DocuPhase Ranked as Top Vendor for Web Form and Workflow Automation Software

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DocuPhase is pleased to announce its recent recognition as a Top Forms Vendor by Software Advice. This distinction, driven by the ratings and reviews of our customers, is a testament to the transformative power of our web forms solution in the back office of the CFO. 

Forms play a critical role in various finance processes, like purchase orders, expense reports, and PTO requests. They enable organizations to gather and organize information that finance teams rely on for their day-to-day operations. 

However, the creation, routing, completion, authorization, and storage of these forms are frequently far from seamless and secure. Paper forms and fillable PDFs introduce cumbersome processes and bottlenecks when it comes to collecting signatures and validating data inputs, leaving organizations vulnerable to security breaches from unauthorized individuals. 

Consider many of the forms that make their way through your financial back office: from PTO requests to credit memos to expense reports and more, each form is rife with information that can be difficult to locate.

Things like customer details, account numbers and GL codes are often scattered across multiple locations within an ERP system. But the tedium doesn't end there.

Once a form is completed, it often requires approval from branch managers, controllers, and other executives before it can be processed. This workflow of manual approvals creates bottlenecks at every level, as busy leaders may be unavailable to sign off on the form for days—or worse, it may get misplaced amidst paper piles and email backlogs. 

All of these challenges ultimately result in unhappy customers and team members. Waiting weeks for expense reimbursements, PTO approvals, or credit memos can frustrate your employees, vendors, and finance teams alike. 

The good news is that digitizing and automating form-dependent workflows within the finance department alleviates most of these common struggles.  

By syncing with internal databases, best-in-class forms software provide quick access to information that would otherwise take valuable time to locate. They also ensure via custom workflow routing that signatures and approvals make their way to the intended parties automatically, lowering the risk of things falling through the cracks. 

DocuPhase’s excellence in addressing the needs of modern finance teams is what has propelled users to rank us as a Front Runner for Forms Automation Software. We are delighted to announce this acknowledgment, which underscores our commitment to empowering the back office of the CFO to overcome today's challenges and prepare for those of tomorrow.

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