Cloverleaf Analytics Latest Release Provides Dynamic Real-Time BI & Big Data Solution for Insurance Companies

Press Release from Cloverleaf Analytics

Austin, TX - January 11, 2016 – Cloverleaf Analytics, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) for insurance companies, has released the first commercially available complete real-time business intelligence and big data solution for insurance companies. The technology is policy administration system independent and is a complete insurance BI and big data solution, including everything from data integration to analytics and reporting.

The Cloverleaf Analytics end-to-end insurance BI solution gives customers access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across their entire enterprise, allowing clients to make proactive business decisions that would not otherwise be possible. Cloverleaf Analytics offers up-to-the-minute trend analysis, 120+ pre-built reports, dashboards, alerts, scorecards and much more. Cloverleaf Analytics’ solution can pull data from the entire enterprise, to give a full picture of the business. 

Cloverleaf Analytics’ built-in big data technology allows the end user to perform mashups and join information from any source with their policies and claims data, gaining even further insight from their data without having to migrate data or develop ETL processes.

Real-time access to data and analytics allows clients to perform analysis live without impacting the performance of the operational systems and users.  For example, in the event of a hurricane, an insurance company’s claims adjusters are entering claims into the operational system as quickly as possible. The management team wants to analyze the severity of losses and the impact on the company, however, with traditional systems they must wait, as the analysis would slow down the operational systems and hinder the claims adjusters internally and in the field. Cloverleaf Analytics allows them to analyze the claims as they are entered and perform up to the second analysis to assess the damage caused by the hurricane and take action immediately.

“At a time when immediate satisfaction is becoming the norm with insurance customers and staff, providing real-time self-service analysis and reporting capabilities is a natural evolution in business intelligence.  Our affordable technology allows our clients to make immediate decisions. Our operational data store can capture and consolidate all our clients’ data from all of their administration systems in real-time,” says Robert Clark, President and CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics. “Clients can analyze the entire organization in real-time regardless of the number of systems they use to operate. This powerful capability has become a necessity for our clients and will jump start any insurance company looking to improve their customer satisfaction and bottom line right out of the box,” says Clark. 

Cloverleaf Analytics offers free demos where interested parties can see a live example of how the system works and how third party data, like census data, can easily be joined (mashed up) with their insurance data to get even more analysis out of their data. For more information and to schedule a demo, contact Cloverleaf Analytics at [email protected] or (877) 361-7729. 

About Cloverleaf Analytics:

Founded in 2015 and based in Austin, TX, Cloverleaf Analytics’ offers an affordable comprehensive end-to-end insurance BI solution to improve profitability and reduce risk for insurance companies. Cloverleaf Analytics’ technology consolidates data across the enterprise for real-time analytics and cutting edge visualizations.  Cloverleaf Analytics’ customers jump start their BI solution and realize an immediate ROI using the intuitive interface to access up-to-the-minute trend analysis, 120+ pre-built reports, dashboards, alerts, scorecards and much more.  

The Cloverleaf Analytics’ team takes pride architecting the best BI solutions in the insurance industry. Their decades of experience and best practices are built into Cloverleaf Analytics’ BI solution and provide immediate value to customers. For more information, go to

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