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HRT Advisors Network - HR Technology Advisors (HRT) has assembled an exclusive Network of HR, benefits and technology advisors to enable employee benefit brokers and HR consultants to serve current and prospective clients through better pricing on products, better service through Network providers, and superior implementation through strategic Network partnerships. CRM for Employee Benefits Brokers - HR Technology Advisors has taken two of the most recognized customer relationship management (CRM) products in the U.S. for the small-to-mid market, Sage SalesLogix CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and adapted them to fit the business needs and workflows of the Employee Brokerage industry. In addition to rich, core functionality, these systems now allows Brokers to manage policies, track prospects by current plan data, manage customer service with a customer portal, and manage renewals with tools that tracks carrier quotes and coverage, builds proposals and manages the RFP process.

Competitors of HR Technology Advisors

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Nest Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nest Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Nest) offers business solutions designed to support today’s dynamic needs of the Insurers and Insurance intermediaries. Nest has created the Macaw© brand of components on open-source, free and mobile-first technologies. These components address the needs... Read More

Focus Technologies

Focus Technologies’ PolicyPort is a comprehensive suite of insurance core systems, delivered in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. Our clients get the benefit of robust software functionality, while reducing the infrastructure costs and headaches associated with the traditional on-premise... Read More

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Products by HR Technology Advisors

By HR Technology Advisors

The Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM user experience has been designed to be a natural extension of Microsoft Office and Outlook®, providing a familiar and intuitive work environment that fosters user adoption and productivity. Because the product is built on the scalable and secure .NET platform and... Read more »

By HR Technology Advisors

The HR & benefits technology marketplace is complex and constantly changing. There are too many unnecessary reasons why projects fail to meet their objectives. You can’t afford to take on that risk. Technology can deliver substantial value, but only if it’s the right technology for you or your... Read more »

By HR Technology Advisors

Sage CRM SalesLogix helps drive opportunities through the sales cycle by automating activities such as follow-up calls, letters, and literature fulfillment, based on sales and marketing processes you define, like prior plan data, markets quoted, and carrier response times. Sales professionals... Read more »

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