Deploying an Enterprise Platform for a new Division of a Major Carrier

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A leading global insurance company’s newly formed Accident and Health (A&H) Division needed help with designing and deploying a fully automated , rules based, real-time A&H Enterprise system for new products. The client required a single, web-based, product agnostic, platform that would operate in real time and could facilitate full automation of underwriting, rating, quoting, binding, policy issue, premium/commission administration and financial reporting for all products. System requirements included the need to access all features and functions for all users remotely. Looking to quickly capture accident specific, product market share, the Client needed to accelerate time-to-market for product introductions, while maintaining underwriting discipline, management control, satisfying internal and state compliance as well as corporate parent financial reporting requirements, with an eye toward lowering current and future staffing needs and lowering operating costs.

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