone Bond’s customers have improved their efficiency and lowered their costs by relying on Stone Bond to deliver results.

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