Systema Software Launches SIMS Insight

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Larkspur, CA – March 21, 2013 – Systema Software today announced the launch of SIMS Insight, the advanced business intelligence module of SIMS Claims, the next-generation claims administration system. SIMS Insight provides powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities that empower clients with the information they need to improve claim results, reduce program costs, and minimize future risk.

Jose Tribuzio , CEO of Systema Software, recently participated in the Insurance & Technology webcast, "Leveraging Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to Improve Claim Results," available for online viewing through Systema Software's homepage: .

Tribuzio commented on the increasing need and demand for business intelligence tools: "Today, insurance professionals recognize that there's a wealth of information trapped in their claim systems and operational databases. However, many are using outdated reporting tools that make the task of data analysis cumbersome and costly. They waste significant time and IT resources to develop complex queries. The resulting reports are static, often do not contain the information needed, and are ineffective for sophisticated forecasting."

Recognizing business intelligence has the power to revolutionize the way claims organizations analyze data and predict trends, Systema Software developed SIMS Insight to deliver the following key benefits and capabilities:

-   Analyze data with greater power and agility. This module utilizes data cubes to pre-aggregate information, so organizations can generate reports at amazingly fast speeds.

-   Identify and control cost drivers. SIMS Insight employs powerful data mining and predictive models to identify drivers behind costly claims exceptions, such as fraud and litigation. Claim departments can then leverage these findings to configure business rules and workflow automation, routing cases to expert resources for proactive management and cost control.

-    Enhance performance and results. With SIMS Insight, organizations can "drag and drop" new dimensions into their analysis, drill down into information, and "slice and dice" data to find kernels of intelligence that drive enhanced results and performance.

-    Save time and costs. With a few clicks, business-level users—rather than IT staff—can explore data, generate ad hoc reports, and create user-friendly charts. Organizations can easily aggregate information by week, month, quarter or year—without having to define and generate new reports.

Tribuzio added: "With SIMS Insight, claims organizations have available the latest business intelligence tools—including data cubes, powerful business reporting, and predictive models—to capture additional savings, optimize operations, and enhance profitability. SIMS Insight provides claims, risk, and insurance management professionals with the analytic capabilities to make more informed and strategic business decisions that give them an edge in the industry."

About Systema Software 

Systema Software provides flexible, comprehensive solutions and services to the insurance industry. Its flagship product, SIMS Claims, is an innovative, browser-based property and casualty claims administration system. Together, our team of Big 4 consulting and industry veterans, experienced software developers, and project managers deliver an architecturally strong enterprise platform, designed for superior speed, scalability, and performance. For more information, visit us online at .

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